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2023 NFL Free Agency Predictions: Big Names Still On Market

The 2023-24 NFL season and another chase for the Super Bowl are nearly here, but there are still some stars still on the free-agent market.

Below I'll break down the top remaining free agents and where the odds say they'll sign:

2023 NFL Free Agency Odds

There are quite a few NFL free agents still seeking homes with training camps started, but here are my top five:

Dalvin Cook Free Agency Odds

Odds on Where Dalvin Cook Will Play in 2023/24
Miami Dolphins+165
New England Patriots+175
New York Jets+400
Denver Broncos+1200

Odds as of July 17th

I've already broken down some other free agency options for Cook, but I think the oddsmakers have this one right. Dalvin just makes too much sense for the Dolphins.

Despite a running back room of Raheem Mostert, Jeff Wilson, and Chase Edmonds last year, the Miami Dolphins were able to finish eighth in the NFL in rushing yards and averaged 4.3 per carry. Imagine what they could do with an elite runner like Cook?

Best Bet: Dolphins +165

Ezekiel Elliott Free Agency Odds

Odds on Where Zeke Elliott Will Play in 2023/24
Los Angeles Chargers+175
Buffalo Bills+250
Kansas City Chiefs+325
Baltimore Ravens+450
Cleveland Browns+600

Odds as of July 17th

The cereal-eating Dallas Cowboys have been on the decline for the past few seasons, falling below 4.0 yards per attempt for the first time in 2022. Elliott hasn't rushed for over 65 yards per game since 2019, but he could still be a good platoon back for a contending team.

It makes sense that teams like the Ravens and Browns (who traditionally share snaps between two or three rushers) are on these odds. But, I think the Bills make the most sense. Beyond the recently signed Damien Harris, Buffalo doesn't have much reliability in the backfield.

If Elliott is willing to accept a smaller role in a pass-heavy offense, he could fit as the top back in Buffalo.

Best Bet: Bills +250

Marcus Peters Free Agency Odds

Odds on Where Marcus Peters Will Play in 2023/24
Las Vegas Raiders-200
Minnesota Vikings+350
Baltimore Ravens+700
Indianapolis Colts+950
Denver Broncos+950

Odds as of July 17th

The oddsmakers seemed convinced the Ravens and Raiders are going to just swap corners, with Rock Ya-Sin signing in Baltimore.

But, why wouldn't the Ravens just keep all the defensive backs? Baltimore loves running plenty of defensive sets with five or more defensive backs, so they probably need another corner beyond Ya-Sin and Defensive Player of the Year candidate Marlon Humphrey. 

Best Bet: Ravens +700

Carson Wentz Free Agency Odds

Odds on Where Carson Wentz Will Play in 2023/24
Chicago Bears+170
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+350
Green Bay Packers+375
Las Vegas Raiders+400
Arizona Cardinals+400

Odds as of July 17th

Once a Super Bowl champion, Carson Wentz has taken a tumble the last few years. In 2022, as QB of the Commanders, Wentz threw for just 11 touchdowns, nine interceptions, and only 219 yards per game.

He's basically lost his shot for a starting job and will have to settle for a solid backup role in 2023. What job is better than backing up Jimmy G?

The Raiders QB has managed to play a full season just twice in his nine NFL seasons. Last year, he started just 10 games for the 49ers before going down with a foot injury. There were even reports this offseason that Garoppolo's new contract with Vegas was in jeopardy due to issues with the foot injury and surgery. If Wentz wants a shot at starting games, he can head out to Vegas and patiently wait.

Best Bet: Raiders +400

Jadeveon Clowney Free Agency Odds

Odds on Where Jadeveon Clowney Will Play in 2023/24
Seattle Seahawks+200
Green Bay Packers+205
Chicago Bears+400
Pittsburgh Steelers+400
Carolina Panthers+600

Odds as of July 17th

Another year, another offseason of Jadeveon Clowney waiting for months on the NFL's free agent market. Clowney has played for five different teams in the last four years but has gotten a decent chunk of change each contract.

If the edge rusher wants to cash in once again, signing with the Bears makes sense. Chicago has the most cap space available in the NFL and could use another guy to rush the passer.

Best Bet: Bears +400

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