Betting in the state of Arizona is limited to tribal casinos, horse and dog racing – though not on the same day – and the state lottery. The Arizona Department of Gaming regulates the tribal casinos and works with the tribes, which are governed by the Arizona Tribal-State Gaming Compacts, to oversee them.

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Gaming Laws in Arizona

The Arizona legislature passed Laws 1995, Chapter 76 to expand the Arizona State Gaming Agency to become the Arizona Department of Gaming, which is responsible for protecting the public, ensuring compliance with the gaming compacts and regulating the gaming industry. The compacts took effect in 1993, then in 2001 their terms with 21 tribes were successfully negotiated for regulation of approved Class III gaming activities on tribal lands in the state.

In 2003, the Arizona Tribal-State Gaming Compact between the state and 21 tribes went into effect, setting forth the types of permitted games, establishing technical standards for the gaming machines, authorizing the state to inspect casinos, ordering background investigations and licensing of casino employees and vendor companies, and requiring tribes to contribute one to eight percent of their gaming revenue to state and local governments.

Lottery and Charity gambling has a legal minimum age of 18 however Casinos and racing wagers have a minimum age of 21.

Tribal Casinos

Currently, there are 16 Arizona tribes operating 26 Class III casinos in the state while another five tribes do not have casinos but have slot machine rights they may lease to the other tribes with casinos through transfer agreements. All Casinos in Arizona are located on Indian Reserves. The Arizona Tribal-State Compacts set a maximum of 18,158 slot machines and 3,318 blackjack, and various types of poker to be allowed in the state. There is also a maximum of 1,301 slots and 119 blackjack and poker tables at any one casino with a maximum wager limit per play at $29 for slots and other bet limits for the table games.

Sports Betting in Arizona

Sports betting is not allowed in the state of Arizona. It is illegal to operate or play at a online gambling site that is located in Arizona. The only legal online gambling options for AZ players at this point are the legal Arizona online casinos, poker rooms and sportsbooks which are licensed, regulated and located outside of the United States.

Online Sportsbooks

Even though there are no sportsbooks available at physical locations or online in the state of Arizona, bettors still have the opportunity to choose from many offshore options. Offshore sportsbooks are widely considered to be a much safer option than local bookmakers. In addition to having the convenience of placing bets right from a personal computer or mobile device and a variety of options, online bettors can trust reputable and well-reviewed offshore books to always offer lines and pay out, which may not always be the case for local bookies.

Poker and Casino in Arizona

Poker and other casino games of any kind are not allowed in the state of Arizona outside of tribal casinos.

Online Poker

Because poker rooms are banned in the state of Arizona outside of tribal casinos, online games may appeal to interested players who can pursue offshore websites in order to participate.

Other Gaming Options in Arizona

Wagering on horse racing, harness racing and dog racing is permitted. However, daytime dog racing is not allowed on the same day as daytime horse or harness racing in the same county. In addition, charitable and social gambling is allowed in Arizona as well as raffles for prizes.

Arizona Lottery

The Arizona Lottery started in 1982 with funds collected from ticket sales benefiting programs and organizations in four main areas within the state, Economic & Business Development, Education, Environment and Health & Public Welfare. It is estimated that between 1982 and 2013, more than $3 billion was generated for these beneficiaries via the lottery. Lottery games range from instant-win scratchers to jackpot drawings such as Powerball and Mega Millions.