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England Premier League - Standings

TeamRecordPointsGoal DifferentialHome RecordHome Goals ForHome Goals AgainstAway RecordAway Goals ForAway Goals AgainstForm
Arsenal FC6-0-118103-0-0843-0-193W-L-W-W-W-W
Manchester City5-2-017173-0-01422-2-094W-D-W-W-D-W
Tottenham Hotspur5-2-017114-0-01341-2-053W-W-D-W-W-D
Brighton & Hove Albion4-1-11362-1-0622-0-153W-L-W-W-D-W
Manchester United4-0-21202-0-1642-0-124W-W-W-W-L-L
Fulham FC3-2-21112-1-0751-1-256W-L-W-L-W-D
Chelsea FC3-1-210-12-1-0641-0-225W-L-W-L-D-W
Liverpool FC2-3-1992-1-01220-2-134D-W-W-L-D-D
Newcastle United1-5-1811-3-0640-2-123D-D-L-D-D-D
Aston Villa FC2-1-47-42-1-1430-0-327W-D-L-L-L-W
Everton FC1-4-27-11-2-1220-2-134W-D-D-D-D-L
Crystal Palace1-3-26-21-1-1440-2-135D-D-L-W-D-L
Nottingham Forest1-1-54-111-0-3580-1-219L-L-L-L-D-W
West Ham United1-1-54-60-1-2151-0-324L-L-D-W-L-L

English Premier League Standings

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