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Best Sports Betting Apps

Where smartphones are the most predominant way to keep up to date on sports, odds and lines, sports betting apps can be found helpful for bettors. Which sports betting apps are the best? We can’t tell you which one you will personally like best, but we can give you a list of fantastic sports betting apps that we think deserve a shout out.

Sports betting apps connect you to your sportsbook without having to log in to a desktop computer or laptop, or even a mobile web browser. The convenience of having an app on your home screen dedicated to your wagers can increase the enjoyment of sports betting and help you place your bets faster and easier.

The books listed below are ahead of the game in the sportsbook world, while some offer an app that is a bet tracker style that you cannot bet on. Then there’s a long list of online sportsbooks that don’t even have an app developed.

Top Sports Betting Apps
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sports betting app basics

The single most important thing to look for before you open an account at a sportsbook is to determine what it is that you want to bet on. Are you looking at creating an account to bet on the NFL? What about NBA or MLB? It is extremely important to look at a sportsbook’s offerings before you sign up. Some international books don’t have as many betting options as some when it comes to American professional sports, and vice versa. Head to one of our pages dedicated to betting by sport to find a list of the best sportsbooks for NFL betting, or whichever pro sport you’re looking for.

The second step is to make sure the sportsbook offers a deposit option that you have access to. There are some Bitcoin-only sites and not everyone owns Bitcoin, so it’s important to ensure if you’re using a credit card, that sportsbook accepts your card type. If you are using an e-wallet, make sure the specific e-wallet option is accepted at the sportsbook you choose.

The final step is to figure out where you’ll be betting from. If you have limited desktop access and find mobile sites frustrating and hard to navigate – you’re on the right page. The above listed sites have excellent mobile apps, and will save you a lot of grief when dealing with slow and underwhelming web browser sites. Sports betting apps that take up a small amount of valuable smartphone storage space while packing an arsenal of features ultimately are the best option for any sports bettor.

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The OddsShark App

Before you head to your sportsbook and place your wagers, having our OddsShark app on hand can help you make smarter bets. While our app isn’t technically a sports betting app that you can place your wager on, we have sports betting information, data, matchups and picks all in one easy-to-use app.

You can enjoy the same content you’d consume on our desktop site, but at the convenience of your iPhone or Android app. The main difference that sets the app apart from the desktop site, is the Bet Tracker. You can place your wagers on your sportsbook app, then head to the OddsShark app and track your bets. Gone are the days of betting a 4-game parlay and forgetting which games you actually bet on. The Bet Tracker will even notify you if you won or lost your bet.

The OddsShark App is the must-have sports betting app for football season – download it on the App Store.