North Carolina

North Carolina bans most forms of gambling outside of casinos on native reservations, allowing bingo and raffles as long as they are sponsored by nonprofit or charitable organizations. In addition, the state permits a lottery to help raise money for education.

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Gaming Laws in North Carolina

North Carolina General Statutes Article 37, 14-292 specifically states that illegal gambling is punishable by Class 2 misdemeanor. Illegal gambling is that done outside approved native lands and does not include any lottery game lawfully conducted in the state. Related activities falling under this illegal distinction include gambling in houses of public entertainment, conducting pyramid and chain schemes, using or keeping a faro bank or table to host games, and possessing and operating gaming tables, punchboards and slot machines.

The North Carolina State Lottery Act was also passed in 2005, establishing a lottery to help generate funds for public education, support school construction and provide scholarships.

Tribal Casinos

North Carolina already has two tribal casinos currently operating in compliance with the Tribal-State Gaming Compact with a third scheduled to open in the summer of 2015. Harrah’s Cherokee Casino & Hotel and Cherokee Tribal Bingo will be joined by Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River Casino & Hotel, a $110 million project that includes 60,000 square feet of gaming space and a 300-room hotel. The new property is being built on 85 acres of tribal land in western North Carolina by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and will feature 40-50 table games and 1,200 slot machines.

Sports Betting in North Carolina

Sports betting is not allowed in the state of North Carolina in accordance with General Statutes Article 37 that defines gambling as operating a game of chance or playing at or betting on any game of chance at which money, property, or other thing of value is bet, whether the same be in stake or not.

Online Sportsbooks

Even though there are no sportsbooks available at physical locations or online in the state of North Carolina, bettors still have the opportunity to choose from many offshore options. Offshore sportsbooks are widely considered to be a much safer option than local bookmakers. In addition to having the convenience of placing bets right from a personal computer or mobile device and a variety of options, online bettors can trust reputable and well-reviewed offshore books to always offer lines and pay out, which may not always be the case for local bookies.

Poker and Casino in North Carolina

Poker and other casino games of any kind are not allowed in the state of North Carolina outside of those located on tribal properties.

Online Poker

Because poker rooms are banned in the state of North Carolina, online games appeal to interested players who must choose to pursue offshore poker websites in order to participate.

Other Gaming Options in North Carolina

Bingo and raffles operated by nonprofit and charitable organizations are legal but cannot be offered in conjunction with one another. Bingo operators must be licensed and can hold up to two sessions per week with a maximum prize of $500 per game. Raffles can only be conducted twice per nonprofit per year with a maximum prize of $10,000 in cash or $50,000 in merchandise.

North Carolina Lottery

The North Carolina Education Lottery was signed into law in 2005 with earnings allocated to education-related purposes by the state’s General Assembly. In the past, these purposes have included teacher salaries, school construction and repair projects, need-based scholarships and financial aid and digital learning initiatives.