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Euro Cup Team Scoring Odds: Which Sides Will Tally, Concede Most Goals?

The European Championship kicks off at the end of this week with 51 games. Which of the 24 teams will concede the most goals? And which of those teams will score the most? And the least? [Sportsbook not available for your region] has betting markets for each of these questions. We help you break down the Euro Cup team goal-scoring odds markets to ease your betting research.

At [Sportsbook not available for your region], Finland (+700) and Hungary (+700) are joint favorites to concede the most goals, followed closely on the oddsboard by North Macedonia (+800), Scotland (+900) and Wales (+1200).

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Which Team Will Concede the Most Goals?

Odds to Concede the Most Euro 2020 Goals
North Macedonia+800
Czech Republic+1400

Odds as of June 7 at [Sportsbook not available for your region]

Analyzing the Market

This Euro Cup team scoring odds market is essentially asking for your prediction on the team that you think will have the worst defensive performance in the tournament. It isn’t as simple as just backing the favorites, which are Finland (+700) and Hungary (+700), because there are several factors at play here. For example, a team that runs deeper into the tournament will play more matches and as a result could have a higher probability of allowing more goals.

However, those teams are also better than the ones that are eliminated from the group stage. Making your decision on this requires a balancing act of all the considerations. We’ll attempt to break the market down for you.

Favorites to Concede Most Goals

Simply put, one bad match can easily decide this market. In the 2000 edition of this tournament, Netherlands beat Yugoslavia 6-1 in the quarterfinals. Such a result will surely decide this market; Yugoslavia conceded several goals in the lead-up to that knockout game and then conceded six in the match.

According to [Sportsbook not available for your region], four teams round up the favorites for this market with odds of below +1000. Firstly, Finland (+700) qualified by finishing second in Group J. In that group, Finland scored 16 and conceded 10 at an average of one goal allowed per game. It’s important to note that teams that made the Euro finals had solid qualifying campaigns, so take that into consideration as well.

Hungary (+700) is a compelling choice. It conceded 11 goals in eight games in qualifying in the group stage. Also, Germany, France and Portugal are in the same group as Hungary in the final tournament, which will certainly have an impact on its goals conceded count.

In qualifying, North Macedonia (+800) conceded 13 goals in 10 games at an average of 1.3 a match. That will surely increase in the group stage. Netherlands is in the same group as North Macedonia. Scotland (+900) conceded close to two goals per game in qualifying – 19 goals in 10 matches in the group stage. However, there aren’t too many scoring powerhouses in its group, with England being the major threat.

Value Picks for Most Goals Conceded

Somehow, you will have to figure out an underdog team that will make it past the group stage. In that case, there is at least one additional match for that team to concede additional goals, like Yugoslavia in 2000.

From a pure value standpoint, I’d say it’s worth a punt to take a look at Germany (+5000). It is matched up in the “group of death” along with Portugal and France. It is expected to come through that group and make a deep run into the tournament. Also, Germany has a high-press style of soccer that almost always leaves its defense vulnerable on the counter-attack.

I wouldn’t discount Poland (+2500) either. It is matched alongside Slovakia, Spain and Sweden in its group in the main stage. It should come through that group in second place and could also make an against-the-trend run into the quarters. That will give Poland at least two additional matches to concede goals.

Betting Pick for This Market: Hungary (+700)

That Group F is the primary reason for backing Hungary to concede the most goals. There is hardly any doubt that Hungary will exit the tournament after playing just three matches. Those three games, however, are against three tournament contenders in Germany, Portugal and France. Hungary could easily concede seven or more goals in those three games. Even though there could be a team that will make a deeper run, Hungary is a safe bet at this stage. Also, odds of +700 aren’t terrible.

Which Team Will Score the Most Goals?

Odds to score the Most Euro 2020 Goals
Czech Republic+15000
North Macedonia+50000

Odds as of June 7 at [Sportsbook not available for your region]

Analyzing the Market

This is a much simpler market to analyze. There are just two factors to consider. One, which team do you think will make the final? Two, does that team have a quicker pace of play through the phases of a soccer pitch? If the answer to question 2 is yes, then you should have a fairly strong candidate for this market.

Favorites for Highest-Scoring Team

The powerhouses of world soccer make the favorites for this market, starting with Spain (+500), Belgium (+500), England (+500) and France (+600). All four of these teams have been in exceptional form in the last few major international tournaments. Of those four teams, Belgium has one of the deepest offensive attacks in this tournament, including Kevin De Bruyne, Romelu Lukaku and Eden Hazard.

England (+500) will have Harry Kane, Mason Mount, Phil Foden, Jadon Sancho, Marcus Rashford and several others in its preferred offensive core. Rashford scored from the penalty spot in its 1-0 win against Romania in an international friendly on Sunday.

France (+600) is a highly intriguing selection with Kylian Mbappe and Antoine Griezmann forming one of the best striking combinations in this competition. France is also set for a long stint at this tournament with the depth of its holding midfielders and defensive prowess. Spain (+500) will always be a strong team in such a tournament but I don’t think it has the offensive prowess that some of these other favorites have.

Value Picks for Most Goals Scored

Netherlands (+650) likes to move the ball quickly across phases. It has a high propensity to score goals, as is evident from its recent runs. It scored 24 goals in the qualifying campaign across just eight games at an average of three per match.

Italy (+700) breezed past its qualifying run. It scored 37 goals in just 10 matches in Group J without losing a game. I can’t see Italy advancing too deep into this competition but it would be a mistake to discount the Italians completely as well.

Again, the most valuable pick in this category is Germany (+900). It will have a tough road into the knockouts but those concerns should ease if it wins a couple of games in the group of death. Just the method of attack – move the ball quickly, find through passes, play a higher line offensively and transition rapidly from defense to offense with quick passing through Manuel Neuer – makes Germany a viable candidate, especially at a lucrative price of +900.

Betting Picks for Most Goals Scored:

Germany (+900) as a value option and Belgium (+500) as a safer option

Belgium will be tough to stop in the transition and the counter-attack. There is no reason why Belgium can’t make the final in this tournament. There is also no reason why it can’t use its incredible offensive depth to score against some of the best teams in this competition. At a price of +900, Germany is definitely not a bad selection either.

Which Team Will Score the Fewest Goals?

Lowest-Scoring Team Odds
North Macedonia+550
Czech Republic+1400

Odds as of June 7 at [Sportsbook not available for your region]

Analyzing the Market

This is probably the easiest of the three markets on this page to analyze and then make a decision on. Again, there are two questions for you to answer. One, which team will definitely not make it past the group stage? Two, which of those teams has the toughest group? The answer to both is relatively easy for this market as opposed to the others. Essentially, [Sportsbook not available for your region] is asking you which team will score the fewest goals in Euro 2020.

Favorites for Lowest-Scoring Team

There is one clear favorite here: Hungary (+500). Added in the group of death, Hungary is expected to bow out potentially after its second match.

North Macedonia (+550) is also an interesting choice. It beat Germany 2-1 in qualifying in one of the country’s greatest moments on a soccer pitch. However, it is pitted against Netherlands, Ukraine and Austria in its group. Both Ukraine and Austria have a slower pace of ball movement, which will make scoring against either a hard task.

Finland (+700) will also struggle to score goals, considering its opponents are Belgium, Russia and Denmark. Its odds are slightly higher because there is an interesting match against Denmark, where Finland could score. Teemu Pukki did show his goal-scoring ability in the Premier League in the previous season.

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Value Picks for Lowest-Scoring Team

You don’t want to look too low on the oddsboard for this market because this is a simple mathematical decision without the consideration of many factors, as opposed to some other markets. I would say Wales (+1200) and below should not be in your betting slip for this market. That doesn’t mean you can’t still derive value from the remaining prices.

For example, Scotland (+1000) is not a bad choice at these odds. It is grouped alongside powerhouses in England and Croatia. I can’t see Scotland scoring more than one goal in a combined 180 minutes across those two matches. The crucial game will come against Czech Republic, which has decent odds at +1400 to be the lowest-scoring team at Euro 2020.

I also see value in Slovakia (+900) to be the lowest-scoring team at this tournament. It is in a tough group alongside Spain, Sweden and Poland. Slovakia is highly unlikely to progress past this group. It is also fairly unlikely to score against Spain. That leaves just two matches to ensure it is not the lowest-scoring team. Odds of +900 for just those two matches are excellent.

Wales and below is simply unlikely so I’d stay away from the rest of the candidates for this market.

Betting Tip for Lowest-Scoring Team: Hungary (+500)

This is one of the easiest decisions to make across all outright markets for Euro 2020. That doesn’t mean it’s likely or it is a guaranteed outcome, especially at odds of +500. However, on paper, there is such a high probability that there is unlikely to be any regret even if you get the decision wrong. That’s a comforting way to look at making outright betting decisions in soccer.

The analysis is fairly simple as well. That Group F will attract the eyeballs of the world in the group stage. Not for Hungary but for the other three teams: France, Germany and Portugal. This means that Hungary is all but guaranteed to exit after three matches in the group of death. Scoring against any of those teams seems highly implausible.

It’s similar to taking a set off Rafael Nadal on clay. Divide a Nadal match into three sets: the first set races past, so does the second and soon the match is a formality. It’s not dissimilar here, wherein you divide Hungary’s campaign into three games. If the first and second are tough for Hungary, then suddenly it ends the entire tournament without a goal.

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