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Hockey ranks a distant fourth among North America’s Big Four sports in terms of viewership and fan interest. But among bettors, hockey odds are in hot demand like UFC Fight News. Finding the earliest lines and fastest line moves is crucial each day. Many believe NHL odds can be more favorable for bettors because there is less action and therefore less need for the oddsmaker to ensure lines are razor-sharp. That means you can often find better line value on the NHL odds page than elsewhere. Learn about moneyline betting on NHL matchups, Stanley Cup futures odds, pucklines, and so much more here at Odds Shark.

The NHL boasts a loyal following that invests heavily in fantasy hockey, and in betting on NHL games too. Faster than basketball and more physical than football, hockey brings the best of pro sports to the North American audience, even if a large majority of that audience knows little about the sport. But in Canada, and in some American markets that are strong for the sport, betting on hockey is as big as NBA news, and continues to grow bigger.

NHL: Odds Shark Hockey Betting Approach

Betting on hockey is one of the most interesting sports that we at Odds Shark take the time to handicap and break down. The NHL is one of the most unpredictable leagues with upsets occurring every night and even in the playoffs.

Repeating as Stanley Cup Champion and creating a “dynasty” is almost impossible in the modern NHL, so hockey is one of the most fun sports to wager on and to choose futures at the beginning of every season. Since 2010, seven different teams have hoisted the Stanley Cup and the best regular season team is rarely the top team at the end of the season.

Every night you can find betting value in an NHL slate by consulting team matchups, who is starting in net for a team, and all of the resources Odds Shark NHL has to offer. Being locked in with your tools and general hockey wagering knowledge is key to successfully wager on the sport.

Where Can I Find More Odds Shark NHL Guides?

Odds Shark can be your go-to resource for hockey and NHL tips, advice, and picks. We offer a wide range of free tools from betting trend breakdowns, power rankings, stat databases, and odds tables. Check out all the NHL resources we have to offer at the betting guides below:

NHL Odds Shark Resources

Odds Shark General Betting Guides

NHL Stats To Know:

Here are a few key hockey statistics to help you understand our NHL strategy guides:

Power Play Percentage – PP%: This is a team’s success rate on the Sportsbook, where they have a one or two-man advantage over the other team due to a penalty

Penalty Kill Percentage – PK%: This is the inverse of PP%, and is a team’s success rate at killing off an opposing teams Sportsbook.

Score: On our stats page, the “score” metric is the goals a team averages per-game.

Shots: We track both offensive and defensive shot statistics. You can find how many shots a team lets up and how many they earn every game.

Odds Shark NHL Terms:

Moneyline: A moneyline bet is the simplest form of hockey wagering, where you simply choose the Sportsbook of an event or match at pre-set odds.

Point Spread: A point spread bet forces players to choose between largely even odds, on what team they think will “cover” a pre-set point amount. The favorite of the match or game will have to win by so many points, and the underdog will be afforded a few points they are allowed to lose by.

OVER/UNDER: Total betting, or Over/Under wagering, is another form of betting where you do not have to choose the Sportsbook of a game. You can instead bet on if the total number of points by both teams will exceed or be less than a pre-set total.

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