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Founded in 2008 by the Board of Control for Cricket in India, the Indian Premier League or IPL is the go-to association for cricket bettors from across the world. Eight teams from across India make up the IPL standings, and the league features some of the best batsmen and bowlers to play the sport, along with the most popular squads on the planet like the Mumbai Indians and the Chennai Super Kings.

When it comes to wagering on the IPL, understanding the basics of IPL T20 cricket is half the battle. The other half involves you using the handicapping tools we provide here at Odds Shark IPL. We’ll provide you with gambling news, odds, cricket betting tips, and everything else you’ll need to make smart picks.

Why Bet on IPL Cricket?

Betting on IPL cricket allows fans to become invested in one of the largest, and still fastest-growing, cricket and sports leagues in the world. It also has many IPL-specific bets that can’t be found for any other sport or even cricket format.

Only on IPL betting markets and sportsbooks will you find the league-specific odds for the Sportsbook of the Orange Cap, Purple Cap, or IPL MVP. Beyond those futures odds, the IPL features some of the most exciting in-play betting or prop bets of any major cricket tournament. Because of the shortened T20 format and high offensive nature of the league, IPL live betting can allow fans and punters to get invested in a specific over rather than the entirety of the hours-long match.

If you would rather research betting trends and wager on the scores and outcomes of an IPL match or prop bets like man of the match, the IPL is one of the shortest and most exciting match formats in cricket and allows to quickly find out if their bets will cash or not.

Where Can I Find More about the IPL on Odds Shark?

After reviewing some of this general IPL information and checking out Odds Shark’s IPL guides below, you are ready to begin your IPL 2022 betting.

While general IPL betting strategies are outlined in the guides below, one important tip to remember is the importance of understanding the T20 match format, and how the shorter game length and limited overs may affect your match and prop bets. As well, with the North American style league that IPL has adopted where player movement is both allowed and common, keeping up to date on league, player, and team news is key for a big IPL payout.

Odds Shark IPL FAQ

Who has won the IPL final?

In the IPL’s first 10 years of existence, seven different teams won the tournament final. As of 2020, the Mumbai Indians have won the most titles (five) and the Chennai Super Kings have won the second most (three). Naturally, the Super Kings and Indians are seen as the two most popular teams in the IPL.

Does the IPL stop match fixing?

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) takes multiple measures to stop match fixing during all IPL competitions. The league has experienced match-fixing scandals in the past, including one in 2013, but the IPL now partners with companies like Sportrader to detect fraud and ensure the integrity of all IPL games.

What are the best websites to bet on the IPL?

With IPL T20 cricket being one of the most popular sporting leagues in the world there is ample opportunity to wager on IPL games online. Sportsbook and Sportsbook are some of our favorite sportsbooks for IPL betting, but Odds Shark has a comprehensive list of the best IPL betting sites for online wagering that fans and first-time betters can check out.

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