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Computer Picks Results - Last 100 Games
Last 100 To Win Moneyline Total O/U
$ Units (Opening)-$784$780-$2945
$ Units (Closing)-$987-$583-$2290
Record (Opening)46 - 46 - 865 - 3535 - 61 - 4
Record (Closing)46 - 46 - 856 - 4437 - 56 - 7

What Does This MLB Picks Table Mean?

You can use the tables above to help with your bets during the 2023 MLB season! The first section, titled MLB Computer Picks, includes free MLB picks for today that are computer-generated for each daily Major League Baseball game. Baseball bettors can choose to follow the computer, fade the computer, or simply use our computer picks as one element of your betting strategy.

The second section, titled consensus picks, shows the percentage of bets on either side of each market, so far. This allows MLB bettors to ride with the public consensus or fade the public.

Below the MLB computer picks, we also have a table that tracks the computer's success over the course of the season.

$ Of Units Opening/Closing

This number in the results table is the profit (or loss) based on a bettor placing $100 bets on each of the last 100 MLB computer picks made on the closing line. “To Win” are the results from straight-up or moneyline bets. “ATS” represents the win based on wagers against the spread. “Total O/U” represents the amount won on OVER or UNDER wagers.

Record Opening/Closing

Wins are listed first, losses second, and pushes or ties third. “To Win” represents the record based on straight-up or moneyline bets. “ATS” represents the record based on wagers against the spread. “Total O/U” represents the record on OVER or UNDER baseball picks.

What Is An MLB Computer Pick 

MLB picks are bet suggestions based on our computer's assessment of the game. There's a lot that goes into a computer pick, including pitching matchups, injury reports, analytics, and even recent betting trends.

What Type Of MLB Bets Can You Make?

Below are the most common markets you can bet on for your baseball picks. For further explanation of these options, head over to our How to Bet on MLB guide to help in your understanding.

Moneyline MLB Picks

This is the most common and easiest wager for a bettor to make when it comes to MLB picks. Basically, to win an MLB moneyline pick, you just have to choose which team will win the game.

It’s simple – if you bet the White Sox moneyline over the Red Sox and Chicago wins, you win your bet.

Runline MLB Picks

The runline is another name for a point spread that you may be more familiar with in NBA and NFL betting. A point spread varies in the NFL and NBA from as little as 0.5 points all the way up to double-digit spreads. A baseball runline is almost always a 1.5-point spread.

The favorite will be -1.5 while the underdog will be +1.5. At the end of the game, if you take away 1.5 points from the favorite or add 1.5 points to the underdog and they end up winning the game, you win your MLB pick against the spread.

Total Runs MLB Picks: OVER/UNDER

Another common wager across all sports is on the total, which is a bet on the total runs scored in the baseball game. You are simply choosing whether the final score will be OVER or UNDER that total. Betting the OVER/UNDER on a matchup is a great way to get started in MLB score predictions.

First Five Innings MLB Picks

The above options – moneyline, runline and OVER/UNDER – can also be placed on the first five innings of a game rather than the full game. Many experienced bettors will use this approach because typically this will take bullpens out of the equation and make your job researching the game easier because you can just focus on the starting pitchers. Check out our first five betting report to see how teams perform in this type of wager.

MLB Picks And Parlays

If you want to combine multiple games into one mega wager, you may consider doing a parlay bet. A parlay is when you pick two or more MLB games on one single betting ticket, which will increase the payout of your bet.

But it also comes with more risk, as each of those MLB picks must hit for your ticket to pay out. Our parlay calculator is a great tool to find out what your potential payout would be.

MLB Player Props

Player props are a great way to hone in on an individual matchup for a game. These types of wagers will be individualized for a player: Will Mike Trout hit a home run? Will Gerrit Cole get seven strikeouts? Will Jacob deGrom allow two earned runs?

You simply choose whether this outcome will happen or not. Keeping up to date on daily pitching matchups and batters on a hot streak can give you a huge boost when placing player prop bets.

MLB Consensus Picks

If you're just starting out in your daily MLB betting adventures. consulting consensus picks is a great place to begin. Many baseball bettors have made a fair chunk of change by looking at what the public thinks, and deciding if they want to follow or fade.

MLB Futures Picks

Lastly, prior to the season and even throughout the season, you can place futures bets on all the long-term awards and outcomes. You can lock in an MLB pick on who will win their division, which squad will win the World Series, or even who will hit the most home runs.

MLB Picks: World Series Betting

The most common form of MLB futures betting is picking a World Series winner. You can lock in a futures pick on which team will win the title before the season, during the regular season, and throughout the MLB postseason.

Postseason Betting: MLB Playoff Picks

There are a few different ways to go about MLB postseason betting. You can lock in your futures picks to win the World Series or the AL/NL Pennants. Or, you can continue to bet on individual games. Some sportsbooks offer deals during the playoffs as well, so keep your eyes open for free picks at your sportsbook of choice every October.

Looking For MLB Expert Picks?

Our computer generates MLB expert picks that can help you cover the spread for every matchup. If you monitor the daily MLB news and injuries and combine your baseball betting knowledge with our computer’s predictions, you're prepared to start betting on baseball.

Best Baseball Betting Sites

To get the most out of your MLB wagers, it's important to find a baseball betting site that works for you. Many sites offer different lines, different bonuses, and other aspects that differentiate the sportsbook. Try a few different sites or apps before locking in your MLB picks every day.


How Do MLB Computer Picks Work?

MLB computer picks are Major League Baseball predictions that are calculated by computing algorithms. These MLB picks are predicted from a wide range of factors, such as previous games, offensive trends, pitching statistics and more.

Will MLB Computer Picks Always Win?

MLB computer picks won’t always win. There are several factors that MLB computer picks simply cannot determine. It’s still gambling at the end of the day, which is what makes learning how to bet on MLB so much fun.

Are MLB Computer Picks Better Than Other MLB Expert Picks?

Choosing between MLB computer picks and other MLB expert picks is really a personal preference. We normally compare other MLB expert picks to our MLB computer picks, and discover that the computer produces better MLB picks.

When is the 2023 World Series?

The exact World Series dates every year aren't set until the postseason comes around, but the MLB final takes place at the end of October or beginning of November almost every season.

How many games per team during the MLB season?

Every MLB team is scheduled to play 162 games per season. Even when games get rained out or cancelled, they are almost always made up at a later date on an off day or in the form of a double header.

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