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Saquon Barkley's Giants good value in our NFL win totals for 2022

With the NFL football season kicking off, there is always news to break down, storylines to follow and futures to bet on, and one of our favorite ways to have some fun is to wager on NFL win totals. 

If you think you’ve got a good grasp on how teams shape up for the 2022 campaign, head over to Bovada for the latest 2022 NFL win total odds. 

In addition to the win totals found below, check out Paulo Antunes’ NFL win totals breakdown.

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Remember that the 2022 NFL regular season again plays with the expanded 17-game schedule. Keep this in mind before placing your bets and evaluating each team. If you need a refresher, here’s a handy guide on how to bet NFL win totals.

We also highly recommend shopping these totals around at different sportsbooks. While you may want to bet the UNDER on a team’s line set at 5.5 wins, another book may have the same team at 6.5. This makes a huge difference in the quality of the bet and the odds on those bets. Head over to our best NFL betting sites page to shop around.

2022 NFL Win Totals

2022 NFL Regular-season win totals 
Team 2021 Wins 2022 Win Total OVER UNDER Opening Odds (April 1)
Arizona Cardinals 11 8.5 -110 -120 9.5 (+135 O/-165 U)
Atlanta Falcons 7 4.5 -130 EVEN 4.5 (-115 O/-105 U)
Baltimore Ravens 8 10 -135 +105 9.5 (-125 O/+105 U)
Buffalo Bills 11 11.5 -160 +130 11.5 (-120 O/+100 U)
Carolina Panthers 5 6.5 -120 -110 5.5 (-120 O/+100 U)
Chicago Bears 6 6.5 -155 -190 6.5 (-140 O/+115 U)
Cincinnati Bengals 10 10 -105 -125 9.5 (-120 O/+100 U)
Cleveland Browns 8 8.5 +120 -150 8.5 (-105 O/-150 U)
Dallas Cowboys 12 10 +110 -140 10.5 (-110 O/-110 U)
Denver Broncos 7 10 -115 -145 10.5 (+130 O/-160 U)
Detroit Lions 3 6.5 -155 +125 6.5 (+130 O/-160 U)
Green Bay Packers 13 11 -135 +105 10.5 (-140 O/+115 U)
Houston Texans 4 4.5 -130 EVEN 4.5 (-105 O/-115 U)
Indianapolis Colts 9 10 -125 -105 9.5 (-125 O/+105 U)
Jacksonville Jaguars 3 6.5 -110 -120 6.5 (+105 O/-125 U)
Kansas City Chiefs 12 10.5 -150 +120 10.5 (-140 O/+115 U)
Las Vegas Raiders 10 8.5 -150 +120 8.5 (-110 O/-110 U)
Los Angeles Chargers 9 10.5 -105 -125 10.5 (+120 O/-145 U)
Los Angeles Rams 12 10.5 -120 -110 10.5 (-105 O/-115 U)
Miami Dolphins 9 9 -135 +105 8.5 (-120 O/+100 U)
Minnesota Vikings 8 9.5 -110 -120 8.5 (-130 O/+110 U)
New England Patriots 10 8.5 -125 +105 8.5 (-120 O/+100 U)
New Orleans Saints 9 8.5 -130 EVEN 8.5 (+120 O/-140 U)
New York Giants 4 7 +110 -140 7.5 (+110 O/-130 U)
New York Jets 4 5.5 -145 +115 5.5 (-120 O/+100 U)
Philadelphia Eagles 9 9.5 -160 +130 8.5 (-115 O/-105 U)
Pittsburgh Steelers 9 7.5 -130 EVEN 7.5 (-120 O/+100 U)
San Francisco 49ers 10 10 -110 -120 9.5 (-140 O/+120 U)
Seattle Seahawks 7 5.5 -120 -110 5.5 (-130 O/+110 U)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 13 11.5 +125 -155 11.5 (-110 O/-110 U)
Tennessee Titans 12 9 -105 -125 9.5 (+100 O/-120 U)
Washington Commanders 7 8 +110 -140 7.5 (-125 O/+105 U)

Odds as of September 3 at Bovada

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2022 NFL Win Totals: Best Bets

Kansas City Chiefs UNDER 10.5

Though it’s really hard to bet against Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes, the logic with this bet should be pretty clear: The Chiefs got worse while the rest of their division got better.

Losing a true game-changer like Tyreek Hill is no small matter and while we liked their draft, rookies don’t move the needle a whole lot. KC also lost safety Tyrann Mathieu and we question how much longer older players like Travis Kelce can play at an elite level.

The Raiders, Chargers and Broncos all made huge upgrades and we see a scenario where all four teams beat up on each other and suppress their respective win totals.

The Chiefs also have the toughest schedule in the league this season according to Sharp Football Analysis. We’ll take the UNDER here.

Seattle Seahawks UNDER 5.5

This number will change if the Seahawks add a quality quarterback to their roster at some point, but for now we see a quarterback-less team with a terrible roster overall.

Outside of the skill position players, Seattle has one of the worst rosters in the NFL, including a terrible defense on paper that lost heart-and-soul leader Bobby Wagner to rival L.A. 

Seattle also has the 11th-hardest schedule in the league and projects to be maybe the most run-heavy team in the league west of Baltimore.

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New York Giants OVER 7

One of our favorite NFL win total bets is the Giants. Yes, they still have Daniel Jones at quarterback. Yes, he’s probably still really bad. But this team got huge upgrades on the offensive line and at head coach in the offseason and we think those changes can make a big difference.

Anything new coach Brian Daboll does is bound to be an improvement over the truly woeful tandem of Joe Judge and Jason Garrett, and we expect Daboll to help Jones improve at least a little.

We also loved the Giants’ draft as they landed two impact starters in the trenches in the top 10 in OT Evan Neal and edge Kayvon Thibodeaux. 

The Giants also made a couple other additions to their putrid offensive line and sport a pretty solid group of skill players with Saquon Barkley now healthy.

The Giants also have the easiest schedule in the league according to Sharp Football.

An 8-9 record or better seems well within reach in this division. We love the OVER at plus money here.

New Orleans Saints OVER 8.5

The Saints should have one of the better defenses in the league this season, vastly improved their skill positions, have a great offensive line and a good coach, and play in a division with two of the league’s worst teams.

If you think the Saints are going to win fewer than eight games, you probably don’t like QB Jameis Winston, and honestly that’s fair.

But Winston played well last season before suffering a season-ending injury as the Saints made a point of reining in his reckless nature and deploying him more as a game manager. If Winston can play like that once again, the Saints have the talent on their roster to go at least 9-8. 

We like the OVER here.

Looking for more betting information on the gridiron? Head over to our NFL page.

What Is An NFL Season Win Totals Bet?

Sometimes called an OVER/UNDER bet, you would need to decide if a team’s total wins would be more or less than the oddsmaker’s set number. These betting lines are generally created before game play starts. Oddsmakers look at previous wins, past performances, coaching moves, roster changes, injuries and the schedule before settling on a number.

Understanding NFL OVER/UNDER Odds

When you visit any NFL betting site, you’ll see NFL OVER/UNDER listed like so:

Kansas City Chiefs

OVER 12.5 (-150)

UNDER 12.5 (+120)

If you think the Chiefs are going to win 13 or more games, you would take the OVER. Conversely, if you think they’ll win 12 or fewer games, you would bet the UNDER. The numbers in brackets are the actual odds. For instance, if you lay down $100 on the OVER at -150 and Kansas City wins 13 games, you’d get a payout of $166.67 – your original money is returned along with your winnings of $66.7.

If you think they’ll win fewer than 13 games and you lay down $100 on the UNDER at +120, you’d get a payout of $220 – your original money is returned along with your winnings of $120.

Check out our Odds Calculator to see how much your payout would be based on the odds and amount bet.

NFL Win Totals FAQ

Can I bet on NFL OVER/UNDER regular-season win totals?

Yes, you can certainly bet on NFL OVER/UNDER regular-season win totals. Oddsmakers set these OVER/UNDER regular-season win totals for all 32 NFL teams before the regular-season gets underway. Online sportsbooks take into consideration previous wins, past performances, coaching changes, roster moves, injuries, and the strength of schedules before settling on a number.

How do I bet on NFL OVER/UNDER regular-season win totals?

An NFL OVER/UNDER regular-season win totals bet is where sportsbooks predict a particular number (in this case how many games a team will win), and you wager on whether the actual number will be higher or lower than the oddsmakers’ set number. So long as you have a sports betting account set up, you can bet on NFL OVER/UNDER regular-season win totals.

Which NFL teams are projected to have the most wins this season?

Oddsmakers currently have the Buffalo Bills and Tampa Bay Buccaneers win totals set at 11.5, the highest in the NFL. The team with the lowest projecting O-U win total for the 2022 NFL season is the Houston Texans at 4.5.