Although commercial casinos are prohibited in North Dakota, the state does have five tribal casinos where gambling is allowed. These casinos have slot machines, table games such as blackjack craps and poker, and bingo as well. In addition, North Dakota has a state lottery and also allows licensed horse and dog racing plus charitable gaming for non-profit organizations.

Best Betting Sites for North Dakota

Gaming Laws in North Dakota

North Dakota State Code Chapter 12.1-28 defines illegal gambling as “risking any money, credit, deposit, or other thing of value for gain, contingent, wholly or partially, upon lot, chance, the operation of gambling apparatus, or the happening or outcome of an event, including an election or sporting event, over which the person taking the risk has no control.”

It is a Class A misdemeanor to sell, purchase, receive or transfer a chance to participate in a lottery, disseminate information about a lottery with intent to encourage participation in it or engage in gambling on private premises where the total amount wagered exceeds $500 per individual hand, game or event. It is a Class C felony for a person to engage or participate in the business of gambling such as conducting a wagering pool or lottery, receiving wagers for or on behalf of another person, or owning, controlling, managing or financing a gambling business.

Tribal Casinos

There are five tribal casinos in the state of North Dakota, including Spirit Lake Casino and Resort, Prairie Knights Casino and Resort, 4 Bears Casino and Lodge, Painted Pony Casino and Sky Dancer Hotel and Casino. These casinos offer bingo, gaming machines such as slots as well as a variety of table games like blackjack, craps, roulette and poker.

Sports Betting in North Dakota

Sports betting is not allowed in the state of North Dakota.

Online Sportsbooks

Even though there are no sportsbooks available at physical locations or online in the state of North Dakota, bettors still have the opportunity to choose from many offshore options. Online sports betting sites are widely considered to be a much safer option than local bookmakers. In addition to having the convenience of placing bets right from a personal computer or mobile device and a variety of options, online bettors can trust reputable and well-reviewed offshore books to always offer lines and pay out, which may not always be the case for local bookies.

Poker and Casino in North Dakota

Poker and other casino games of any kind are not allowed in the state of North Dakota outside of tribal casinos.

Online Poker

Because poker rooms are banned in the state of North Dakota outside of tribal casinos, online games may appeal to interested players who can pursue online poker websites in order to participate.

Other Gaming Options in North Dakota

Betting on licensed horse racing and on-track parimutuel wagering is legal in North Dakota as well as dog racing. Charitable gaming for non-profit organizations is also allowed within the state, including bingo, blackjack, pull tabs, poker, calcutta, paddlewheels, punchboards, sports pools and raffles.

North Dakota Lottery

The North Dakota Lottery started in 2004 with money collected benefitting the State General Fund. The lottery games are limited to five jackpot drawings, including Powerball, Mega Millions, Hot Lotto, Wild Card 2 and 2by2.

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