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Computer Picks Results - Last 100 Games
Last 100 To Win ATS Total O/U
$ Units (Opening)$72$70$136
$ Units (Closing)$86$149$112
Record (Opening)4 - 43 - 3 - 25 - 3
Record (Closing)4 - 44 - 2 - 25 - 3

Explaining Our Picks Table

This table shows the records for the last 100 games played in the Champions League. This data is important because it can help you make strategic predictions. The Odds Shark table features the amount of money won (or lost) based on the opening and closing lines, ATS and Total O/U. To see how to interpret this data, read on and we’ll explain how this info can help you make intelligent Champions League bets.

$ Of Units Opening/Closing

The dollar sign ($) demonstrates the profit or loss based on a bettor placing $100 on each of the last 100 Champions matches generated by the computer on the opening and closing lines. “To Win” shows you that the win is based on moneyline bets.

Straight-up bets, also known as the moneyline, are picks that are made on one club winning. Let’s pretend that Tottenham Hotspur is playing Internazionale and you pick Inter Milan to win. If they do win, you win your bet. If Inter loses, then you’d lose too.

ATS stands for against the spread. The spread is the number oddsmakers use to give people alternative betting options besides wins and losses. A spread for a Champions League match would be something like .5 or 1.5. One club would need to lose the match by 1 or 2 goals or the other needs to win by that same amount. If the score doesn’t reflect that, your bet doesn’t cover the spread. When your bet doesn’t cover the spread, you can’t win.

Total O/U is the amount won on OVER or UNDER picks. For the Champions League, factors that can influence the outcome of a match are weather conditions (especially wind since that could shift the ball’s trajectory when kicked), injuries sustained prior to the game, and how capable each club is on offense and defense. These factors can determine how you make your OVER/UNDER picks.

For instance, if Atlético Madrid’s goalkeeper is injured and won’t play in their matchup against Man City, then you’d want to keep that in mind when making your totals wager. You don’t know if their secondary netminder is going to perform as well as their star goalie and could potentially let in more goals, changing the outcome of the game.

Record opening/Closing

Here at Odds Shark, we list wins first, losses second, with pushes and ties third. ATS is the record based on which bets are made against the spread (see above). “To Win” designates the record supported on moneyline bets (see above again). “Total O/U” is the record on OVER or UNDER picks (see above one last time, we promise).

Looking For Expert Picks On The Champions League?

Odds Shark’s computer lives, breathes and eats data. With the Champions League, our computer-generated picks can form the basis on which you make your wagers. We’ll provide information on how you can cover the spread for every fixture and make educated bets. Check out our free picks to ensure that your money goes a long way. You don’t want to lose your bankroll by making an uneducated bet on Club Brugge.

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