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Futures bets can be placed on any league in any sport.

What Are Futures Odds?

Whether it’s betting on the Kentucky Derby, on who will win next year’s Super Bowl or on whether Tiger Woods will win next year’s Masters, the world of sports betting is full of odds to make events more interesting and exciting for bettors.

These bets are known as futures odds or simply futures.

Much like the stock market where you can speculate on whether a commodity’s value will increase or decrease over time, a futures bet is a wager decided by longer-term results and outcomes. 

On top of the bragging rights that come with correctly picking the Super Bowl winner before the season even starts, the odds on a futures bet are also typically far more attractive when placing the bet months before the tournament or event takes place. Longer odds also mean bigger profits.

What You Can Wager On

Wagering on tonight’s games is just one of the ways to place and win bets. You can make futures bets on any of the major sports leagues such as the NFL, college football, NBA, college basketball, MLB, NHL and CFL. 

Some of the most popular futures bets are on who will win the championship in each of those leagues as well — the Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup Final, March Madness, College Football Playoff and the NBA Finals. And as soon as one season is over, there are usually futures odds posted for the next season’s championship.

You can even lay wagers on which NFL team will win its division, or if their win total will be more or less than 9.5. Think Aaron Judge will win the home run crown? You can bet on that prop during the MLB season.

And then there are entertainment odds and political betting lines — you can bet on the Oscars, or the Emmys or the next presidential election. In short, if you can imagine it, it’s probably out there as something you can bet on.

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