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About Bundesliga Consensus

You probably have a lot of knowledge as a fan of the Bundesliga. You’ve watched enough games, you know the players and you’re here on Odds Shark, which will make placing your wagers easy. Even if you’re not a Bundesliga expert, you can use our Consensus page to make smart picks.

A consensus pick is a wager made when you take into account what the sportsbooks are saying about a certain Bundesliga club. The consensus pick is based on data generated across numerous sportsbooks on the amount of money placed on one side. Using the consensus data, you can choose which club to bet on during any given match. You’ll be able to see what the public’s betting habits are and turn this information into your pick. You can bet against the consensus or with it. When you bet against the consensus, it’s called “fading” the public.

Odds Shark gathers data from some of the best online sportsbooks across the globe to help you make more strategic picks. Consensus picks are great for casual bettors because they allow you to see how everyone else is betting and you can use that info to shape your decision. Some people feel like the public is always wrong while others like having a lot of people on their side when making their Bundesliga picks. At Odds Shark, we rank the consensus data so you know which matches the public likes best and which sportsbooks have ideal wagerlines on those matchups.

When you make a consensus pick, it’s important to note that the data compiled does not reflect the number of people betting a draw (tie). The numbers only suggest those who are picking one side or the other. The data is constantly flowing in closer to the match as the public shifts its opinion. Be sure to check in with our Bundesliga Consensus page often to see how the data has changed.

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