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NHL Awards Odds: Kucherov Needs To Be The Hart Favorite

Hart Trophy Odds for 2023-2024

The Hart Trophy is, technically, given to the most valuable player in the league. At least that's what the PHWA are voting for even if that's not what the award says it's for. The Hart is supposed  to go "to the player adjudged to be the most valuable to his team." 

Hart Trophy Odds
Nathan MacKinnon-334
Nikita Kucherov+334
Auston Matthews+824
Connor McDavid+2529
Artemi Panarin+10000
Sidney Crosby+18800

Odds as of April 9

Colorado Avalanche star Nathan MacKinnon is second for points with 138 on the year and pushed his Avs to fourth in the West. He's also well ahead of his next most productive teammate Mikko Rantanen by 35 points. 

But look, Kucherov has more points than MacKinnon and is 54 (!!!)  points better than his next most productive teammates. That gulf in class between Kuch and the rest of his team speaks to the actual intent of this award.

He's also now only the sixth player to ever score 100 assists in a season.

That to me makes the Bolts' Russian star the true favorite for this award. And not MacKinnon.

Last 10 Hart Trophy Winners 

Last 10 Hart Trophy Winners
2023Connor McDavidEdmonton Oilers
2022Auston MatthewsToronto Maple Leafs
2021Connor McDavidEdmonton Oilers
2020Leon DraisaitlEdmonton Oilers
2019Nikita KucherovTampa Bay Lightning
2018Taylor HallNew Jersey Devils
2017Connor McDavidEdmonton Oilers
2016Patrick KaneChicago Blackhawks
2015Carey PriceMontreal Canadiens
2014Sidney CrosbyPittsburgh Penguins

Connor McDavid’s entrance into the NHL brought an era of playmaking ability to the Edmonton Oilers that continues to leave its mark across multiple awards, with the Oilers taking home 4/10 of the last Hart trophies.

Oh yeah, you probably recognize some of those other guys too – they’re pretty good. The odd one out on this list is Carey Price, the first goaltender to win the Hart since Jose Theodore brought it home for the Montreal Canadiens in 2001. They know how to tend the net in MTL.

NHL Teams with the Most Hart Trophies    

Most Hart Trophy Wins by Team
Team# Hart Trophies WonMost Recent Winner
Montreal Canadiens17Carey Price (G) - 2015
Edmonton Oilers13Connor McDavid (C) - 2023
Boston Bruins12Joe Thornton (C) - 2006
Detroit Red Wings9Sergei Fedorov - 1994
Chicago Blackhawks7Patrick Kane (RW) - 2016
Pittsburgh Penguins7Sidney Crosby (C) - 2014
New York Rangers4Mark Messier (C) - 1992
Philadelphia Flyers4Eric Lindros (C) - 1995

The Canadiens take the record for most Hart Trophies through their domination of the league during the 20s and 30s. The Edmonton Oilers stand in second place with 12 trophies coming from Wayne Gretzky and Connor McDavid combined --the Boston Bruins round out the standings at an impressive 12.

 NHL Players who have won multiple Hart Trophies

Multi-Hart Trophy Winners
Player# Hart Trophies WonYears Won / Team
Wayne Gretzky91980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987 (Edmonton Oilers), 1989 (Los Angeles Kings)
Gordie Howe61952, 1953, 1957, 1958, 1960, 1963 (Detroit Red Wings)
Eddie Shore41933, 1935, 1936, 1938 (Boston Bruins)
Howie Morenz31928, 1931, 1932 (Montreal Canadiens)
Bobby Orr31970, 1971, 1972 (Boston Bruins)
Bobby Clarke31973, 1975, 1976 (Philadelphia Flyers)
Mario Lemieux31988, 1993, 1996 (Pittsburgh Penguins)
Alexander Ovechkin32008, 2009, 2013 (Washington Capitals)
Connor McDavid32017, 2021, 2023 (Edmonton Oilers)

No surprises at the top of this list – with eight consecutive wins, the Great One has the most back-to-back Hart Trophies of any player in NHL history. With legends like Gordie Howe and Eddie Shore trailing at six and four wins, it’s a collection of the best skaters to ever lace up.

Ovechkin and McDavid are the only players on this list still active in the NHL, and while Ovi is nearing the end of his career, McDavid should only climb higher on the Hart trophy wall.

NHL Teams that have never had a player win the Hart Trophy

Twelve teams have never had a Hart winner on their roster – with the trophy tending to go to elite players year-over-year, it’s understandable a decent number of teams with incredible players of their own would be skipped over.

Hart Trophy Betting Trends

Choosing the MVP in the NHL is a tad easier for sports bettors, as we know it tends to go to the flashy, high-scoring players that have earned points year after year -- it's also probably going to be Connor McDavid, so that makes it a little easier. Here are a few trends from past years that can help you analyze the board and pick a smart future for the Hart Trophy:

  • Pointed out above, Carey Price is the only goaltender to win the Hart in the past ten years – before him, it was Jose Theodore in 2001.
  • Centers have been favorites in recent years, winning six of the last ten trophies.
  • Defensemen on the other hand are a tougher sell – the last D-man to win the Hart was Chris Pronger in 2000.
  • Repeats aren’t as common as you’d think, with the last one being Ovechkin in 2008 and 2009 – McDavid’s trends might make this stat look different in the years to come though.

Rocket Richard Award Odds

(No odds available)

I hope some of you backed Auston Matthews to win the Richard at the start of the season. The Leafs' sniper held +275 odds before a puck was dropped and is not all but guaranteed to win his third Rocket Richard Trophy.

This award was decided months ago but books only recently stopped taking wagers. Matthews wins his third Rocket Richard Award in four years with 69 goals this year. Incredible.

Last 10 Rocket Richard Trophy Winners 

Last 10 Rocket Richard Winners
2023Connor McDavidEdmonton Oilers
2022Auston MatthewsToronto Maple Leafs
2021Auston MatthewsToronto Maple Leafs
2020Alexander Ovechkin / David PastrnakWashington Capitals / Boston Bruins
2019Alexander OvechkinWashington Capitals
2018Alexander OvechkinWashington Capitals
2017Sidney CrosbyPittsburgh Penguins
2016Alexander OvechkinWashington Capitals
2015Alexander OvechkinWashington Capitals
2014Alexander OvechkinWashington Capitals

Where the Art Ross trophy rewards players for chipping in assists as well, the Rocket Richard trophy only focuses on the eye-catching stuff - goals, goals, and more goals. It’s been Ovechkin’s award to win, but with some separation in recent years, we might be looking at some Matthews and McDavid runs moving forward.

You’ll notice two winners in 2020 due to a tie – it was the third time the Rocket has been given to multiple players in the same season.

NHL Teams with the Most Rocket Richard Trophies    

most rocket richard Trophy Wins by Team
Team# Rocket Richard Trophies WonMost Recent Winner
Washington Capitals9Alexander Ovechkin (LW) - 2020
Tampa Bay Lightning3Steven Stamkos (LW) - 2012
Toronto Maple Leafs2Auston Matthews (C) - 2022
Pittsburgh Penguins2Sidney Crosby (C) - 2017
Florida Panthers2Pavel Bure (RW) - 2001
Calgary Flames2Jarome Iginla (RW) - 2004
Anaheim Ducks2Corey Perry (RW) - 2011

Ovechkin accounts for every single Washington Capitals win on this table, and guess what? You’re gonna be seeing a lot of him in the next one too. With Ovi’s career winding down, we should see other teams on this list climb the rankings eventually, but it’ll take a while for Washington’s pride to be broken.

 NHL Players that have won multiple Rocket Richard Trophies

Multi-Rocket Richard Trophy Winners
Player# Rocket Richard Trophies WonYears Won / Team
Alexander Ovechkin92008, 2009, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020 (Washington Capitals)
Auston Matthews22021, 2022 (Toronto Maple Leafs)
Steven Stamkos22010, 2012 (Tampa Bay Lightning)
Jarome Iginla22002, 2004 (Calgary Flames)
Sidney Crosby22010, 2017 (Pittsburgh Penguins)
Pavel Bure22000, 2001 (Florida Panthers)
Mario Lemieux31988, 1993, 1996 (Pittsburgh Penguins)
Alexander Ovechkin32008, 2009, 2013 (Washington Capitals)
Connor McDavid32017, 2021, 2023 (Edmonton Oilers)

Let’s keep in mind that the Rocket trophy has only been around in the NHL since 1999 – in its 24-year lifespan, Ovi has a 37.5% share of the trophy. It makes the rest of our player’s two-time wins look like small achievements, which they’re not. The dominance of Ovechkin’s goalscoring is going to be felt in the legacy of this award forever.

NHL Teams that have never had a player win the Rocket Richard Trophy

As a newer award, these teams just haven’t had the chance to win yet, especially when Ovechkin and Matthews have been hogging it recently. With so many top-class goalscorers across the league, this competition will open up slowly but surely.

Rocket Richard Trophy Betting Trends

Now that Ovechkin's slowing down a bit, we've got a bit more to analyze when it comes to the Rocket. Of course, this is a newer award with fewer data than the others, but regardless here are a few betting trends that should help you choose the NHL's top goalscorer for the upcoming season. 

  • The Rocket Richard trophy has a bit of a crossover with the Hart, having been won by the same player in six seasons – Ovi accounts for three of those times.
  • Surprisingly (not), defensemen aren’t a great candidate for the Rocket Richard, having never won it.
  • Nine out of ten of the previous Rocket winners have come from the East, thanks in part to Ovechkin’s dominance.

Vezina Trophy Odds for 2023-2024

When handicapping the Vezina look for three things. A goalie with a good save percentage and goals-against average. And a goalie with a lot of wins. Why wins? Who knows, ask GMs (who vote on the Vezina) why a team stat factors into an individual award.


Vezina Trophy Odds
Connor Hellebuyck-1200
Sergei Bobrovsky+1000
Igor Shesterkin+2500
Thatcher Demko+2500
Jeremy Swayman+2500
Cam Talbot+7500
Jacob Markstrom+7500

Odds as of April 9

The board for the top goalie honor is loopy. I'm not sure why Shesterkin, who has, at best, pedestrian numbers, is third at +2500. Or why Jacob Markstrom is anywhere near the top 5? The Flames goalie is nowhere close to the top 10 for SV%, GAA, shutouts, or wins. 

Connor Hellebuyck has the second-best goals-against (2.39) and the best save percentage (0.921) in the league. He's also second in wins at 37. Already that's good enough to give him Vezina credentials.

Hellebuyck also leads the league in goals saved above expected at 33.1. That's a +11.1 goals saved above expected compared to the next-best goalie (Thatcher Demko).

The Winnipeg Jets keeper has all the stats to win this easily. 

Last 10 Vezina Trophy Winners 

Last 10 Vezina trophy Winners
2023Linus UllmarkBoston Bruins
2022Igor ShesterkinNew York Rangers
2021Marc-Andre FleuryVegas Golden Knights
2020Connor HellebuyckWinnipeg Jets
2019Andrei VasilevskiyTampa Bay Lightning
2018Pekka RineNashville Predators
2017Sergei BobrovskyColumbus Blue Jackets
2016Braden HoltbyWashington Capitals
2015Carey PriceMontreal Canadiens
2014Tuuka RaskBoston Bruins

One simple trick to make your team love you and your opponents despise you? Be a Vezina-caliber goaltender. Going to ten different netminders over the past decade, the NHL is in no short supply of incredible ability in between the pipes -- last year's winner Linus Ullmark contributed to a historic season for Boston, amassing a staggering 40 wins on the year.

NHL Teams with the Most Vezina Trophies    

most Vezina Trophy Wins by Team
Team# Vezina Trophies WonMost Recent Winner
Buffalo Sabres8Ryan Miller - 2010
Boston Bruins5Linus Ullmark - 2023
Montreal Canadiens5Carey Price - 2015
New Jersey Devils4Martin Brodeur - 2008
New York Rangers3Igor Shesterkin - 2022
Washington Capitals3Braden Holtby - 2016

Dominik Hasek contributes heavily to the Sabres, adding six Vezina awards to their total of eight. Following them, the Bruins and Canadiens boast five wins thanks to stars like Tim Thomas and Patrick Roy respectively.

 NHL Players that have won multiple Vezina Trophies

Multi-Vezina Trophy Winners
Player# Vezina Trophies WonYears Won / Team
Dominik Hasek62008, 2009, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020 (Washington Capitals)
Martin Brodeur42021, 2022 (Toronto Maple Leafs)
Patrick Roy32010, 2012 (Tampa Bay Lightning)
Ed Belfour22002, 2004 (Calgary Flames)
Tim Thomas22010, 2017 (Pittsburgh Penguins)
Sergei Bobrovsky22000, 2001 (Florida Panthers)

Hasek is the clear winner here, going on an insane ratio of six Vezina trophies in seven years – it’s pretty incredible to be placed ahead of titans of the net like Brodeur and Roy, who round out our multi-winner list with four and three wins.

NHL Teams that have never had a player win the Vezina Trophy

Keeping in mind that we’re using Vezina standings from 81 and onward, that really isn’t enough time for every team to get a piece of the trophy. With some incredible prospects in the pipeline, there are a few teams on this list who should break through to the trophy case sooner than later.

Vezina Trophy Betting Trends

There's always going to be a handful of goalies that leave Vezina bettors sweating til' the last game of the regular season -- it's truly one of the closest awards in the league thanks to how much improvement we see from the elite netminders across the league. Here are some trends that might help you place a bet, or identify who to stay clear of:

  • Back-to-back winners have been uncommon in recent years, with Martin Brodeur being the last to take home consecutive awards in 2007 and 2008.
  • There might be a bit of a postseason curse – no Vezina winner has gone on to claim the Stanley Cup in over ten years.
  • 7/10 of the last winners are Eastern Conference players, making it a trending conference for Vezina candidates.

Calder Trophy Odds for 2023-2024

The NHL's contract structure doesn't reward the top young guns in the league, but at least the Calder Trophy does! The Calder is given to the top rookie in that given season. Any position can win it, but it's tough for a goalie. A keeper has only won it 16 times since 1933.

Calder Trophy Odds
Connor BedardChicago Blackhawks-3334
Brock FaberMinnesota Wild+1263

Odds as of April 18

Bedard is the easy favorite with nearly a point per game on a terrible Blackhawks team with zero talent.

After coming back from a fractured jaw, Bedard was close to a point per game with 28 in 29 games. 

Faber did very well with 47 points as a rookie defenseman. That's great but not nearly enough to win. The last defenseman to win the Calder (Moritz Seider) scored 50 in his first season.

As the first overall pick on an original-six franchise, all Bedard needed to do was win the rookie scoring race (even marginally) and he'd win the Calder. This is his award, no doubt.

Last 10 Calder Trophy Winners 

Last 10 Calder Trophy Winners
2023Matty BeniersSeattle Kraken
2022Moritz SeiderDetroit Red Wings
2021Kirill KaprizovMinnesota Wild
2020Cale MakarColorado Avalanche
2019Elias PetterssonVancouver Canucks
2018Mathew BarzalNew York Islanders
2017Auston MatthewsToronto Maple Leafs
2016Artemi PanarinChicago Blackhawks
2015Aaron EkbladFlorida Panthers
2014Nathan MacKinnonColorado Avalanche

It’s always great to look back on a list like this and see just how many of these players turned into absolute superstars – there’s a noticeable lack of Connor McDavid thanks to him only playing 45 games in his rookie year due to injury.

The teams are always fresh too, with no squad winning a back-to-back Calder since the Boston Bruins in 1967 and 1968.

NHL Teams with the Most Calder Trophies    

most Calder Trophy Wins by Team
Team# Calder Trophies WonMost Recent Winner
Toronto Maple Leafs10Auston Matthews (C) - 2017
Chicago Blackhawks9Artemi Panarin (LW) - 2016
New York Rangers8Brian Leetch (D) - 1989
Boston Bruins8Andrew Raycroft (G) - 2004
Montreal Canadiens6Ken Dryden (G) - 1972
Detroit Red Wings6Moritz Seider (D) - 2022
New York Islanders5Mathew Barzal (RW) - 2018
Colorado Avalanche4Cale Makar (D) - 2020

Auston Matthews’ 2017 win snapped quite the cold streak for the Leafs, going 51 years without a Calder win – their wins come from the early days of the NHL. You’ll notice the top six teams are the Original Six squads, owing to their high wins to being around the longest you could assume.

NHL Teams that have never had a player win the Calder Trophy

These are all relatively “newer” teams, with the Flyers and Stars being the oldest squads on this list after joining in the 60s. One has to assume the right draft pick will fall to some of these squads eventually so they can boast about superstar rookies with the rest of the NHL.

Calder Trophy Betting Trends

With a collection of potential superstars at the start of every season, you need all the stats you can get when trying to predict the next Calder winner. The results can be shocking with early picks winding up as busts or late selections making themselves the best players in their age category. Here are a few trends over the last few seasons that might indicate who'll take home the Calder:

  • Matthews, Ekblad, and MacKinnon are the only 1st-overall selections in the past ten years to win the Calder.
  • Three out of ten of the most recent winners were defensemen, and while that isn’t a high number, it does show the award is open to any skater skilled enough to take it.
  • 50% of the last decade’s winners have been centers, giving their role a slight edge in the Calder race.
  • The last goaltender to win the Calder was Steven Mason in 2009, meaning there has been a 14-year drought in netminder wins.

Jack Adams Award

The top coach award doens't always go to the best team. It typically goes to the team that surprised us the most. So consider that when looking at the oddsboard and making a bet on the Jack Adams.

Jack Adams Award Odds
Rick TocchetVancouver Canucks-500
Peter LavioletteNew York Rangers+700
Andrew BrunetteNashville Predators+1500
Peter DeBoerDallas Stars+3500
Spender CarberyWashington Capitals+4500
Paul Maurice Florida Panthers+7500

Odds as of April 9

There are a lot of worthy winners here. Tocchet has totally turned around the Canucks making them world-class. So he deserves top billing at -500.

How about Andrew Brunette? In 21-22, he took the Panthers to a 51-18-6 record in his first coaching season and was replaced. Two years later he takes over Nashville and they've clinched a playoff spot when they weren't supposed to.

He's done a remarkable job. So if we're still handing out this award to the coach who's surprised us the most, Brunette wins it.

Last 10 Jack Adams Trophy Winners 

Last 10 Jack Adams trophy Winners
2023Jim MontgomeryBoston Bruins
2022Darryl SutterCalgary Flames
2021Rod Brind'AmourCarolina Hurricanes
2020Bruce CassidyBoston Bruins
2019Barry TrotzNew York Islanders
2018Gerard GallantVegas Golden Knights
2017John TortorellaColumbus Blue Jackets
2016Barry TrotzWashington Capitals
2015Bob HartleyCalgary Flames
2014Patrick RoyColorado Avalanche

Jim Montgomery’s unprecedented 65-12 season set a record for regular season wins and made him the most recent Jack Adams recipient. You don’t need to break records to win though - each coach on this list had Stanley Cup contender rosters and separated themselves from other bench bosses with numerous wins and clever playcalling.

NHL Teams with the Most Jack Adams Trophies    

most Jack Adams Trophy Wins by Team
Team# Jack Adams Trophies WonMost Recent Winner
Boston Bruins5Jim Montgomery - 2023
Detroit Red Wings4Scotty Bowman - 1996
Philadelphia Flyers4Bill Barber - 2001
St. Louis Blues4Ken Hitchcock - 2012
Washington Capitals3Barry Trotz - 2016

Fun fact: the first Bruins coach to win a Jack Adams win was Don Cherry, who won in the second year of its inception. Interestingly, Jacques Demers for the Red Wings is the only coach from these teams to win twice with the same squad – every other team’s totals come from individual wins.

 NHL Coaches that have won multiple Jack Adams Trophies

Multi-Jack Adams Trophy Winners
Coach# Jack Adams Trophies WonYears Won / Team
Pat Burns31992 (Vancouver Canucks), 1993 (Toronto Maple Leafs), 1998 (Boston Bruins)
Barry Trotz22016 (Washington Capitals), 2019 (New York Islanders)
Jacques Lemaire21994 (New Jersey Devils), 2003 (Minnesota Wild)
Scotty Bowman21977 (Montreal Canadiens), 1996 (Detroit Red Wings)
Jacques Demers21987, 1988 (Detroit Red Wings)
John Tortorella22004 (Tampa Bay Lightning), 2017 (Columbus Blue Jackets)

Pat Burns sits above the rest of the competition as the only coach to win three Jack Adams trophies, let alone with a different squad each time. With such a small amount of repeat winners, everyone on this list is cemented in NHL history as some of the best to ever lead a team.

NHL Teams that have never had a Coach win the Jack Adams Trophy

The Rangers, an original six squad, have been in the league since 1926 and have fewer Jack Adams wins than the Vegas Golden Knights, a 2017 entrant to the NHL. Although it stings, it shows you that awards can be finicky things. Just because these teams never had an award-winning coach doesn’t mean they’ve been badly mentored.

Jack Adams Trophy Betting Trends

The Jack Adams is a tricky trophy to nail down. With few repeat winners and a chance for any high-quality team to jump ahead of the pack, it's important to keep up to date with NHL news and coaching developments across the league. Regardless, here are a few patterns the past winners have shown that might help you choose a future winner:

  • Six out of the last ten Jack Adams’ winners have coached an Eastern Conference team.
  • No Jack Adams winner has missed the post-season, which is a must-have quality for aspiring winners.
  • Regular-season success doesn’t translate into a cup run – the past ten winners failed to secure a Stanley Cup in their Jack Adams season. The last winner to do both was John Tortorella in 2004.
  • We often talk about the Presidents' Trophy curse, but what about the Jack Adams curse? From 2014 to 2022, the Jack Adams winner was fired, on average, two years later.

Norris Trophy Odds for 2023-2024

Defensive defensemen beware, this award is not for you. The Norris is handed out to the best defenseman in the league, but that usually means the one who scores the most. 

Norris Trophy Odds
Quinn Hughes-650
Cale Makar+550
Roman Josi+1800
Victor Hedman+8500
Evan Bouchard+8500
Noah Dobson+8500

Odds as of March 20

Quinn Hughes led all defensemen in scoring with 92 points. Colorado's Cale Makar wasn't far behind at 90 points. Both Hughes and challenger Cale Makar sit at a near-identical 1.12 and 1.17 points per game now, respectively. 

When looking to differentiate between the two, voters might also look to Hughes's +38 plus-minus compared to Makar's +15. 

I hate plus-minus (it's a garbage stat), but it might be the only stat that voters can use to tell these two exceptional defensemen apart. 

Edmonton's Evan Bouchard made a push for consideration with 29 points in his last 27 games. He finished fourth in scoring with 82 points and a +34.

Last 10 Norris Trophy Winners 

Last 10 Norris trophy Winners
2023Erik KarlssonSan Jose Sharks
2022Cale MakarColorado Avalanche
2021Adam FoxNew York Rangers
2020Roman JosiNashville Predators
2019Mark GiordanoCalgary Flames
2018Victor HedmanTampa Bay Lightning
2017Brent BurnsSan Jose Sharks
2016Drew DoughtyLos Angeles Kings
2015Erik KarlssonOttawa Senators
2014Duncan KeithChicago Blackhawks

Karlsson’s monster 101-point season landed him at the top of the list in 2023, his third appearance as a Norris winner. Veterans on the list like Josi, Burns and Giordano have started to make way for younger stars in Fox and Makar, but age is no barrier for a good defender – even the older blueliners have shown they’re not going down without a fight.

NHL Teams with the Most Norris Trophies    

most Norris Trophy Wins by Team
Team# Norris Trophies WonMost Recent Winner
Boston Bruins14Zdeno Chara - 2009
Montreal Canadiens12P.K. Subban - 2013
Detroit Red Wings9Nicklas Lidstrom - 2011
Chicago Blackhawks8Duncan Keith - 2014
New York Rangers5Adam Fox - 2022
New York Islanders3Dennis Potvin


The Bruins have always had a tough reputation, so its only fitting for their rosters to include the most Norris Trophy winners in NHL history. Their victories were contributed by only three players, with Bobby Orr being the most famous victor for the Bruins.

Four other Original Six teams, all except Toronto, back them up with impressive wins of their own – it pays to have been around the league for a while.

 NHL Players that have won multiple Norris Trophies

Multi-Norris Trophy Winners
Player# Norris Trophies WonYears Won / Team
Bobby Orr81968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975 (Boston Bruins)
Doug Harvey71955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1960, 1961 (Montreal Canadiens), 1962 (New York Rangers)
Nicklas Lidstrom72001, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2011 (Detroit Red Wings)
Ray Bourque51987, 1988, 1990, 1991, 1994 (Boston Bruins)
Erik Karlsson32012, 2015 (Ottawa Senators), 2023 (San Jose Sharks)
Dennis Potvin31976, 1978, 1979 (New York Islanders)
Paul Coffey31985, 1986 (Edmonton Oilers), 1995 (Detroit Red Wings)
Chris Chelios31989 (Montreal Canadiens), 1993, 1996 (Chicago Blackhawks)
Pierre Pilote31963, 1964, 1965 (Chicago Blackhawks)

Elite defending is as synonymous with Bobby Orr as that picture of him jumping is to hockey as a whole – a defender on top of the world, he found excellence in the late 60s. Of course, vets like Doug Harvey and Nicklas Lidstrom aren’t bad competition either, each contributing seven wins to earn second place on our list.

NHL Teams that have never had a player win the Art Norris Trophy

For an award that's been around since 1954, it's a little surprising to see 14 teams remain winless in the Norris category. But the Norris is very repeatable, and we've been lucky enough to have some great minds cross the blue line in NHL history -- there's always next year.

Norris Trophy Betting Trends

Like the Vezina Trophy, it's a little easier to choose a Norris winner thanks to a smaller pool of potential winners. We've seen point-scoring defensemen steal the show for this award, so it's possible to get even more granular by looking for the D Men who are contributing heavily to their team's offense. Here are a few other examples of Norris betting trends over the years:

  • While defensive stats weigh heavily on the winner, points are vital as well – in the last ten years, eight winners stood in the top two points for all defensemen.
  • Fade the Norris winner’s team in the playoffs, as there’s only been one Stanley Cup and Norris victor in the same year.
  • 6/10 of the previous winners came from the Western Conference.

How to read NHL Futures

Like most futures bet across every major sport, options for NHL futures will begin with the favorited, low-odd options before making a massive jump to the more unlikely winners. Teams will see their odds increase and decrease depending on their performance or following any relevant news like trades, injuries, and other changes.

As for payouts, the same rules apply as other bets – a +375 favorite would net you $375 on a $100 bet, whereas a major underdog could earn you $10,000 on the same bet at +10000. It’s not uncommon for pre-season odds to be relatively high, as anything can happen leading up to the first weeks of the regular season.

What Are NHL Futures?

NHL futures odds are hockey wagers where sports betting enthusiasts place money on a team to win an event that takes place at a later time in the year or season. Once a futures bet has been made at an online sportsbook, it’s officially locked in with fixed odds at the time of that wager. Depending on which NHL betting site you use and when they post their futures odds, you can bet on NHL futures before the season starts or you can wager on NHL futures during the season.

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