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Best NHL Betting Sites

The NHL is the pinnacle of hockey across the globe with 31 teams based in North America. With each team playing an 82-game regular season and 16 squads qualifying for the Stanley Cup playoffs, the NHL offers a variety of options for sports bettors. To bet on an NHL game, you will need to pick a trusted online sportsbook, have some basic hockey knowledge and understand betting.

We’ve created this guide to help you place your next NHL bet so you can make that Sidney Crosby money.

Best NHL Betting Sites
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How to Sign up at a Sportsbook

Signing up at a sportsbook to bet on hockey is an easy process and like a penalty kill, it only takes a couple of minutes. Select one of the above sportsbooks, create an account and make a deposit with your credit card, PayPal, Bitcoin or any of the other options offered by your book of choice. The sportsbooks we endorse are safe, secure and easy to use.

Be sure to take advantage of bonus offers that most sportsbooks provide for first-timers. Depending on the book, they will match 100 percent of your first deposit up to $200. Our recommended best NHL betting sites are known for their great customer service and how easy it is to cash out because once you win that Crosby money, you’ll want to withdraw it right away.

How to Bet on the NHL

There are several different types of wagers you can place on an NHL game. If you’re already a hockey fan and are familiar with NHL teams and players, you’re off to an excellent start. A little hockey knowledge goes a long way like a slapshot. Having access to NHL odds, free picks, stats and betting news can also help you make smart wagers. Luckily, you can find all that on OddsShark’s NHL pages.

The majority of NHL bettors place the following types of wagers:


Moneyline bets are the most common option for NHL betting. A moneyline bet requires bettors to pick an outright winner in the matchup. If the New York Rangers (+110) are playing the Toronto Maple Leafs (-120), the grammatically incorrect Leafs – it should be “Leaves” – are the matchup favorite and the Rangers are considered the underdog. You would decide who you think will win the game.

If you were to wager $100 on New York to win and they did, you’d win $110. If you were to wager on Toronto, you’d need to risk $120 to win $100. Selecting the underdog will result in a larger payout due to the risk of the pick. However, the underdog is considered the underdog because oddsmakers assume the Rangers don’t stand a chance.


When betting the total, you will need to decide if the total number of goals scored in the game will go OVER or UNDER the number selected by the oddsmakers. Oddsmakers are like the Keebler Elves of the betting world – you can’t get into the Hollow Tree Factory but you know good stuff is going on in there.

An example of a totals bet would be: The total combined number of goals for a game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Philadelphia Flyers is set at 5.5 goals. The game finishes with a score of 3-2 for the Flyers. In this case, it wouldn’t matter who won the game since you’re betting on the total goals. If you bet that the total score would be OVER 5.5 goals, then you would lose your wager. If you bet that the total score would be UNDER 5.5, you would win your wager.

Another result that can happen with OVER/UNDER betting is a PUSH. You know it’s serious if we’re using capital letters! A PUSH can only happen when the total is set as a whole number such as 5 or 6, and the combined score of the game equals that number. When that happens, the sportsbook would refund your wager. Let’s say the total is set at 6 for that same Battle of Pennsylvania – you know that’s how it’s going to be billed by the sports talking heads – and the final score is 4-2. The sportsbook would then provide a refund of your wager.


Pucklines are like the point spread you’d find for football betting but for hockey. The spread is firm for the margin of victory or defeat. The underdog receives an advantage of +1.5 goals and the favorite receives a disadvantage at -1.5 goals. That means the underdog has to either win outright OR – capital letter alert! – not lose by more than one goal. The favorite must win outright AND win by two or more goals. Selecting the favorite to win by two or more goals would result in a larger payout than selecting the underdog to NOT lose by two or more goals.

For instance, let’s say the San Jose Sharks are the puckline favorite vs the Vancouver Canucks. If the Sharks win 4-2, that would be a winning puckline bet. But, if they only win 3-2, the Canucks would be the winning puckline bet.

To find out each team’s puckline record this season, check out our NHL Puckline Report.

More NHL Betting Options

If you’re looking for a bigger payout than those offered by the above bets, you can also try the following:


A parlay in NHL betting is when you select multiple moneyline, puckline or totals bets and combine them into one wager. In order to win a parlay bet, all selected wagers must hit for your ticket to pay out. If even one of your selected bets loses, the whole ticket is considered a loss like the 2004-05 NHL season.

Live Betting

Live betting gives bettors a chance to wager on the outcome of any game at any point during the matchup with varied odds depending on the team selected and the timing of the bet. Get an inside track on NHL in-game betting with our NHL Live In-game Betting Cheat Sheet. Written and updated by OddsShark’s hockey insiders, this page can help you make educated live bets.

Prop Bets

There are a variety of NHL prop bets that can be made prior to the puck drop. Player and team prop bets usually range from which team will score first, which player may score a goal or how many shots a specific player may take in a specific period. High-profile games such as those in the NHL playoffs and Stanley Cup final generally have more prop betting options since there is more at stake – not the wooden things used to kill vampires.


Futures are long-term bets that take place at a later date. Predicting the winner of the Stanley Cup final is a futures bet. Another example would be predicting the Eastern or Western Conference champions or who will win the Hart Trophy. If you bet wisely, your futures bet could result in a generous payout. Check out our Odds to Win the Stanley Cup page. Also written by OddsShark’s hockey insiders, this page can help shape your futures bet.

Basic Strategies and Tips
  • Use one of the reputable sportsbooks we recommend.
  • Keep an eye on who’s starting in net – it’s often announced late in the day and sometimes a backup goalie could derail your bet.
  • NHL futures bets can tie up your money during the regular season but can offer huge payouts in the long run.