Italy Serie A Matchups & Scores

Use Our Italy Serie A Scores to Handicap Italian Soccer

When you look to our Italy Serie A scores page, you can make better predictions. Odds Shark’s Italy Serie A betting results contain all the important information you need to place well-thought-out wagers.

Recent Italy Serie A Results

Here you’ll find, Italian soccer scores for each match played throughout the season, see pre-game odds, game recaps, and score updates. You can also see which club cashed on the moneyline or if your OVER/UNDER bet is going to net you a sweet payout.

How Do I Read Italy Serie A Scores?

Whether you’re a newbie ready to place your first bet on Parma or you're a seasoned pro who already knows how to bet on soccer games and is about to make an interesting wager on Cagliari, our Italy Seria A scores page will make you a betting whiz.

Upcoming Italy Serie A Matchups

A scores page is supposed to tell a story and ours certainly does. You can make predictions before each match, check the updates as the game goes on, and see if you’re in line to win big.

Italy Serie A Fixtures

Italy Serie A is the first division of Italian soccer, which is a top 5 soccer league in Europe. At Odds Shark, you can follow the latest Italy Serie A games with live results that are updated in real-time. Italy Serie A scores update as events unfold on the pitch, ensuring the status of each live game is up-to-date.

Italy Serie A Live Scores

Let’s say Sassuolo is playing Napoli. Look at our Italy Serie A scoreboard to see the predicted score, the OVER/UNDER, the moneyline odds and the soccer spread. You cannot exactly predict who will score the winning goal or what the outcome of a match will be, but you can use our Italy Serie A scores page during the game to see if you’re in line to win your wager.

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