Best NASCAR Betting Online Sites: Where To Bet NASCAR Races

Many sports bettors flock to leagues they know like the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL. But bettors are also making a left turn at more niche sports like the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR). NASCAR betting odds are becoming quite popular as more states offer legalized sports betting. But which NASCAR metrics should you know before betting on stock car racing?

Below is a list of the top sites for NASCAR online gambling. Don’t worry, we have already vetted each betting site. You have far more important things to focus on, like training to be the next Dale Earnhardt of NASCAR betting. We will also go over what to look for in the best NASCAR online sportsbook and how to bet on NASCAR in order to get you to victory lane!

Best Online NASCAR Betting Sites

How To Sign Up At An Online Betting Site

#1: Pick a Betting Site
Now that you have an idea of which sportsbooks are ideal for betting on NASCAR racing, and you have a need for speed, select one of the betting sites that you like from our list above.

#2: Create an Account
Fill out your name, date of birth, email address, phone number and mailing address.

#3: Make a Deposit
How you choose to fund your account is completely up to you. This means deciding on a deposit option that makes sense for your needs.

#4: Place your Bet
Now that you’re all geared up for the big race, pick an online sportsbook from our list and get to gambling on NASCAR!

Each betting site is safe, secure, easy to use and haS betting odds on all NASCAR races. The sign-up process is easy and only takes a couple of minutes. You’ll be betting on NASCAR races faster than you can say Shake and Bake!

NASCAR Betting Sites Criteria

  • • Deposit and Withdrawal Options
  • • Bonuses and Rewards
  • • Customer Service
  • • Betting Types and Odds
  • • User Interface

Deposit And Withdrawal Options

If any online sportsbook doesn’t allow you to gamble with real money, then odds are they’re not worth your energy. The betting sites we champion let bettors make deposits with credit cards (AMEXMasterCardVisa), e-wallets (PayPalNetellerSkrill), debit and cryptocurrency.

When it comes to withdrawing winnings, most betting sites will let you use the same method you used to fund your account. The time it takes to receive your money fluctuates. Withdrawals can take anywhere from a couple of seconds to a couple of days. Bitcoin is the fastest, and with more bettors embracing crypto as a way to stock their bankroll, it might be worth your while to check out our BTC guide.

Bonuses And Rewards

The majority of the sportsbooks have numerous bonus offers and NASCAR wagering options. NASCAR betting, or any sports betting for that matter, should come with certain rewards besides the money you get from winning a sports bet online. Sportsbooks know how valuable their customers are and wish to give back.

Most betting sites provide a welcome bonus. It matches an amount of your deposit up to a specified percentage.

You could be offered a bonus of 100 percent up to $200. So if you were to add $50 to your account, you would receive another $50 to bet with. You might also be entitled to sport-specific bonuses and free bets.

Please read the terms and conditions before accepting rewards. Every betting site has different stipulations that have to be met in order to claim a free bet or bonus.

Customer Service

If for whatever reason something goes wrong, you can count on the sportsbook to have a great client services team to assist you. The betting sites we recommend have customer support open 24-7 by email, telephone and live chat.

Betting Types And Odds

NASCAR is an extremely popular sport in the United States, especially in the country’s southern states. But before you NASCAR fans can start identifying value and making winning NASCAR wagers, you must first understand the main NASCAR odds and bet types offered by sportsbooks.

There are plenty of betting markets for NASCAR races. NASCAR is a nine-month season, including playoffs. For those who bet on NASCAR, this extended schedule offers plenty of great NASCAR betting opportunities. The top NASCAR betting apps and sites offer odds for every race during the regular season and postseason, including weekly NASCAR Cup Series races, all-star races, Xfinity Series or Camping World Truck races, and more.

Betting on NASCAR online is fairly straightforward. There are a wide range of NASCAR racing bets offered by sportsbooks: race Sportsbook, prop bets, futures, head-to-head, driver and group matchups, and top place finishes

User Interface

A clean and easy-to-use user interface is critical to any NASCAR sportsbook’s success. When placing your bets, it is imperative that you are able to find the sport, league and event with ease while browsing their site.

Many online sportsbooks are mobile-friendly, whether by an app or a mobile browser. This makes placing bets on the fly much easier and allows users to get the most out of their NASCAR betting experience.


Race Sportsbook: Which NASCAR Driver Will Win?

Most NASCAR fans simply bet on the driver they expect to win a race. Betting odds for each NASCAR driver are commonly listed in one of two ways: with fractions or in the moneyline format.

For example, let’s say you bet $100 on Kyle Busch at +1000 odds to win the Daytona 500 race. Should Busch take the checkered flag at the Daytona 500, you’d earn $1,000 for the winning wager, plus your initial $100 would be returned for a total payout of $1,100.

Prop Bets

NASCAR prop bets are particular racing situations that you wager on. NASCAR prop bets are types of bets that don’t require you to pick a winning driver in a race or depend on where a driver will finish in a race. They simply require you to bet on a specific occurrence, action or accomplishment like qualifying (pole position).

Prop bets are a fun way for NASCAR fans to add some excitement to a race. Some popular betting examples would be:

  • • Will Richard Petty’s manufacturer win the race?
  • • How many caution flags will be thrown at the Coca-Cola 600 race?
  • • How many caution laps do you think there will be?
  • • Does Kevin Harvick get flagged for speeding on pit road?
  • • Will Kyle Larson cause any crashes?

Depending on which betting site you choose, you will have access to different levels of bets and bet types on NASCAR races. The lower-level sites will offer win bets (the most basic of bets) and only on the main races. You won’t have the option to bet on pole position or any other NASCAR prop-style bets that could be important to you.


Futures bets can be considered a form of prop bet as well because these NASCAR bets are based on future events and accomplishments.

NASCAR futures bets would include betting on which NASCAR driver will win the most races in a season or which driver will end up with the most points at the end of the year. One of the more popular NASCAR futures bets is wagering on who will win the NASCAR Cup Series championship.

Driver Matchups

If trying to pick the Sportsbook from a full field of NASCAR drivers doesn’t float your boat, driver matchups pit one NASCAR driver against another in a race, and pay out winning bets on whichever NASCAR driver finishes ahead of the other.

For example, oddsmakers may offer a hypothetical NASCAR driver matchup where the odds look something like this:

Chase Elliott (-130) vs Martin Truex Jr. (+100)

If Elliott finishes ahead of his opponent in that race, those who bet on him would be paid out at -130 odds. On the other hand, should Truex finish the race with the better result, his backers would receive +100 payouts for their bets.

Group Matchups

This type of NASCAR bet combines both futures and head-to-head matchups into one wager. The most common number of NASCAR drivers in a group matchup is four. Here’s a betting example of a group matchup for the Daytona 500 race:

    • Joey Logano: +160
    • Kevin Harvick: +300
    • Denny Hamlin: +300
    • Ryan Blaney: +300

    The goal here is to pick which driver will have the best finish at the Daytona 500 race. So, if Blaney ends up ahead of Logano, Harvick and Hamlin, anyone holding a winning ticket would be paid at +300 odds.

    Top Place Finishes

    NASCAR not only emphasizes a driver winning a race, but when drivers finish in the top three or top five of a race as well.

    An advantage of this sort of NASCAR bet is that it’s easier to pick a driver to finish in the top three or top five of a race than to win the entire race. The betting odds are lower, however, compared to picking a driver to win the race.

    Finish In Top 3

    • Joey Logano (+200)
    • Brad Keselowski (+200)
    • Kevin Harvick (+250)
    • Chase Elliott (+300)
    • Jimmie Johnson (+350)

    Finish In Top 5

    • Joey Logano (+125)
    • Brad Keselowski (+150)
    • Kevin Harvick (+200)
    • Chase Elliott (+250)
    • Jimmie Johnson (+300)

    Kevin Harvick has +250 odds for a top-three finish and +200 odds for a top-five finish. The odds are smaller than his +1000 odds to win the race straight up. You have a greater chance of winning your NASCAR bet when picking a top place finish as opposed to the race Sportsbook.

    Live betting has also become a popular type of sports betting as it permits bettors the opportunity to watch a race before making their picks. Our NASCAR betting sites offer live NASCAR betting. You can learn more about the drivers, their cars and the track conditions before placing a NASCAR wager.

    Now that you know how and where to wager on NASCAR racing, start your engines and get to betting!

    NASCAR Betting Sites FAQ

    Can You Bet On NASCAR Online?

    Yes, you most certainly can bet on NASCAR online. There are several reputable and trustworthy NASCAR betting sites you can sign up with and start betting on races today. Be sure to research betting laws and regulations in your area when you are deciding which sportsbook to bet with.

    How Do You Bet On NASCAR Races?

    There are several ways for you to bet on NASCAR races. The simplest bet is selecting the race Sportsbook. It’s as easy as it sounds: select who you think will win the race and place your wager. Other forms of NASCAR betting include prop bets, futures, top place finishers and more.

    Which Online NASCAR Betting Site Is Best?

    In NASCAR betting, there are plenty of great sportsbooks to bet with but here at Odds Shark we recommend Sportsbook. Sportsbook is a terrific betting site with a multitude of betting options on NASCAR online as well as other sports and events.

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