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Betting on Euro 2020 with Odds Shark

The Euro Cup is one of the sporting world’s most famous events, besides the World Cup. You’ll be hard pressed to find a bettor who doesn’t look forward to laying down some coin on Euro odds with the hopes of winning big.

Soccer, or football as it is known everywhere except North America, is a passionate sport with betting available for most, if not all, fixtures (aka matches). For sharps, this is a no-brainer. However, for those who are looking to bet on the UEFA tournament for the first time, you may be wondering where to begin. This page features soccer odds Today, along with an explanation of different European Championship wagering options.

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Learn to Bet on Euro 2020 at Odds Shark

Understanding how to read betting odds is an important part of gambling. Below we’ll explain what all the numbers mean.

  • France 2.5 o -120
  • Sweden 2.5 u +140

The minus sign (-) signifies the favorite. This is the team that oddsmakers believe is stronger. This squad could be on a winning streak or recently acquired a star player. Another reason a team could be the favorite is because the squad they’re up against has been faltering.

The plus sign (+) signifies the underdog. This is the weaker team. Reasons for this could be a long losing streak, a trade that rid them of their best player or their opponent being too strong.

The lowercase ‘o’ stands for OVER. The lowercase ‘u’ stands for UNDER. This is important when you make a totals bet – more on that later. Some lines may have numbers with brackets around them like this:

  • Germany -1.5 (-110)
  • Italy +1.5 (+220)

The numbers in brackets are the juice. Unfortunately, nothing in life is free. This is the cut the sportsbook takes when you place your bet.

Another thing to note on our betting odds page is VS or Matchup. Click on either term and you’ll be taken to the betting information page for the game. This will give you a Head to Head summary of both teams, data on the last five games, and other details you’ll need to handicap your bet. For even more material, click on Line History for a comprehensive breakdown of the betting line for the game.

Euro 2020 Wagering Explained

Now that you know how to read Euro odds, we’ll explore the betting options. Each bet type gives bettors a chance to test their wagering skills. And you don’t have to be a gambling wizard to make educated picks, you just need Odds Shark’s Euro 2020 landing page.


A wager using outright Sportsbook odds is called a moneyline bet. These are common bets for soccer matches because you simply have to decide which team is going to triumph.

Odds would look something like this:

  • Spain -145
  • Israel +125

In this potential Euro Cup scenario, Spain is the favorite and Israel is the underdog. These outright odds show that oddsmakers believe the Spanish team is stronger. A $100 winning bet on Spain would give you a payout of $168.97 – your original $100 is returned along with your loot of $68.97.

However, if you feel like Israel is going to squeeze out a victory, that same $100 would give you a payout of $225 – you get your $100 back + your prize of $125. Underdog bets come with more risk but higher payouts. Don’t bet on the lesser team blindly thinking that you’ll make major coinage each time. The underdog has to conquer in order for you to hit your bet.

Our Odds Calculator can help you determine how much you’d win based on the odds and how much money you wager.

Point Spread

With point spread betting, oddsmakers will adjust the line to give the lesser team an advantage. This is done to create a more even betting field. Normally, the underdog team will get the benefit of half a goal (+0.5) before the match starts. The favorite, by comparison will be given a disadvantage of half a goal (-0.5). Some sportsbooks call this type of bet a goal line wager.

A spread for a UEFA Euro game will look something like this:

  • Denmark -1.5 (+115)
  • England +1.5 (-130)

For the Danish team to cover it would require them to dominate by two goals or more. The other side, for England to cover, it would require them to beat the other team or not lose by two or more goals. The number in brackets is the juice just like in the moneyline example. If you were to bet $100 on England at -130, you’d get a payout of $176.92 – your $100 is returned along with your winnings of $76.92.


Also known as OVER/UNDER bets, totals give you the chance to choose between the score going OVER or UNDER the number set by the Sportsbook. The average total in soccer betting is 2.0 goals, but that can shift depending on the matchup.

If the total is set at 2.5 goals for a game between Belgium and Russia, you would guess if the combined score from both teams will be two or less, or three or more. If you believe it will be three or more, you would bet the OVER. If you think it will be zero, one, or two, you would take the UNDER.

In-Play Betting and Live Odds

Soccer is one of those sports with a thriving live betting market. You’ll find in-game odds during the UEFA contest that allow you to bet on everything from penalty kicks to which team will score next. Because it’s such a low-scoring affair, one goal can make all the difference for your live bets.


prop bet is a wager made on just about anything to do with a soccer game. This kind of bet provides a chance for bettors to remain engaged for the full game. Matches last 90 minutes and having more than one bet in the game can give you ample entertainment.

Props can range from:

  • • How many yellow or red cards will a team get?
  • • Which side will score first?
  • • How many goals will Team A score in the first half?
  • • How many goals will Team B score in the first half?
  • • Will Player C score more than one goal during the matchup?


Futures in soccer betting work the exact same way they would for any other sport. Bets like this can be placed on which team you think will dominate their Group stage, or you can make a futures bet right now on who will win the entire UEFA final tournament. Soccer betting odds would look something like this:

  • Portugal -250
  • Russia +275
  • Wales + 300
  • Iceland +350
  • Netherlands +600
  • Croatia +675
  • Switzerland +750
  • Romania +800
  • Scotland +925
  • Northern Ireland +1050
  • Ukraine +1200
  • Cyprus +1300

In this fictitious football scenario, Portugal is the clear frontrunner – note the minus sign (-). The other squads are not favored; however, it doesn’t mean they have zero chance of taking it all in the final tournament.

If you were to make a futures bet on Scotland and you wagered $100, a win would give you nice payout of $1025 – you’d get your $100 back + your winnings of $925. It can be hard to predict who will be victorious before the qualifying Group stages start but if you can correctly guess a Sportsbook, you will find yourself making bank.

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