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Cricket Betting Tips For Expert Match Predictions

To maximize your chance of success betting on cricket, it is important to seek out some cricket betting tips to ensure you’re knowledgeable about the sport itself and the different wagering strategies.

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If you’ve done your research, see an advantage or just have a gut feeling about a certain outcome, betting on cricket can become entertaining and profitable. In the guide below, we outline some free cricket betting tips to help your wagering game.

Ways to Wager on Cricket

While the many specific bets you can place on a cricket match are covered in our cricket betting guide, general strategies that remain constant across leagues and bet formats are still important.

There are a range of cricket betting options. Below are different betting types to keep in mind when wagering on cricket and some general online cricket betting tips for the different gambling formats.

Cricket Parlays

If you come across several online cricket betting tips or predictions that you feel confident about, a parlay will allow you to combine the bets to multiply your potential profit. However, if all of the legs or bets within your parlay don’t successfully occur, the entire parlay is a loss.

If, for example, you feel that a specific batsman will have a big match, you can combine a bet on that player’s run total over with wagers for him to lead the match in runs, for him to have over a century (100 runs), and for his team to win the match. If all four of those bets were to win, you would receive a high-odds payout.

Some online sportsbooks may limit the total number of bets in a parlay or limit the combination of bets from the same match, but that varies by betting market or match. To calculate your potential winnings from a parlay, you can use our Parlay Calculator.

Cricket Futures

Another cricket betting strategy that can be utilized across all sports is long-term or futures betting. Betting futures can be an opportunity to act on a cricket betting tip that may not refer to a specific matchup or major cricket event, but to the success of a player or team across an entire season. Common futures include betting on the Sportsbook of a tournament like the IPL league or the World Cup or betting on major award Sportsbooks.

Some punters treat futures betting like a stock, where you try to predict a player whose odds will go up, though they may not win, as some cricket betting sites offer buyout options if the odds for a bet you have placed dramatically change.

Cricket Betting Tips for Prop Bets

A prop bet is an opportunity to bet on an event within a cricket match that does not affect the overall outcome. While some bettors add props to their card for entertainment purposes only, they can still be a profitable way to act on small bits of research, cricket tips or trends you have noticed. Some examples of common cricket props are a man of the match bet or a most sixes wager.

How Do You Stay Informed on Cricket Betting News?

Staying on top of the latest news for the league and teams you are betting on is essential to successfully wager on any sport, not just cricket. On top of reading up on cricket betting tips, strategies and match predictions, monitoring Cricket News pages or the news pages of specific leagues like the IPL should become part of your schedule before placing big bets.

Tracking Roster and Lineup Changes

While international cricket squads often have roster consistency, injuries and lineup selection often still change. In leagues like the Indian Premier League, there is constant player movement between teams, so keeping track of big-name acquisitions is important to evaluate a team’s chance at success. There are usually three trading windows in the IPL during a calendar year and a player auction where the league’s eight teams can bid to acquire new batsmen and bowlers.

Watching Cricket Line Movement

Other news to monitor before wagering on a cricket match is how the betting lines are moving for a specific game. While a team can open (meaning when the odds first become available) as a heavy favorite, the line can move due to news, injuries or simply because of how other bettors are wagering.

If you see a line moving drastically, you should look into the fluctuation’s cause. Many punters often check multiple online betting sites to see where they can get the “best” cricket betting odds for moving lines to maximize their value.

Cricket Betting Tips for Different Match Formats

While betting on any given cricket match may seem simple enough, it is important to understand the format and to seek out cricket betting tips and lines specific to the league or competition of the match.

Twenty20 Cricket

Despite high run rates and a generally offensive play style, it is important to remember that T20 cricket is a more condensed format and the total scores are often much lower. If the odds for a player to reach a century seem like incredible value compared to some other cricket formats, it is important to remember the shortened game length for leagues such as the IPL and Big Bash League.

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Jamaican cricketer Chris Gayle has registered the most centuries in IPL history and has only done so six times, while it is not uncommon for players to reach a century in a Test match.

There are even some cricket formats shorter than the T20 match, including T10 leagues based out of Abu Dhabi and Qatar.

Test Match Cricket

Test cricket is the days-long version of the sport and thus many of the match totals and prop bets are much higher numbers to chase than in the other formats. It is not uncommon for a nation to win a Test match by over 200 runs. With the lengthy match format, Test matches are also great for in-play and live bets.

Unlike the other international formats, only nations awarded “Test status” by the International Cricket Council compete in Test matches. There are currently 12 teams with ICC Test status, such as Australia, South Africa and India, so if you are looking to wager on a cricket match between the United States and Scotland, the Test match format may not be for you.

Test matches also have different potential results than One Day Internationals and some T20 formats. In the IPL, for example, a tie is broken by a super over, and in ODI a tie can only occur when both teams exhaust their overs or wickets with a tied score.

In Test matches, however, a draw can occur when the team chasing a set total exhausts its innings without catching the score or being bowled. Draws are common in Test cricket and provide the opportunity for the team batting last to play defensively for a draw.

One Day International Cricket

While Test series like the Ashes are often considered the Sportsbook of cricket, those looking to wager on the Cricket World Cup must be familiar with the ODI format.

One Day Internationals have some unique rules that could affect your betting such as fielding restrictions and power plays. At different points of a match, the fielding team will be required to have a certain number of defenders inside the 30-yard circle to prevent setting a completely defensive field.

After reading up on the different online cricket betting tips and doing some research into the match and wager format that is best for you, you are ready to start building parlays, looking for the ideal prop bets and coming up with cricket predictions to raise the stakes on the next big cricket match.

Cricket Betting Tips FAQ

How can I successfully bet on cricket?

The trick to an experienced bettor or casual fan successfully betting on cricket and bringing in some large payouts is to weaponize your knowledge. If you review betting guides, understand the match format, review betting trends, and use that knowledge when it comes time to bet, you have the best chance of success.

What are the best cricket betting tips?

We outline some important cricket betting tips in the guide above, as well as our how to bet on cricket guide. Important knowledge any cricket bettor should know is the different betting formats — live bets, futures, props — and the betting differences between each match format, such as the IPL, Test, or ODI.

What site is best for cricket betting?

If you are not sure where to start betting on cricket, Odds Shark has reviewed some of the most popular and highest-rated cricket betting sites and online sportsbooks. We have put together a list of the top seven cricket betting sites and given in-depth reviews for fans looking to start wagering on the sport.

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