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CFL Football - Computer Picks

CAL Calgary
WIN Winnipeg
Oct 26 @ 8:30 PM | MatchupATSTotal
Predicted Score23 - 27.750.7
Computer Pick WIN (-3.5) Under 53.5
Public Consensus
Consensus Bet %
OTT Ottawa
HAM Hamilton
Oct 27 @ 4:00 PM | MatchupATSTotal
Predicted Score21.9 - 30.752.6
Computer Pick HAM (-3.5) Under 54.5
Public Consensus
Consensus Bet %
BC British Columbia
SAS Saskatchewan
Oct 27 @ 7:00 PM | MatchupATSTotal
Predicted Score25.2 - 21.146.3
Computer Pick BC (+4) Under 51.5
Public Consensus
Consensus Bet %
TOR Toronto
MON Montreal
Oct 28 @ 1:00 PM | MatchupATSTotal
Predicted Score22.7 - 26.749.4
Computer Pick MON (-1) Under 49.5
Public Consensus
Consensus Bet %
Computer Picks Results - Last 100 Games
Last 100To WinATSTotal O/U
$ Units (Opening)-$959-$336-$326
$ Units (Closing)-$1266-$571-$460
Record (Opening)57 - 4350 - 49 - 149 - 48 - 3
Record (Closing)54 - 4349 - 50 - 147 - 47 - 6

What’s the Deal with this CFL Computer Picks Table?

The above table shows the result of the last 100 CFL computer picks. This table features important information you can use to shape your Canadian Football League bets, like the public consensus, ATS and Totals. Before you throw up your hands in frustration like a centre watching his quarterback get sacked 13 seconds after the snap, we’ll explain the ins and out of betting on the CFL. 

$ of Units Opening/Closing

This amount is the profit (or loss) based on a bettor placing $100 on each of the last 100 CFL picks made by the computer on both the opening and closing lines. “To Win” represents the win based on moneyline bets. “ATS” signifies the win based on wagers against the spread. “Total O/U” shows the amount bettors would win on OVER or UNDER wagers.

Record Opening/Closing

Wins are listed first, losses second and pushes or ties are third. Since there are no ties in CFL moneyline, if there is a push listed, that would mean the computer predicted a tie and wouldn’t have placed a wager on that game. 

At OddsShark, we want you to have everything you need to make smart CFL wagers which is why you’ll also see the predicted score. The predicted score can give you a hint into which way to bet. For instance, if Hamilton is playing Ottawa and the predicted score is 31.4-18.4 for the Tiger-Cats, you could make a simple moneyline bet. For moneyline bets you would only need to bet on one team to triumph over the other. In this case if you picked Hamilton and they won, you’d win your moneyline bet. On the other hand, if the Redblacks won, you’d lose your bet.

Looking for Expert Picks on the CFL Tonight?

Our super computer generates expert picks that can help you cover the spread for every game. Take a gander at our computer predictions and take advantage of our free picks before you place any money on the CFL wagerline. 

Because we’re usually biased in our opinions, our judgement can become cloudy when it comes to betting on the CFL. The good news is, our super computer couldn’t give a flying Nanaimo bar if you have a thing for that magical Henry Burris smile. Our computer only cares about data. Plus, Burris is retired so making a bet on him would be a complete waste of money. Anyway, our computer knows who’s retired, who’s starting, which teams are on pace to win their matchups and which teams could get eradicated by a single point (aka rouge). Instead of relying on analysts and your friend who thinks he knows everything about the Stamps because he went to one game, use our super computer to shape your CFL bets.

Nowadays, more and more bettors like yourself are relying on the OddsShark computers to come up with impartial stats-focused CFL predictions. When the stats are precise, the handicapping measurements and algorithms are solid, then you don’t have to worry about our computer making improper predictions. Our computer is reliable like Milt Stegall in his 14 years with Winnipeg.