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Baltimore Orioles best runline in MLB runline odds

With over half of MLB’s 2022 season already played, we have a pretty good sense of which teams are the competitors, which are battling inconsistencies and which ones are, to put it nicely, bad – I’m looking at you, Washington Nationals.

So, as the season progresses, and odds get more obvious, the profits start to dwindle away. Well, until you start making runline bets. The best part? We have all you need to know for this season’s up-to-date data, including which teams will give you the best payout and the ones you need to run away from.

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Betting moneyline favorites in baseball isn’t always worth it and we can’t always put faith in the underdogs. But betting the -1.5 runline for a team to win by two or more runs is a great way to get more bang for your buck. Using the Toronto Blue Jays as an example, if they were -110 on the moneyline in a game vs the Boston Red Sox, but +175 on the runline and went on to win the game 6-2, here’s how the profits would look:

Profits based on a $100 bet: Moneyline $90.91, Runline $175

So before you make that boring, unlucrative moneyline wager, check out our list of the best and worst runline bets in baseball and watch your profits soar. Don’t worry, we did all the hard work for you.

Best Runlines: Baltimore Orioles, Los Angeles Dodgers, Texas Rangers Best Bets

One look at the chart and you’ll see the Orioles are the most reliable team in the league for runline bets with their 64.6 percent record. If you were betting on Baltimore’s runline since the start of the season, you’d already have a $2,134 profit – think about how many more bets you could be placing with that extra cash.

You might be thinking Baltimore isn’t even good this season, holding a 50-49 record. But they clearly know how to keep it interesting and keep the scoreboard tight. It’s the same scenario with Texas (44-54); the Rangers may not be reliable on the moneyline but their $902 profit on the runline is hard to pass up.

The Dodgers, on the other hand, ranking No. 1 in the NL West with an impressive 66-32 record, are a great squad. So, it’s not a surprise their season’s runline is offering a $1,738 profit. They’re often winning over opponents by a few runs, including their 13-0 victory over the Colorado Rockies on July 28.

Worst Runlines: Milwaukee Brewers, Washington Nationals Teams To Avoid

Any team nearing the bottom of our charts has nothing to offer you or your wallet. If you haven’t been betting on the Brewers and Nationals runlines, then you’ve saved yourself a lot of money. If you have been betting on them, then I’m sorry you didn’t read this sooner.

Again, having terrible runline stats doesn’t make you a bad team, just like having good runline stats doesn’t automatically make you a good team. It’s all about doing your homework to discover where the money is hiding.

Milwaukee (55-44), for example, is steady this season, ranking first in the NL Central. But when they lose, they lose by quite a bit. And when they win, they tend to barely claim victory. At 41.4 percent on the runline, you would be down $2,096 over halfway through the season. So, if you want to keep your money, avoid the bottom of the list at all cost.

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TeamProfitRunline RecordWins by 2+ RunsLosses by 2+ Runs
Dodgers2819.2293-60 (60.78%)9134
Orioles2413.2395-58 (62.09%)5949
Mets1333.1284-70 (54.55%)7742
Diamondbacks1331.9689-65 (57.79%)5456
Cardinals1242.7885-69 (55.19%)6549
Astros995.3783-71 (53.9%)7537
Guardians432.5482-71 (53.59%)6051
Rockies323.3182-71 (53.59%)4364
Rangers143.1682-70 (53.95%)5155
Braves-16.2979-75 (51.3%)7141
Mariners-206.7880-72 (52.63%)5348
Red Sox-275.3778-75 (50.98%)4955
Phillies-538.5576-76 (50%)6146
Rays-718.1574-79 (48.37%)5846
Royals-1003.2277-76 (50.33%)4772
Cubs-1007.8978-75 (50.98%)4360
Pirates-1129.1176-78 (49.35%)3872
Angels-1215.0171-82 (46.41%)5161
Giants-1261.0672-81 (47.06%)5451
Twins-1390.6569-84 (45.1%)5454
Nationals-1648.9769-84 (45.1%)3778
Yankees-1680.3668-85 (44.44%)6434
Reds-1681.5972-82 (46.75%)4073
Athletics-1708.0673-80 (47.71%)4274
Tigers-1855.4272-80 (47.37%)4274
Blue Jays-2011.0969-85 (44.81%)5748
Marlins-2182.8571-82 (46.41%)4153
White Sox-2197.3367-86 (43.79%)5261
Padres-2581.9567-86 (43.79%)5653
Brewers-2881.3264-89 (41.83%)5650

Data updated on September 26th, 2022, 07:10 PM.