NHL Hockey Betting Trends - June, 2023

When wagering on hockey, you’ll want to look to the NHL betting lines, stats and betting trends. NHL trends give you a snapshot, or more aptly, a slapshot into how teams have performed historically in specific game situations. While not all betting trends are Alex Ovechkin-grade winners (some of them only achieve Alexei Kovalev-status and are nothing more than fun facts), our trends are relevant and great handicapping tools you can use to make smart predictions. 

Betting trends for hockey can help you make your NHL picks by showing you things like:

  • How a team fares against the puckline at home
  • How a team performs on the road against a divisional opponent 
  • How a team plays on the East or West Coast 
  • How a team does when coming off a loss

The trends listed above are considered good handicapping information, especially the NHL puckline trends. These are the Sidney Crosby of betting trends. However, you should be weary of trends like the ones we list below. These are the Rick DiPietro of betting trends. Sure, they’re entertaining, but these facts won’t help you make intelligent NHL picks.

Avoid these types of trends:

  • How a team scores when they’re wearing white uniforms against an Atlantic Division team in February
  • How a team does when they play against a division rival when that city’s NFL team is also playing
  • How a team performs when Don Cherry wears a suit that looks like it’s been hit by a car
  • How a team does when an angry penalized player swears in French while doing time in the penalty box

These trends are fine if you’re looking to make a list called “Things that have no Relevance on Making NHL Picks”. However, when it comes to making educated hockey predictions you should look to our Betting Trends page since they are based on a specific sample size a team plays, not on occurrences that have no bearing on the actual game. Plus, Don Cherry’s going to wear a suit that looks like it’s hit by a car every week and it’s not a good indicator of how a team will play. 

Before making your NHL picks, check out our Betting Trends page to take advantage of the information we provide. Any handicapping you can get your hands on can help you make smart wagers. Whether you’re a hockey betting novice or an NHL picks pro, you can use our Odds Shark insights to make calculated betting decisions.

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