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Tokyo 2020 Olympics Betting News  

Tokyo 2020 Olympics Betting at Odds Shark

If you want to wager on the Tokyo Olympics, Odds Shark is the premier destination. At Odds Shark, Tokyo 2020 Olympics betting is much simpler for sports bettors with our live Summer Olympics betting odds, betting lines, handicapping statistics, wagering trends, news, events, and more.

At Odds Shark, the Olympics are the ultimate celebration of sport. Olympics wagering is worldwide, and the largest sporting event on the planet presents a wide range of profitable betting options.

Learn to Bet on the Olympics at Odds Shark

Of course, winning Olympics wagers come only with lots of preparation. We offer plenty of handicapping stats and analysis to help you research your Olympics picks, so you can be the Usain Bolt of Olympics betting.

Most Popular Sporting Events at the Olympics

The available team sports and individual sports for each Olympics depend on whether we’re talking Summer Games or Winter Games, as the event schedules are considerably different.

Summer Olympics Betting

The Summer Olympics Games include traditional sports betting markets such as:

  • • Basketball
  • • Hockey
  • • Soccer
  • • Track and Field
  • • Swimming
  • • Synchronized Swimming
  • • Sailing
  • • Rugby
  • • Judo
  • • Handball
  • • Beach Volleyball
  • • Weightlifting
  • • Tennis
  • • Table Tennis
  • • Archery
  • • Badminton
  • • Modern Pentathlon
  • • Rowing
  • • Shooting
  • • Taekwondo
  • • Triathlon
  • • Water Polo
  • • Wrestling
  • • Gymnastics
  • • Boxing
  • • Cycling
  • • Canoe
  • • Kayak
  • • Diving
  • • Equestrian
  • • Fencing
  • • Field Hockey
  • • Golf

Winter Olympics Betting

The Winter Olympics Games include winter sports betting opportunities like:

  • • Ice Hockey
  • • Curling
  • • Cross-Country Skiing
  • • Alpine Skiing
  • • Freestyle Skiing
  • • Ski Jumping
  • • Snowboarding
  • • Bobsled
  • • Luge
  • • Figure Skating
  • • Speed Skating
  • • Skeleton
  • • Biathlon

Where Can I Find More Olympics Betting Guides?

When betting on the Olympics, Odds Shark has it all. We cover everything pertaining to Olympics betting. Odds Shark’s Olympics sports hub has medal count, point spreads, moneyline wagering, Olympics totals betting, three-way wagers, futures betting, live betting, and Olympic prop bets.

Odds Shark’s Olympic Games landing page also features the best Olympics betting sites online. These are considered the Michael Phelps of online sportsbooks.

For additional information in regards to wagering on the Olympics, Odds Shark has an extensive online sports betting list of resources for Olympics bettors to explore prior to placing any bets at sportsbooks online.

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Summer Games

Winter Games

Betting on Olympics: Odds Shark’s Olympic Bible

As you can see, betting on the Olympics is taken quite seriously at Odds Shark. Our Olympics experts are as elite in their industry as the international athletes are on the world stage. We will provide you with as much Olympic wagering information as utterly possible, so that you can make more winning bets on the United States of America (USA), China or Japan at your favorite sports betting sites online.