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NFL Parlay Picks Week 7: Ride Falcons, Raiders, Saints

Winston's Saints are part of our NFL parlay this week

With the NFL season comes every football gambler’s dream: hitting that big parlay. While parlays may not be the most reliable source for profit, they allow us to turn a little money into a big payday — especially when done properly.

That’s why we at Odds Shark are taking into account the best computer picks and betting breakdowns to compile a value parlay for each week of the NFL football season. Let’s make some money!

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This Week’s NFL Parlay Picks:

Below are our NFL football picks and parlay for this weekend, with the main slate of games occurring on Sunday, October 24, 2021. All of our selected NFL parlay picks can be found at Bovada.

Previous Parlays (Result):

Week 3: Seahawks -2, Cardinals -7.5, Titans -5.5 (L)
Week 4: Rams -4.5, Buccaneers -7, Titans -7 (L)
Week 5: Raiders -5.5, Falcons -3, Vikings -9 (L)
Week 6: Bengals -3.5, Packers -5, Dolphins -3 (L)

NFL Parlay For Week 7: +568 NFL Parlay

Week 7 NFL Parlay Picks
Team And LineOdds
Atlanta Falcons -2.5-110
Las Vegas Raiders -3.0-120
New Orleans Saints -5.0-110

NFL Parlay Pick #1: Falcons -2.5

Atlanta Falcons vs Miami Dolphins: Sunday, October 24, 1 p.m. ET

The Miami Dolphins may be the quietest 1-5 team in the league. Coming off a year where Brian Flores was in top-coach conversation and Miami defied expectations, they've crashed back to earth.

The Dolphins have no run game, inconsistent quarterback play from Tua Tagovailoa, and a defense that just allowed Jacksonville's most points this season. The Falcons have their flaws, too, but they're in better shape than Miami right now.

Pick #2: Raiders -3.0

Philadelphia Eagles vs Las Vegas Raiders: Sunday, October 24, 4 p.m. ET

The Raiders had a recipe for disaster last week. With a fired coach and coming off a demoralizing loss to the Bears, all signs pointed to a Las Vegas loss.

However, the Raiders rose to the occasion, beating the Broncos by 10 and proving they still have the talent to overcome the current chaos surrounding the franchise. Facing an Eagles squad that has lost four of its last five games and is receiving wildly inconsistent QB play, Las Vegas' talent should trump again.

Pick #3: Saints -5.0

New Orleans Saints vs Seattle Seahawks: Monday, October 25, 8:15 p.m. ET

Geno Smith's Seattle Seahawks didn't look all that bad last week. Seattle pushed the game into overtime, had opportunities to win, but ultimately fell by three to the mediocre Steelers.

The New Orleans Saints have issues, too, but they have something the Seahawks without Russell Wilson just don't have: upside. Alvin Kamara is breaking 100 all-purpose yards, Jameis Winston is throwing for four touchdowns despite little efficiency, and Marquez Callaway is establishing himself as one of the best young WR in football. The Saints could lay a dud on Monday, but they have all the talent needed to easily win this primetime game.

What Is An NFL Parlay?

An NFL parlay, or any betting parlay, is a combination of multiple bets. If you have four different NFL parlay picks, you could bet those individually for lesser individual outcomes, or you could parlay them together for better odds. The trick to a parlay is once you combine your bets, you need every bet to hit for the parlay payout.

At your online betting site of choice, you could parlay any number of games. The more games or events you parlay together, the higher total odds will be. Finding a parlay that works for you is a bit of a risk/reward tradeoff. Like with any bet, the higher odds (or more parlay legs) you bet, the higher the payout but the lower chance of hitting.

Check out Odds Shark’s Parlay Calculator to find the parlay odds for any combination of games, bets or events. For a complete explanation of how NFL parlay picks work, read our Parlay Bets And Odds, Explained page.

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