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How To Use Our NBA Scores To Handicap Basketball Games

Unlike other online websites tracking NBA scores and matchups, Odds Shark’s scores and schedule page shows you the final betting results from recent basketball games -- these tools ultimately inform bettors which totals and moneylines were accurate, helping with their handicapping.

Odds Shark’s NBA scores page also displays predicted NBA results, instant second-half handicapping with halftime betting odds, and strategic sports betting data for upcoming matchups, including the NBA Playoffs.

Odds Shark updates its NBA scoreboard with every basket, so you can fist pump or hold your head in your hands depending on the action on the court. You can also get a better understanding of how your side bets or NBA totals are doing, all in one place.

NBA Live Scores

If the Boston Celtics are your favorite basketball team but they get out to a God-awful start, the point spread in their game against the Brooklyn Nets could grow. But if you believe Jayson Tatum and the Celts can close the gap, then in-game betting is a perfect way to use our NBA scoreboard to help you find that edge and make a profit worthy of a leprechaun.

Having Odds Shark’s NBA scoreboard open has many benefits, especially for basketball bettors who are all about live betting. In-play’s popular feature is available at practically every online sportsbook where NBA bettors place live bets, even after tipoff. You get up-to-date results through all four quarters with Odds Shark’s live NBA scores.

Upcoming NBA Matchups

Our betting results page has you covered on all fronts --- with almost everything you need to know all wrapped up right here, you can look at placing new NBA bets. Each and every NBA matchup seems like it's just endless information on team records, wagering trends, and free predicted scores, but luckily they're available at one glance.

Get caught up on all the action with full previews from our professional basketball handicappers, as they analyze NBA matchups between teams on winning streaks, starting lineups, and additional analysis.

Recent NBA Results

Inspect NBA results for each NBA team’s last 10 games, while studying head-to-head meetings. Look over line history, statisticsrankingsgame logs, and injury reports, with basketball betting bonuses from the best NBA Sportsbooks on the internet -- we also deliver detailed and in-depth reviews of basketball betting sites that offer the latest NBA odds!

Bottom line, our NBA scores tab should be bookmarked. And while you’re at it, you should probably bookmark our NBA NewsNBA futures odds and NBA consensus pages in your efforts to win more NBA wagers this regular season, as well as through the NBA Championship.

From wagering rookies figuring out how to bet on NBA games and NBA prop bets, to grizzled gambling veterans, our NBA results and resources are what’s required to make smart NBA bets.

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