Bet On Super Bowl 57 MVP Odds

Who will be the most valuable player of the 2023 Super Bowl? The odds — and past history — favor Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts and Chiefs pivot Patrick Mahomes. Quarterbacks have claimed the coveted hardware 31 times, but there are some defensive players with a case to be made on who will bring the MVP home this year.

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Ultimate Super Bowl Props Guide: The Most Prop Bets You Can Find 

Feast On Super Bowl Game Props

There is literally a laundry list of Chiefs vs Eagles Super Bowl game props to wager on. It’s an all-you-can-eat buffet of betting opportunities.

With game props, you can place pregame or live bets focusing on the action within the sidelines. You can cash in with every big play, every big score and much more.

Will you chase the odds of a special teams touchdown to open the scoring or choose a safer option like a touchdown or field goal? Want to bet on the highest-scoring quarter or half? We have it all covered here.

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Player Props: A Kelce Showcase?

Player prop bets for Super Bowl 57 offer some of the most fun ways to wager on the big game. You can cash in on individual performances (good or bad) by the league’s biggest stars.

With quarterback props, you’ll put your money on Hurts and Mahomes. Will either pivot (or both) hit the OVER or UNDER on passing yards, completions or touchdowns? There are tons to choose from.

Receiving and rushing props let you bet on yardage totals, touchdowns, receptions and rush attempts. Chiefs TE Travis Kelce is probably the most dynamic skill position player in the game, but he’s battling an injury entering the Super Bowl. Also, don’t forget about defense and special teams props, where you can bet on sacks, tackles, penalties and more!

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The Best Exotic Props For Chiefs vs Eagles

Spice up your Super Bowl betting life with our guide to Super Bowl exotic props. Wager on exotic game props (like post-game speeches), broadcast props (how many times will Roger Goodell or Donna Kelce be mentioned?) and commercial props (beer, food, dogs, celebrities. So many fun options).

National Anthem Props

National anthem betting kicks off the evening’s festivities with some of the most popular exotic props, like taking the OVER or UNDER on the length of the song. Be sure to check out our other favorite national anthem bets for the NFL championship game.

Coin Toss Props

If you’ve ever watched the movie Batman, where the villain Two-Face flips a coin to see whether some poor soul will live or die, then you already understand how coin toss odds work. The only difference here is that when you wager on the Super Bowl coin toss, you live to see another day regardless of whether it’s heads or tails. And 50-50 odds are pretty good, unless of course you’re betting with Javier Bardem from No Country for Old Men.

Halftime Props

Kick back, relax and take a timeout from the actual football game for a second, and shift your focus to the Super Bowl halftime show, where wagering on entertainment is as fun as the food you feast on during the break. The Super Bowl halftime prop bets are sure to be as entertaining as Rihanna and whatever special guests she showcases during the show.

Gatorade Shower Props

From singing the national anthem to singing in the Gatorade shower. Your winnings will be green if you bet on your boy blue. Well, not necessarily, with orange, red and purple among popular choices as well. But betting on the color of the coach’s Gatorade bath is a nice way to end your night, especially if you get the color right.


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Betting On The Super Bowl FAQ

Who is favored to win the Super Bowl?

Jalen Hurts and his Philadelphia Eagles are currently favored to win Super Bowl 57 in Glendale, Arizona on Sunday, February 12, 2023. This means that Patrick Mahomes and the AFC champion Kansas City Chiefs are currently the betting underdogs to win Super Bowl LVII.

What are the prop bets for Super Bowl 2023?

Besides quarterback, running back and wide receiver passing, rushing and receiving Super Bowl player props, there are also defensive and special teams props too such as total punts, points from kickers, sacks, tackles plus assists. There are also touchdown scorers where you bet on which player will score a rushing or receiving touchdown.

Can I bet on the Super Bowl?

Yes, you can most definitely bet on the Super Bowl. In fact, the Super Bowl is one of the most bet-upon sporting events in the world. With just about any and every betting option available, all you need to do is register an account at any top betting site and you’re good to go.

What is the best Super Bowl bet?

It’s hard to pick one bet as the best bet for Super Bowl 57, but betting on the moneyline is the simplest Super Bowl bet to make. All you have to do is bet on which team will win the game. You don’t need to worry about anything else. If the team you bet on wins straight up, you win your bet.

How much can you win betting on the Super Bowl?

How much you can win betting on the Super Bowl depends on what you bet on and how much you bet. The American Gaming Association projects that a total of $7.61 billion will be bet on this year’s Super Bowl. So there’s definitely immense money up for grabs when betting on the Super Bowl.

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