Learn how to bet on NHL props. NHL prop betting tips and strategy with team props, player props, and game props.

How to Bet on NHL Props: NHL Prop Betting Tips and Strategy

If you’ve got a hankering for handicapping hockey bets, particularly props, Odds Shark’s How to Bet on NHL Props page provides plenty of NHL prop betting tips pertaining to NHL prop bets. Our prop bets tutorial helps hard-core hockey fans learn which prop wagers are available for the National Hockey League.

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Our NHL props betting guide also delivers details regarding how to bet on NHL player props, as well as how to bet on NHL game props at trustworthy NHL betting sites online. Hold on to your helmets as we dive deeper into the sweet science of NHL prop betting strategy.

How to Bet on NHL Prop Bets

National Hockey League prop bets are practically as popular as Connor McDavid when it comes to wagering on the NHL, especially when it boils down to betting on the Stanley Cup Final. NHL prop bet examples include:

Types of NHL Props

  • • NHL team props
  • • NHL game props
  • • NHL player props

What are NHL Props?

An NHL prop bet is essentially any type of side wager that doesn’t necessarily have a direct correlation to the overall result of an NHL match. NHL prop bets, also known as proposition bets, are more about entertainment purposes than anything, and include individual player performances, exact scores and team point totals, and are different from your typical NHL moneyline, puckline and totals bets.

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Below, we have divided NHL prop betting options into different sections, so that it’s easy for you to locate the range of offered NHL prop bets.

How to Bet on NHL Game Props and Team Props

NHL team props revolve around a team’s performance or precise events that take place in an NHL game. NHL team props are more readily available compared to NHL player props (see below), and usually offer a broader selection of hockey betting markets as well. Available NHL team props to bet on include:

Popular NHL Team Props

  • • OVER/UNDER team goals scored
  • • Shots on goal (OVER/UNDER)
  • • O/U power-play goals
  • • Team to score the first goal
  • • Both teams to score in a period
  • • Team to win or tie (Double Chance)

Regular-Season Point Totals

Point totals for the regular season is another appealing preseason NHL prop bet. Online betting sites will set a number for each NHL team on their regular-season point total. With regular-season point totals, you get to wager on whether the number of points for a particular professional hockey team will be more than (OVER) or fewer than (UNDER) the number set by the online sports betting site.

If the Colorado Avalanche have a regular-season point total set at 94.5, you can bet that they will accumulate 95 or more points or you can bet against the Avs if you think Nathan MacKinnon’s Mile High team will total 94 points or less.

How to Bet on NHL Player Props

NHL player prop bets revolve around a player’s statistical performance in an NHL hockey game such as points, goals, assists or a combination of the three. NHL player props can sometimes be harder to find, unlike NFL props, NBA props and MLB props. Available NHL player props to bet on include:

Popular NHL Player Prop Bets

  • • Score a goal any time
  • • Shots on goal (OVER/UNDER)
  • • Score the first goal
  • • Goals and assists (O/U)
  • • Score multiple goals
  • • O/U total points (goals + assists)
  • • O/U penalty minutes

NHL Awards Props

Many online sportsbooks will post betting odds on NHL seasonal performance awards including the Hart Memorial Trophy (Most Valuable Player), Calder Trophy (Rookie of the Year), Conn Smythe Trophy (NHL playoff MVP), Jack Adams Award (Coach of the Year), Vezina Trophy (best goalie), Norris Trophy (top defenseman), Art Ross Trophy (points leader) and Rocket Richard Trophy (most goals scored).

NHL Prop Betting Tips

Prep your best NHL prop bets with a proper strategic plan. We advise attacking NHL props with patience unless you’re a professional punter. It might make most sense for you personally to place NHL prop bets that are within your comfort zone before becoming familiar enough with the experience of knowing what works well, and which bets you wish you could take back.

Place Your NHL Prop Bets Today

There are never-ending National Hockey League wagering resources at Odds Shark to assist NHL bettors such as yourself find the edge you’ve been looking for. Take advantage of our free NHL picksNHL futures, NHL scoresbetting trends, power rankings and NHL consensus picks so that your comprehension of how to bet on NHL props and how to bet on NHL games as a whole will be top cheese.

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