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Craps Online: Learn Craps Strategy & How To Play Online Craps

Craps Online

Players can learn how to play online craps for free or at a real money casino with the advice on this page. Our online craps guide provides basic terminology, plus information on the betting layout, odds and payouts for each wager. Our guide to online craps provides strategy tips, while pointing the way to craps at a mobile casino and live craps sites.

How To Play Online Craps

Craps looks complicated because of the betting layout, but craps rules are easy to learn. Here’s an overview of the rules in online craps.

  • Craps is played with a set of two six-sided dice. Players roll the dice to determine results, which can range between 2 and 12.
  • One bettor, called the shooter, rolls the dice. If the shooter wins his or her bet, the dice remain with the shooter. If he or she loses, they pass clockwise around the table.
  • All bettors at the table make bets before the shooter rolls. Gamblers can make multiple bets on the betting layout. Payouts range from less than 1:1 to 35:1. The house edge varies wildly.
  • Once bets are made, the roll happens. If the shooter rolls a 7 or 11, then he or she wins. If he rolls a 2, 3 or 12, then the shooter loses.
  • If any other number is rolled, the point is established and the game continues. The shooter now must roll the point before rolling a 7 again.
  • Once a winner is determined, bets are settled and a new round of gaming continues. When playing craps online, the software settles bets automatically.
  • Four dealers man the table: the stickman, the boxman and two dealers. The boxman handles the money and provides chips for cash. The stickman handles the dice. The two other dealers, at each end of the table, pay off bets.

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What Are Some Craps Betting Terms?

Playing craps online is easier when you know the terms, so here’s a craps glossary. Terms like boxman and stickman don’t apply to most craps online, though they are helpful to know when you play live craps.

Craps TermDefinition
BankThe stacks of chips that the casino has on the craps table while the game is going on.
Box CarsA pair of sixes. This equals craps on the Come Out roll and is bad for the shooter.
BoxmanThe dealer who handles the box of money. The boxman exchanges cash for chips and handles the house money.
Come BetBets made after the Come Out roll. These bets win on rolls of 7 or 11, and lose on rolls of 2, 3 and 12.
Come Out RollThe first roll that starts a new game.
CrapThe numbers 2, 3 and 12.
Crap OutGetting a 2, 3 or 12 on the first roll.
Craps StrategyIs non-existent, except for knowing the odds on the better craps bets – thus knowing which bets to make and which to avoid.
Don't Come BetTo win on a roll of 2 or 3, lose on rolls of 7 or 11, and push on a roll of 12. This establishes a Don’t Come point on their next roll. 
Don't Pass BetBet made on a Come Out roll. It wins with rolls of 2 or 3, loses on 7 or 11, pushes on 12, and creates a point for the player on the next roll. 
Line BetAny bet made on the Pass Line.
Pass Line BetThe basic bet in craps. This bet wins when 7 or 11 happen on the Come Out roll. Losses occur when the dice equal 2, 3 or 12.
PointWhen 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 is rolled on the Come Out.
Seven OutThe losing roll of 7 that ends your turn.
ShooterThe bettor who roll the dice.
Snake EyesA pair of ones. This equals craps and is bad for the shooter on the Come Out roll. 
StickmanThe dealer who handles the long stick, using it to collect the dice and give them to the shooter.
Sucker BetWagers with such bad odds only a sucker makes them. Craps has many sucker bets.

Online Craps Bets

How Do I Bet In Craps?

Craps is known for its huge number of bets. Most of these are sucker bets, so it's alright if you never make many craps wagers. Here's a quick look at the basic online craps real money bets that give you good odds.

  • Pass Line Bet: The basic bet in craps. You're betting on the shooter to win. The pass line bet wins if the shooter rolls a 7 or 11, but loses on a 2, 3 or 12. Any other number sets the point. If a point is set, you hope to roll the same number again before rolling 7.
  • Don't Pass Bet: The opposite of the pass line bet. You're betting against the shooter. A 2, 3 or 12 wins, while a 7 or 11 loses. If a point is set, then you win with a 7 and lose if the shooter rolls the point again.
  • Come Bet: This is quite similar to the pass line bet, except bettors make it after the point is established.
  • Don't Come Bet: Similar to the Don't Pass Bet, except bettors make it after the point is established.

Those are the main bets you’ll find when you play craps online, but many others exist. Here's a full list of craps bets, along with their house edge and payouts.

Craps Odds And Payout Chart

Bet Type

House Edge


Pass Line Bet1.41%1 to 1
Don't Pass1.36%1 to 1
Come Bet1.41%1 to 1
Don't Come1.36%1 to 1
Buy 4 / Buy 102.44%1 to 2
Buy 5 / Buy 93.23%2 to 3
Buy 6 / Buy 84.00%5 to 6
Field Bet: 3, 4, 9, 10, 115.50%1 to 1
Field Bet: 2, 125.50%2 to 1
Place 4 / Place 106.70%9 to 5
Place 5 / Place 94.00%7 to 5
Place 6 / Place 81.52%7 to 6
Hard 6 / Hard 89.09%9 to 1
Hard 4 / Hard 1011.10%7 to 1
Any 7 Bet16.9%4 to 1
Any Craps Bet11.11%7 to 1
2 Craps or 12 Craps13.90%30 to 1
3 Craps or 11 Craps11.11%15 to 1
Horn Bet: 3 or 1111.11%3.75 to 1
Horn Bet: 2 or 1211.11%7.5 to 1
Big 6 / Big 89.09%1 to 1

What Is The Best Craps Strategy?

Savvy players know that craps is a game of chance, so there’s no real craps strategy to learn like in video poker or online blackjack. Still, you’ll find craps tips and tricks that help you play with the best odds at the craps table.

  • Stick to Pass/Don’t Pass or Come/Don’t Come bets. These have odds in the 1.36% to 1.41% range.
  • Learn how to "take the odds". This is a bet after the point is established that has an effective house edge of 0.00%. For this reason, casinos limit how much you can bet when taking the odds.
  • Use money management. Determine your bankroll, then bet only 1% to 2% of the bankroll on any one wager. Lock in wins with shorter sessions when you get lucky. Have strict loss limits that prevent you from going on tilt or chasing lost cash.


Craps Online Odds and Payouts

Where Can I Find US Online Craps Bonuses?

Casino sites usually include craps in their table game bonus offers. Casino bonuses for craps are not as common as bonuses for online slots, but some of the US online casinos that we recommend have them.

Casino NameBonus TypeExplanation
Lucky Red Casino70% Unlimited All-Game BonusFor any game on Sunday.
Roaring 21 Casino60% Other Games BonusFor all table games, video poker.
Cherry Jackpot60% Table Games BonusApplies to craps. 
Lincoln Casino25% Retroactive RebateFor money lost in the last 48 hours.
GTBets Casino10% Casino RebateFor money lost over the last week. 


History Of Craps

Because dice are one of the oldest gambling interests known to mankind, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how far back the game of craps goes. Nevertheless, historians can trace craps to an earlier game called hazard that was popular in Europe at least as far back as the medieval period. Fun fact, dice used to be made from the bones of dead animals, especially pig knuckles.

In the 14th century, Geoffrey Chaucer (considered the father of English literature by people who like boring books) referred to dice as “bones” in his writing. The phrase “roll the bones” first appeared in print in 1897 specifically in reference to the game of hazard (the precursor to craps). Furthermore, the popularity of hazard surged in England in the 1700s when Falstaff, the buffoon penned by Shakespeare, made a quip about playing dice in Henry IV. 

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Where Did The Name Craps Come From?

In the decades before the American Civil War, a Louisiana playboy named Bernard Xavier Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville introduced a simplified version of hazard to the community of gamblers in New Orleans. The reason craps is called such is because it’s a shortened version of the word crapaud, which is French for “toad.” The game is named after a leathery-skinned, short-legged frog because when de Marigny and his boys were playing the game on a street corner, they looked like toads in the way they were hunched over the dice.

The Origins Of The Modern Game

Once de Marigny presented crapaud in New Orleans, an American dice manufacturer named John H. Winn introduced the Pass/Don’t Pass mechanic in the 1860s. With that alternation (along with a handful of other tweaks), Winn gave us the version of craps we play today.