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Handicapping an MMA fight involves so much more than just looking at a fighter’s record. As you would with any other sport, you’ll want to weigh the strengths and weaknesses of each fighter involved in the bout. Here’s where our Stats page comes in handy - we show you each fighter’s rank and record for time, striking, and grappling.

Using UFC Stats To Your Advantage

Let’s look at a traditional matchup between a striker (one who punches and kicks) and a grappler (one who uses their strength to take their opponent to the mat and hold them in various position). You’ll want to know how the striker defends the takedown. You’ll also want to know how the grappler typically performs in the stand-up game.

If the striker is a highly ranked fighter, then it’s safe to assume they’re going to give a pretty decent performance full of accurate strikes. However, if they’re up against a top ranked grappler, then you as a bettor much decide which fighter has a greater advantage. Furthermore, you’ll be able to see how often a fighter attempts a submission, and which fighters avoid getting tapped out.

Keep our Stats page, along with our MMA Fight Analysis and UFC Odds pages handy when you visit your favorite online sportsbook. Use the information here to make smart UFC picks and who knows, you could end up as rich as Conor McGregor or at least as rich as Chael Sonnen.