NCAAB Basketball Betting Trends - June, 2023

College basketball betting trends are a snapshot into how teams have performed historically – both small and large sample sizes – in specific game situations. Some betting trends are handicapping tools you can use to make educated college basketball bets, whereas others are nothing more than basketball betting news that you can use at parties to seem smart.

Betting trends for college basketball show you things like:

  • • How a team performs against the spread at home
  • • How a team does against the spread on the road
  • • How a team does when playing against a conference rival
  • • How a team performs as a No. 1 seed in the first round against a No. 16 seed

Any of the college basketball trends listed above is information you can use to handicap your bets. However, you should be weary of trends like the ones below. These are fun facts but won’t give you any insight into how your chosen college basketball team could perform in their upcoming matchup.

Avoid trends that look anything like these:

  • • How a No. 5 seed does when they eat pizza before a game
  • • How a team does when they travel out of state during a blizzard
  • • How a team performs when their mascot has washed the costume before the game
  • • How a team does when their coach looks like he’s slept a full eight hours before the game

These trends are fun for a game of trivia with your buddies. But, if you’re trying to make an educated wager on a match between Syracuse and Ohio State, it doesn’t matter if the Orange outscore opponents when they eat pizza because that trend is based on events that don’t occur before every game. It also doesn’t matter if the mascot washed the costume or not. Good trends are based on at least 10 games an NCAA basketball team plays, not one-off or two-off occurrences involving pizza or mascot hygiene.

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