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Betting on Rugby with Odds Shark

Rugby is more than New Zealand’s national sport, it’s a great way to pad your wallet if you make educated bets. Betting on rugby fixtures (that’s what they call matches) is easy if you take a look through our rugby articles.

We cover everything from rugby match odds to futures. Make smart player prop bets, bet against (or with) the consensus, and pay attention to our pages for live in-game updates.

Rugby Wagering Options

Betting on rugby fixtures requires two things - Odds Shark and a sportsbook. First, hit up our rugby resources to research potential wagers. Then, lock on to our links for the online sports betting sites we trust.

Popular sportsbooks make it easier for you to make your rugby picks. Most sportsbooks feature betting possibilities on both the Rugby League and Rugby Union codes.

Learn to Bet on Rugby at Odds Shark

Whether you are betting on the World Cup or on the Toronto Wolfpack, understanding the basics of gambling on rugby will help you place wagers that make sense.

Rugby League vs Rugby Union

The difference between Rugby League and Rugby Union is all about who’s on the pitch. In Union, there are 15 players, where League has 13. When it comes to tackles, League only allows six before you have a turnover.

In Union, you can keep going until a possession is lost or the other team steals the ball. Rugby Union is an international game and features teams from countries around the world. Conversely, Rugby League is based in Australia with one New Zealand team in the mix.


An odds bet in rugby is any wager you make using the odds available. The odds are the probability of an event happening during any of the many rugby fixtures being played on any given day. These are usually expressed as a fraction, or a plus (+) and minus (-) sign.  


A rugby futures bet is a wager that will only be decided at the end of the season. If you bet that the Featherstone Rovers will win the Championship Shield, you’ll need to wait until the end of the season to see if they do.


A rugby moneyline bet consists of picking one of the two teams to win. If you watch a rugby fixture between Huddersfield Giants and Hull FC and you bet that the Giants will win, and they do, then you just won your moneyline bet.

Player Prop Bets

A prop bet in rugby is a wager that isn’t directly decided by the fixture’s final outcome. For instance, if you bet that an individual player like Danny McGuire will score points from a try or conversion, this is a prop bet.

Where Can I Find More Rugby Wagering Guides?

Wagering on rugby can sometimes be as rugged as the sport itself. Bettors who are brave enough to enter the rugby gambling scrum can find a foot up with a few extra Odds Shark rugby tutorials.

Odds Shark Rugby Guides

Odds Shark’s Rugby Bible

If betting on rugby six nations is what you want, don’t let Jack White’s seven nation army try and hold you back. Be Haka smart and get onside with Odds Shark. Let’s spear tackle those rugby bets together as a team. Get an advantage with our breakdown on everything rugby-related, so you can maul moneylines moving forward.