Odds Shark's Sports Betting Databases

Sports Betting Databases

Football bettors, office poolies and pick’em game contestants have plenty of stats and resources at their fingertips — but how many of those stats or trends are their own? Odds Shark has a huge archive of 30 years of NFL point spread data, baseball box score material, and much more that do-it-yourself handicappers can use for free right now.

Sports Databases Overview

Interest in historical data and odds archives continues to grow as sports handicappers and historians look to the past to try to help them predict the future. When it comes to a searchable archive of NFL odds, few resources in the world can come close to the Odds Shark NFL Database.

Starting in 1980, every NFL point spread, OVER/UNDER and score is stored here in our data bank. From 1990 forward, every box score and stat joined the archive to forge this mammoth database.

Other sports have more or less depth of archive. For example, the NBA database is solid with scores, box scores and odds from 1990 to present. The MLB and NHL databases begin in 1995. And the college sports databases are 1996 to present, so if you are looking for a college football game from 1994, it won’t be here.

The databases were established primarily for betting and contest purposes to give handicappers a huge archive that they could sort through. This allows everyone to search their own angles and find their own trends and not rely on websites that simply display matchup reports and trends without any context.

What line do we use in the database? We have always taken what we call a “consensus closing line,” which is the average of several Vegas and online sportsbooks. It is intended as a fair, representative line of what bettors would have gotten before game time. It does not track Sportsbook lines or line moves, so if you bet the Patriots at -7 on a Tuesday and the line closed at -5.5, the database will show -5.5.

Odds Shark Sports Databases

Odds Shark offers the best sports databases on the web, including the popular Odds Shark NFL Database which allows you to search for head-to-head matchup data between any two teams, in any month, at any location, and with any point spread — for regular season, preseason and postseason games.

Database searches can also be team vs division or team vs conference, so you can see how the Green Bay Packers have fared vs the AFC East in the past. As well, the database also allows you to search for results by teams before or after their bye week.

Then there’s the NBA Database, NHL Database and MLB Database, with the NBA and NHL versions allowing you to search for data on back-to-back games along with the usual head-to-head NHL news, and team vs division/conference NBA betting news.

For baseball, the database contains extensive starting pitcher data, so you can find out how Clayton Kershaw has fared in his last 10 starts at home against the San Francisco Giants, or how Gerrit Cole has performed on the road in his last 10 starts in the month of June.

College sports bettors will find the College Football Database and College Basketball Database both invaluable tools, with the college hoops version adding the extra wrinkle of March Madness results so that you can find out how Duke has fared on the betting lines in its last 10 games in the third round of the NCAA Tournament.

The seed vs seed section of the college hoops database then allows you to research the last 10 times a No. 3 seed has met a No. 6 seed in March Madness, and how well the higher seed in that situation fared for its supporters on the college basketball betting lines.

Finally, the CFL Database and the WNBA Database give bettors the opportunity to dig up their own trends on a couple of less popular leagues — and find the bankroll-boosting angle.

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