NHL Betting Trends - February, 2024

What Are NHL Betting Trends?

Research is vital to sports bettors, especially in the NHL – although the past won’t dictate the future, it will give you a ton of context that can shape the kinds of wagers you make. 

The reality is that from time to time, you just won’t feel like diving into the world of stats – even bettors need a healthy scratch now and then! That’s where NHL trends are the perfect middle ground.

Whether they’re recent patterns or something that has been building over the past few seasons, all you need is your best judgment and you’ll have made an informed bet. Helpful trends to look out for include:

  • How often does a team cover the puckline at home versus the road?
  • How do Eastern Conference teams fare against the Western teams?
  • How does a team do when coming off a loss?
  • Historically, does one team dominate another in their matchup?

And the list goes on. With so many NHL odds at play, from the regular season schedule to the Stanley Cup, these patterns and trends can grow into an extremely useful tool for sports bettors.

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