MLB Baseball - Pitcher Logs

No information is more critical for baseball handicapping than the quality of the starting pitcher. Recognizing this important fact, we make it easy for you to see the results of starting pitchers at a glance. The starting pitcher can make or break a game and in turn, your bets. 

How to Read Pitcher Odds

Like your neighbourhood grocery store, Odds Shark is your one-stop-shop for all things related to handicapping starting pitching. We list the date, opponent, result and basic starting pitching box-score information just like you would find at Fox Sports or Yahoo. But, we do more than just offer basic info. We list the OVER/UNDER value and result (total was 7.5 and the game was OVER, for example), and we show if the pitcher was favored or an underdog. We also list how much money you would have won or lost by wagering $100 on him for that game. 

Using the information provided by our Pitcher Logs page coupled with our Picks page, can give you the betting edge you need to make smart MLB wagers.


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