Point Spread to Moneyline Calculator: Maximizing Value for Sports Bettors

Using our matchup database, the point spread to moneyline calculator browses spread and moneyline odds across a specific league. For example, a 3.5 favorite in the NFL historically has an average moneyline of -175. This tells you whether or not their current moneyline with the same spread matches up fairly.

moneyline converter



How do you use Our point spread to moneyline calculator

Using the point-spread to moneyline calculator is dead easy – select the league your chosen game is in and enter the spread odds. The calculator will immediately fetch the history of what the favorite/underdog moneylines were on games with the same spread.

For example, if the spread between two teams was 6.5 in the NFL, you’d fill in both fields and get average odds of -282 and +224 back. If the current underdog’s odds were +300, you’d know that there’s more value in the ‘dog than is listed, helping you make a smart bet.

Why is a point spread to moneyline conversion important

You should be constantly looking for an edge over the sportsbook – this conversion calculator is just one more way to do that. Odds change every day and even books get it wrong from time to time. If you’re hesitant about pulling the trigger on a team, consult the spread to moneyline calculator and you’ll immediately see if the value is there or not.

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