College Basketball Betting Trends | May 23, 2024

What are NCAAB Betting Trends?

College basketball betting trends are a snapshot of how teams have performed historically in specific game situations. These betting trends are handicapping tools you can use to make educated NCAAB bets in a few seconds -- if you don't feel like diving into a database of stats, these quick trends are for you.

Betting trends for college basketball show you things like:

  • • How a team performs against the spread at home
  • • How a team does against the spread on the road
  • • How a team does when playing against a conference rival
  • • How a team performs as a No. 1 seed in the first round against a No. 16 seed

Any of the college basketball trends listed above are stats you can use to handicap your bets -- for example, let's look at (arguably) the fiercest rivalry in the NCAAB, Duke, and North Carolina.

Maybe Duke pulls away with more wins than UNC overall, but a trend for this matchup might be that the Tar Heels covered the spread in each of their past 10 losses. If you were unsure of what to wager on, you'd have more confidence in UNC's spread after some quick research.

You can find trends for any game in the regular season all the way to the March Madness finals -- if you're looking for some added firepower in your betting arsenal, look at the public consensus and computer picks for your chosen matchup. Knowledge is half the battle, after all.

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