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The LCK is the highest echelon of Korean League of Legends competition, featuring the best of the best in the region and even some of the world’s greatest teams.

Every season produces some amazing matches and each week provides a ton of wagering opportunities as you can find a variety of options. Just like every other league, you can bet on just about everything, from the simple moneyline, to more complex bets like spreads and totals.

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You can find the main LCK betting options and exactly what they mean below.


The moneyline is a simple bet on the Sportsbook of the match. You pick one of the two teams and if they win, you win.

You’ll usually see this bet in the form of two numbers, starting with either a plus or a minus symbol. A plus indicates the underdog, while a minus shows the favorite. It’ll look something like this:

Damwon Gaming -120


DRX +150

In this example, Damwon are the favorites and the -120 is showing that you’d need to bet $120 to win $100. Meanwhile, DRX are the underdogs, and the +150 shows that you’d win $150 with a $100 bet.


Up next are spreads, which are LCK bets based solely on points in a game. In the LCK, this would mainly apply to the number of kills and the number of maps.

As each regular season LCK match is played in a best of three, you’d see both kill and map options in every game. They would look something like this:

Damwon Gaming -1.5 (-100)


DRX +1.5 (-150)

As you can see, the odds are quite different here and DRX are actually the favorite. This is because of the spread for each team. Damwon receive a -1.5 map handicap, meaning they’d need to win 2-0 for a bet on them to win, however, DRX receive a +1.5 map handicap, meaning they just need to win one map for their bet option to win.


Totals are bets where you wager on the total amount of things to happen, picking either OVER or UNDER. In the LCK this mostly applies to kills, dragons, barons, and towers. The Sportsbook picks an amount of those to happen, and you can either back OVER or UNDER.

For example, a kills total may look like this:

Total kills:

OVER 17.5

UNDER 17.5

For this bet, you’d pick either OVER or UNDER. If you picked OVER, you’d win if 18 or more kills happened during a map, meanwhile, if you picked UNDER, you’d win if 17 or fewer kills happened.


The final type of bet we look at is futures. These are bets where you pick a Sportsbook for the entire event, in the LCK’s case, this would be the Sportsbook of the playoffs for each season.

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Normally, you can only place this type of bet before a season starts, and your cash will be tied up until the playoffs are wrapped up. The main benefit of this type of bet is how much you can win. The odds are usually high compared to other bets as quite a few teams have a solid shot of winning an LCK season. A futures bet usually looks something like this:

Damwon Gaming +200

DRX +300

Gen.G +500

T1 +700

KT Rolster +1100

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