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Stanley Cup 2023-24

Wednesday, May 29 Wed May 29

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O 6
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U 6
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Thursday, May 30 Thu May 30

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Dallas Stars
NY Rangers
Florida Panthers
Edmonton Oilers
Florida Panthers
NY Rangers

Who is favored to win the eastern conference?

If you're a solid team in the Eastern Conference, typically there's no issues claiming a spot in the postseason. 

A month away from the playoffs, the Florida Panthers are expected to win the Eastern Conference finals for the second-straight season. 

Sergei Bobrovsky is standing tall between the pipes, holding a third-best 2.37 GAA to keep his Panthers alive in every meeting.

What Divisions Are In The Eastern Conference?

The East is made up of two divisions the Atlantic and Metropolitan Division.

Past Eastern Conference Winners

What a run by Pittsburgh winning back-to-back Eastern Conference Championships twice and three Stanley Cups since 2008.

Last 10 Eastern Conference Winners
YearEastern Conference Champ
2023Florida Panthers
2022Tampa Bay Lightning
2020Tampa Bay Lightning*
2019Boston Bruins
2018Washington Capitals*
2017Pittsburgh Penguins*
2016Pittsburgh Penguins*
2015Tampa Bay Lightning
2014New York Rangers
2013Boston Bruins

* Won the Stanley Cup

History of The Eastern Conference

The Eastern Conference dates back to 1993 when Gary Bettman changed the names of the two Conference to helps fans better understand where the teams play.

Teams With The Most Eastern Conference Titles

The New Jersey Devils hold the most Eastern Division championships winning it five times since 1993. Tampa and Pittsburgh are hot on their heels with four of their own.

Most Eastern Conference Championships
TeamNumber of Championships
New Jersey Devils5
Pittsburgh Penguins4
Tampa Bay Lightning4
Boston Bruins3
Carolina Hurricanes2
Dallas Stars
Edmonton Oilers

Who is favored to win the Western conference?

A much stricter conference, the Western side of the NHL has a few tough teams on our radar. However, the Colorado Avalanche's odds haven't budged since opening. 

The Avs sit as +375 favorites to claim the Western Conference. Nathan MacKinnon has eclipsed 100 points and counting, obliterating his previous career-high of 111 points.

Of course, the Edmonton Oilers lurk closely behind at +400. 

Notably, Vancouver's odds have shortened drastically, opening at +2500 and standing at +600 now. The Canucks shut down opponents quickly, earning the most goals in the first ten minutes and leading the Western Conference with nearly 100 points. 

What Divisions Are In The Western Conference?

The West is made up of two divisions the Central and Pacific Division.

Past Western Conference Winners

Six times in the past 10 years the West has won the Cup. Including back-to-back years now. It’s a pretty remarkable run.

Last 10 Eastern Conference Winners
YearWestern Conference Champ
2023Vegas Golden Knights*
2022Colorado Avalanche*
2020Dallas Stars
2019St. Louis Blues*
2018Vegas Golden Knights
2017Nashville Predators
2016San Jose Sharks
2015Chicago Blackhawks*
2014Los Angeles Kings*
2013Chicago Blackhawks*

* Won the Stanley Cup

History of The Western Conference

Just like the Eastern Conference, the West was created back in 1993. The league re-named the division to help fans understand the alignment of the league.

Teams With The Most Western Conference Titles

Detroit may not be in the West any longer, but they bullied the Division for a long time. Specifically between 1995 and 1998, winning it three times and finishing runner-up once more.

Last 10 Eastern Conference Winners
TeamNumber of Championships
Detroit Red Wings6
Colorado Avalanche3
Dallas Stars3
Chicago Blackhawks3
Vancouver Canucks2

2023-24 Stanley cup odds 

As we near the end of March, the Colorado Avalanche sit on top of the oddsboard as +700 favorites. The Avs trail behind the Jets and Canucks in a stricter Western Conference. 

Key Dates for 2023-24 NHL Season

Here are a few important events throughout the NHL's 106th season that might appeal to futures bettors:

Regular Season Begins – October 10th, 2023
Winter Classic - January 1st, 2024
NHL-All Star Weekend - February 2nd - 3rd, 2024
NHL Trade Deadline - March 8th, 2024
Stanley Cup Playoffs Begin - April 22nd, 2024
2024 NHL Draft - June 2024, Exact Date TBD

NHL Lines Legend

What Are NHL Futures?

NHL futures odds are hockey wagers where sports betting enthusiasts place money on a team to win an event that takes place at a later time in the year or season. Once a futures bet has been made at an online sportsbook, it’s officially locked in with fixed odds at the time of that wager. Depending on which NHL betting site you use and when they post their futures odds, you can bet on NHL futures before the season starts or you can wager on NHL futures during the season.

The most common NHL futures bets are wagering on which team will win the Stanley Cup, which teams will win their respective conferences, and who will win performance awards such as the regular-season MVP, otherwise known as the Hart Memorial Trophy.

Stanley Cup Futures

Which NHL team will win the Stanley Cup next season? You can bet on that today and every other day by wagering on hockey futures odds. Oddsmakers set and move lines during the NHL season, depending on the relative strength of NHL teams. The top-ranked team in the league might be listed at +400 odds to win the Cup. That means you would earn $4 for every $1 wagered if that team goes on to win Lord Stanley. However, the NHL’s last-place team may be +10000. Sure, it would pay out big time, but it’s a crazy long shot.

Vegas Golden Knights player holding Stanley Cup

They say the Stanley Cup is the hardest trophy to win in all of professional sports, which ordinarily wouldn’t bode well for hockey bettors placing NHL hockey futures wagers, but the payoff can be so sweet.

Stanley Cup Odds

Let’s say the Vegas Golden Knights (+600) are the preseason favorites to win the Stanley Cup, with the Tampa Bay Lightning trailing ever so closely at +750. A $100 wager on the Golden Knights would profit $600 if they were to win, while a $100 wager on the Bolts would profit $750 if they were to take home the championship trophy.

Use our odds calculator to see how much you could win on NHL futures odds. Payouts depend on the odds and amount wagered. We have formats of American odds, decimal odds, fractional odds, and implied odds too.

NHL Conference Futures

The last step before we arrive at the Stanley Cup is the Eastern and Western Conference finals. Four teams, two from each side of the NHL, will battle it out to take home the title of conference champions before moving on to the cup battle.

A futures bet on either conference means that you’re picking the overall winner of that half of the league – the NHL is an incredibly unpredictable sport, but more often than not, each conference will have its powerhouses that’ll make the best run possible at a Finals appearance. It’s a great opportunity to find solid odds on favorites, or make a gutsy play on an underdog rising through the ranks.

NHL Conference Odds

The strength of each NHL conference varies year by year, which is why you’ll see a difference between NHL Western Conference odds and NHL Eastern Conference odds in your sportsbook.

For example, the Tampa Bay Lightning earned back-to-back Stanley Cup appearances (and wins) in 2020 and 2021. Each year they proved themselves by winning the Eastern Conference, their odds for the following season dropped. Because of that success, the East would have had more underdogs to win the conference while the West might have a normal spread of candidates.

When you’re wagering on the overall winner of a conference, there will usually be a small number of teams with lower odds because they stand the best chance of making it through. These change with the wind, with favorites and underdogs switching spots as the season progresses – wager early, and wager intelligently!

NHL Eastern Conference Divisions

The Eastern Conference of the NHL consists of two divisions, the Atlantic and the Metropolitan. The Atlantic has three Canadian teams and focuses on US teams close to the border and in Florida – the Metro is an assortment of teams across the eastern seaboard and New England.

NHL Atlantic Division Odds

NHL Metropolitan Division Odds

NHL Western Conference Divisions

The NHL’s Western Conference is broken into two divisions. The Central houses teams in the American South and Midwest, along with the lone Canadian Winnipeg Jets. The Pacific has the westernmost teams and ranges from California to the prairies of Canada.

NHL Central Division Odds

NHL Pacific Division Odds

NHL Player Awards

NHL player awards are a very popular NHL futures market. The Hart Memorial Trophy is awarded to the most valuable player in the NHL regular season, while the Conn Smythe Trophy is awarded to the MVP of the NHL playoffs. Other NHL player awards include:

  • Hart Memorial Trophy (MVP)
  • Calder Memorial Trophy (Rookie MVP)
  • Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy (Most Goals Scored in Reg. Season)
  • Art Ross Trophy (Most Points in Reg. Season)
  • James Norris Memorial Trophy (Best Defenseman)
  • Vezina Trophy (Best Goaltender)
  • Calder Memorial Trophy (Rookie of the Year)
  • Jack Adams Award (Coach of the Year)

NHL Draft 

Like in most major sports, the NHL Draft is one of the most important events of the year, and it also makes for a hell of a good bet. You can wager on various draft props like who will be first overall, the order of the first five picks, or the over/under on when a player is going to be selected.

Overhead of the NHL Draft 2023

The NHL Draft is always unpredictable, full of thrilling moments where a highly-valued player drops down the ranks or a dark horse shocks the competition with an early pick. To learn more, check out our NHL Draft Guide which runs down all the favorites and which player our experts believe will go first overall.

How to read NHL Futures

Like most futures bet across every major sport, options for NHL futures will begin with the favorited, low-odd options before making a massive jump to the more unlikely winners. Teams will see their odds increase and decrease depending on their performance or following any relevant news like trades, injuries, and other changes.

As for payouts, the same rules apply as other bets – a +375 favorite would net you $375 on a $100 bet, whereas a major underdog could earn you $10,000 on the same bet at +10000. It’s not uncommon for pre-season odds to be relatively high, as anything can happen leading up to the first weeks of the regular season.

NHL Futures Line Movement

While games officially don’t get underway until October, NHL futures lines shift with preseason performances, injuries, and public betting trends. Because you’re locking in a bet with fixed odds, your bankroll is going to be tied up for a considerable portion of the season. Make sure you do your research and select a team that can deal with a few mid-season injuries or a cold streak – that’s a long time to wait!

Movement will fluctuate over the first few weeks of the season as oddsmakers get a sense of which teams got better in the offseason and who got worse. This volatile movement will usually settle down after a few weeks, with remaining line changes coming from a team racking up wins or losses respectively.

Just remember that long-term success in NHL futures betting odds isn’t only about which team wins the Stanley Cup – there are a lot of opportunities within futures, and if you see a line you think is a no-brainer, snag it before that bargain is gone.

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