Learn how to bet on NFL props. NFL prop betting with team props, player props, game props, exotic props, tips, and strategy.

How to Bet on NFL Props: NFL Prop Betting Tips and Strategy

For those of you who would like to learn more about how to bet on NFL props, you’ve come to the right place. Our NFL prop betting guide focuses on all of the different types of prop bets available for the National Football League.

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Not only will we show you how to bet on NFL prop bets at your favorite NFL betting sites, we’ll also explain how to bet on NFL player props, game props and exotic props, all while providing prospective bettors with expert NFL prop betting tips and strategy. Move over, moneylines and point spread bets. It’s NFL prop takeover time.

How to Bet on NFL Prop Bets

NFL prop bets are extremely popular when wagering on the NFL, especially when it comes to the Super Bowl. NFL prop bet examples include:

Types of NFL Props

  • • NFL team props
  • • NFL game props
  • • NFL player props
  • • NFL exotic props

What are NFL Props?

An NFL prop bet is pretty much any form of side bet that doesn’t necessarily have a direct correlation with the final result of an NFL game. NFL prop bets, short for proposition bets, are for entertainment purposes and range from individual player performances, exact scores, team win totals and more. To help you better understand the laundry list of NFL props offered, we’ve broken down NFL prop betting into separate sections below for the different types of NFL prop bets available.

How to Bet on NFL Game Props and Team Props

Per game props and total props can sometimes be categorized under team props, such as rushing yards allowed per game, interceptions and turnovers, as well as passing efficiency.

Regular-Season Win Totals

Regular-season win totals is one of the more popular NFL prop bets in the preseason. Online sports betting sites set a number for each NFL team on their regular-season win total. It’s up to you to wager on whether that win total goes OVER or UNDER the set number.

If Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a regular-season win total set at 10.5, you can bet that the Bucs will win 11 or more games (OVER) or you can wager the other way (UNDER) if you believe Tampa Bay will win 10 or fewer games.

How to Bet on NFL Player Props

When wagering on NFL player props, you’re betting on individual player game performances, like the number of touchdowns Patrick Mahomes will throw.

NFL Passing Props

Most Quarterback Passing Yards

Bet on the NFL quarterback who you think will have the most passing yards after every NFL team has completed its 17-game schedule.

Most Quarterback Passing Touchdowns

This is where you wager on the QB who you believe will have the most passing touchdowns by the end of the NFL regular season.

Quarterback Totals: OVER/UNDER Passing Yards

With this betting market, you can choose a particular quarterback and see a set number assigned as his OVER/UNDER total. Josh Allen’s O/U total could be set at around 4,000 yards. You get to wager on whether the Bills bomber will throw OVER or UNDER that set number.

Quarterback Totals: OVER/UNDER Passing Touchdowns

In this case, let’s say Russell Wilson’s OVER/UNDER total for thrown touchdowns is set at 35.5. It’s on you to determine whether the Seattle Seahawks quarterback will throw OVER (36 or more) or UNDER (35 or less) that set total.

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NFL Rushing Props

Most Running Back Rushing Yards

This type of bet propositions you to wager on which NFL player you believe will pile up the most rushing yards over the course of the regular season.

Most Running Back Rushing Touchdowns

This form of wager propositions you to bet on which player you think will score the most rushing touchdowns over the course of the NFL season.

Running Back Totals: OVER/UNDER Rushing Yards

NFL prop bets on individual athletes are available on a weekly and season-long basis. Derrick Henry might be projected to rush for 1,500 yards over the course of the regular season and could also be projected to rush for anywhere from 70 to 100 yards in a Week 1 matchup against Matt Ryan’s Atlanta Falcons.

Running Back Totals: OVER/UNDER Rushing Touchdowns

Similar NFL props are available to forecast how many rushing touchdowns an NFL player will score on a weekly or season-long basis. The predicted season number is normally set at single digits, as only a handful of players typically top 10 rushing scores. NFL player props for rushing scores on a weekly basis are ordinarily offered with a decimal, like 1.5 or 2.5, in order to avoid a “push” where the bettor hits exactly 2 rushing scores and simply gets their bet back.

Running Back Totals: OVER/UNDER Rushing + Receiving Yards

With the NFL being so pass-heavy, tailbacks are now stacking up yardage as both a rusher and receiver. This type of NFL prop can be listed as scrimmage yards as well, and generally projects a season-long total of approximately 1,000 yards. These NFL prop wagers adjust on a weekly basis based on matchups and other contributing influences.

NFL Receiving Props

Most Receiving Yards

This open prop allows bettors to select the wide receiver (WR) or tight end that they believe has the best chance to lead the league in receiving yards.

Most Receiving Touchdowns

Most receiving touchdowns propositions NFL bettors to wager on the wideout they think is most likely to lead the NFL in receiving scores.

Player Totals: OVER/UNDER Receiving Yards

Rather than wagering on league leaders, football bettors can place individual prop bets on specific players. Projected totals are assigned to several of the top wide receivers in the NFL with betting odds on the OVER or UNDER of each projection. Players are assigned a projection for specific games as soon as the season kicks off. You might see a prop bet along the lines of 96.5 receiving yards for DeAndre Hopkins of the Arizona Cardinals.

Player Totals: OVER/UNDER Receiving Touchdowns

The same OVER/UNDER prop bets are available on a season-long or weekly basis for receiving touchdowns. These NFL props are far lower compared to receiving totals, as few players post double-digit receiving touchdowns in a season. When the season begins, NFL prop bets will become available on whether top receivers catch one (1) or two (2) touchdowns in a game, with the odds generally listed in between those numbers. For instance, Julio Jones’ OVER/UNDER is set at 1.5 receiving touchdowns in order to avoid a “push.”

NFL Season Award Props

Several bookmakers will let you wager on the most valuable player (MVP) and other seasonal performance awards like NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year and NFL Defensive Player of the Year.

How to Bet on NFL Exotic Props: Super Bowl Props

The Super Bowl is notorious for its exotic NFL prop betting options. As always, you can still place the usual NFL prop bets that would ordinarily be available on regular-season games all year long. But you can also bet on several somewhat strange, weird and wacky Super Bowl prop bets like the number of penalties, the length of the national anthem, coin toss results, Gatorade color, and other player props such as Super Bowl MVP.

NFL Prop Betting Tips

A solid NFL prop betting strategy is essential when it comes to successful wagers. We recommend keeping things simple at first. Bet on what you know best. The rest will come with plenty of practice and research.

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