Best Sports Betting Picks Sites: Free Picks and Best Bets

When it comes to sports betting, you want to have an advantage over other bettors (and, of course, over the sportsbook). To get said advantage, you can stare at the odds and research betting trends until you’re blue in the face, hoping for something to jump out at you, or you can get an extra edge by using handicapping tools like those offered by a sports picks service.

These are companies that are staffed with handicapping professionals who use their industry know-how to come up with picks complete with analysis and information about why they’ve chosen to bet on a particular NFL matchup, NBA player, MLB team or NHL puckline.

Here, you’ll find everything you need to decide if using a pay-for picks service is the right move for your sports wagering needs or if you should stick to free picks.

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      Doc's Sports Review

      If you’re looking for a top-notch handicapper, Doc’s Sports is it. You get deep analysis and important info for each pick so you know why Doc’s experts are leaning a certain way. With a trusted track record and subscription-based model, this online picks service gives novices and sharps alike the goods to make smart bets.

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      Prediction Machine

      When it comes to picks services, it doesn’t get much better than Prediction Machine. With features like Best Bets and Bet Recommendation, you can decide which bets to make and how much you should wager on each. Prediction Machine’s focus is on the NFL but that doesn’t mean you can’t use this picks service to handicap your NBA, college football, MLB and NHL bets. They also offer weekly free picks and use a secure third-party platform to process payments, so you know your information is safe.

What is a Professional Sports Betting Handicapper?

Before we get into what picks are, we should explain what a handicapper is. This is someone who researches betting lines and odds to provide insight into why they’re wagering on one side of a match over the other. Handicappers look at odds to see why oddsmakers have come up with these lines.

A typical point spread for an NFL game looks like this:

Patriots -7.5

Bills +7.5

A sports picks guru will explore betting trends, why New England needs to win by eight points or more or why Buffalo needs to win outright or not lose by more than seven points to cover the spread. Then, they determine which side of the bet they’re taking by determining if the Bills have a shot at winning – probably not, sorry, Bills fans – or how much they think the Pats are going to win by.

When sportsbooks set odds for major sports, whether it’s NBA, NHL, MLB or NFL, they look at a number of factors. A handicapper goes beyond those factors when creating their sports picks to ensure that their analysis is correct.

What is a Betting Picks Website?

Sports picks services are companies that offer predictions on different games and events for a small fee. There are mixed feelings in the sports betting world about picks companies since many sharps feel that handicapping shouldn’t be left up to professionals. However, expert sports picks can help bettors of all levels who are looking for more information about why they should bet on a certain game, UFC fight News, a horse race, a pitcher, etc.

Where to Buy Sports Picks Online

Although pay-for sports picks sites have gotten mixed reviews over the years, there are many trustworthy companies who won’t take your money and run. Any best sports betting picks site we champion on Odds Shark gets our seal of approval. We only recommend services that are trustworthy and maintain an impeccable reputation.

What Sports are Offered at Betting Picks Sites?

The majority of places to buy picks online cover all major North American sports and some niche sports like the WNBA. Generally, you can find NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, CFL, college basketball and college football – more on NCAAF later. You can also find picks offered for golf, tennis and soccer when you visit a professional handicapping website. Picks for combat sports like boxing and MMA are sometimes provided as well.

College Football Betting Picks

One of the main reasons bettors turn to sports picks services is for college football. There are so many games that you’d have to be a magic genie – Robin Williams or Will Smith in Aladdin – to bet correctly on each game. By using the help of a skilled sports picks service, you have a better chance of hitting the right side of your bets than by looking at betting trends or odds on your own.

This can also come in handy during bowl season; you may think you have your bet locked in for the Rose Bowl, but what about the Sugar Bowl or the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl? Yes, that last one actually exists. There are enough college football games to keep bettors busy that getting help from an expert handicapper isn’t a bad idea.

How do Sports Picks Sites Work?

A handicapping service provides a number of picks over an established period of time for a set price, unlike free picks that are available every day at no cost. Expert picks sites will normally provide a type of guarantee that will vary from company to company. These sites run on a subscription model, which will also vary depending on what sports you’re looking to bet on, and how often you’re betting on them.

What Subscription Packages are Available?

Each professional handicapping service offers a different subscription model. However, most allow you to purchase picks for a single day, week, month, season or year. If you’re looking to bet on a certain sport, and only that sport, a seasonal subscription could prove to be beneficial. Let’s say you want to bet solely on MLB. It would make sense for you to buy a picks package from the end of March until the last game of the World Series to ensure that the entire baseball season is covered.

For those who have only a general interest in betting, you may want to purchase picks for a day and see how you like the service. From there you can decide if you want to buy sports betting picks daily or weekly, depending on how often you plan on wagering.

On the other hand, if there’s a sport that you want to bet on but have no idea how to go about it, then buying a weekly package may be best. For instance, if you’re looking to bet on the World Cup but don’t know enough about the teams or soccer itself, an expert sports picks service will give you a detailed analysis on why their handicappers are picking one team over the other and why.

Using a Professional Betting Picks Service

The goal of a professional handicapper is to make sports picks and offer a detailed explanation about why they’re making those predictions. Handicappers who don’t provide analysis or any reasoning behind their picks are not to be trusted. Look for guarantees/stipulations that may cover a percentage of your losses or a percentage of your subscription price.

Finally, make sure any picks service you use has a great reputation. Any of the sites we recommend here are A+. If you’re still on the fence about paying a professional handicapper to provide betting information and tips, you can always count on Odds Shark to give you the goods. We have free picks and sports betting tutorials that can point you in the right direction.