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From August to May, 20 teams compete to be the La Liga victor and hopefully get a chance for Champions League contention and Europa League play. Each club plays every other club twice – once at home and once away – giving you betting opportunities galore.

This page features news and betting breakdowns to ensure you have everything you need to make smart picks when you’re ready to visit a soccer sportsbook. We’ll also demonstrate how to read odds and present the additional handicapping pages we offer.

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Understanding La Liga Odds

One of the most important aspects of wagering is knowing how odds work. Any betting site that has straight-up lines on the Spanish football league will provide betting odds like so:

Barcelona -125

Mallorca +355

Draw +330

We use American odds (-500), but you can toggle between Decimal (1.20) and Fractional (1/5) style. Where you live will generally determine the type of odds you use. In the UK, bettors lean towards fractions. In Europe and Australia, you’ll see decimals. In Canada and the US, American odds are used.

Moving on to the numbers themselves. The team with the minus sign (-) is the favorite. The team with the plus sign (+) is the underdog. The draw is the third option and will rarely come with minus money. In this scenario, oddsmakers predict that Los Bermellones have a 22% chance of winning the match, whereas Barça has a 55.6% shot. There’s also the 23.3% possibility of a tie.

If you’ve done your research – or let us do it for you with our betting articles – and you feel like FCB is indeed going to dominate, a $100 bet would give you a payout of $180 – your original money comes back, coupled with your winnings of $80. To see what you’d win based on the odds offered and amount bet, check out our Odds Calculator.

What is Consensus Data?

When you bet on La Liga, there may be a time when you’re stuck because clubs are evenly matched or you’re not sure what to do for your totals bet. You want to go with the UNDER because you feel both teams have the defensive know-how to keep the scoring to a minimum. Once you take a gander at our Consensus page, you’ll get a sense of how the rest of the public is betting.

This data is pulled from various top sportsbooks from around the world and compiled into an easy to read percentage. For instance, if the total is set at 2.5 for Celta Vigo vs Levante, you’ll see the public’s choices displayed like this:

O 66%

U 34%

Most people are taking the OVER. All you have to do now is decide if you’re going to back the public or contradict them. When you bet against the online gambling community, it’s called fading the public and can be a lucrative strategy if you pick your spots carefully.

Moreover, this section shows you point spread data and who the public thinks will cover.

What about Free Picks?

Our Consensus page shows you which way the betting public is leaning, while our picks page gives you the predicted score against the spread (ATS), total, and the date and time of the game.

Let’s say Sevilla (+105) is taking on Atlético Madrid (-195) and you’re leaning on the dog because you’ve looked at the injury report and read analysis by our soccer experts. When you look at our free computer picks you see that you’re right. You don’t have to second-guess yourself anymore and can bet on Sev like you intended.

Armed with this page, you should have all the tools necessary to make educated bets on the Primera División of Spanish soccer. You never know, you could find yourself with more betting titles than Real Madrid has winning seasons. It’s time to become the La Liga wagering expert we know you can be.