The Denver Nuggets are favored over the Miami Heat in the NBA Championship odds

2023 NBA Playoff Series Prices: Will We See A Game 6?

It’s the best time of the year to be a basketball fan. We slog through the entire regular season to reach the race to the NBA championship.

Playoff series betting is a sharp way to make some cash, especially in a (potentially) lopsided Finals matchup.

2023 NBA Playoffs Series Prices: The Finals

The East and West are set. Let's crown a champion.

Miami Heat vs Denver Nuggets Odds

Heat vs Nuggets Series Price
TeamOdds To Win Series
Miami Heat+1400
Denver Nuggets-5000

Current Series: Nuggets Lead 3-1

At this point, the Heat are undeniable, having upset the Bucks, Knicks and Celtics all while turning their +8000 pre-playoff odds into an NBA title berth. That's legendary. 

The Nuggets, basketball's most fundamentally sound team, have made a mockery of its opponents and can surely do the same to the Heat. But, as we saw in Game 2, Miami can eke things out late and pull off the win, even after Denver led for the entire game. 

Balance was restored in the universe in Game 3 and 4, when the Nuggets spanked the Heat, jacking Denver's odds up to -1000. 

So, what's the play? At this point, you're not taking Denver straight up (obviously). So, to get cheeky, I'll recommend betting on this series to end in exactly six games — that's how the last four NBA Finals have ended. 

Best Bet: Series to end in game 6 (+550)

How To Read NBA Series Prices Odds

At any sportsbook offering NBA series prices odds, you’ll see the prop laid out like this:

  • Boston Celtics -440
  • Miami Heat +320

Similar to a moneyline bet, where favorites are designated with the minus sign (-), in this case, the Boston Celtics are the overwhelming favorite, which means you’ll need to bet more to increase your potential return of profit.

For example, let’s say you think the Celtics are going to win the series over the Heat. If you bet $100 on Boston, you’d only net a return of $122.73 – your $100 is returned along with $22.73 in profit. Large favorites come with less risk but that means you need to invest more to see a larger profit.

However, let’s say you think the Heat are going to win the series. If you bet $100 and it hits, you’d get a return of $420 – the original $100 investment is returned along with a nice profit of $320. However, with underdogs comes a larger risk as the probability of them winning is low, hence the larger reward.

To find out how much you’d win based on what you bet, check out our odds calculator.

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