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Betting on Boxing with Odds Shark

Betting on boxing online is easy even if you don’t follow the sport closely. Knowing the boxers can help you make smart bets, along with understanding the lines. And with YouTube personalities now entering the ring like a bunch of rodeo clowns, betting on boxing bouts has been far from boring.

Learn to Bet on Boxing at Odds Shark

Reading moneyline odds starts with knowing what the plus and minus signs stand for. The minus sign (-) means the boxer is the favorite. The plus sign (+) means the boxer is the underdog. For example, odds for a fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Logan Paul would appear like this at an online sports betting site:

  • Floyd Mayweather -1000
  • Logan Paul +600

In this type of bet, “Money Mayweather” is the favorite and “The Maverick” is the underdog. If you were to put money on Mayweather, a $100 bet would net you a payout of $110 – a win of $10 plus your original $100 would be returned to you.

If you were to put the same amount on Paul and he won, you’d get $700 – your original bet of $100 would be returned along with your winnings of $600.

You do not have to bet $100. You can wager whatever you want. To see what you’d win by betting any amount, check out our Odds Calculator.

Boxing Online Gambling Options

It obviously goes without saying that you can wager on which fighter you think will win the bout. But there are also other types of wagers out there awaiting you. You can wager on which round the upcoming fight will end or whether the method of victory bet will be by TKO. You can place boxing prop bets on the number of punches thrown and landed, or how many times a boxer will be knocked down.

Boxing Bet Types

Odds Shark’s top boxing sportsbooks online are anything but amateur when it comes to betting options.

  • • Boxing Moneyline Bets
  • • Boxing Prop Betting
  • • Boxing Totals (OVER/UNDER)
  • • Boxing Spreads
  • • Boxing Parlays

Where Can I Find More Boxing Gambling Guides?

Odds Shark is in your corner to help you make educated wagers on upcoming boxing matches. If you want to knock out your boxing bets with a vicious, Mike Tyson-like uppercut, we recommend you bob and weave your way over to our boxing body of work.

Odds Shark Boxing Guides

Odds Shark’s Boxing Bible

Odds Shark’s orthodox approach to online boxing bets will help you go the distance. Just like our MMA Fight Analysis, there is no split-decision when it comes to wagering on boxing with Odds Shark. We are number one in our weight class. We knockout boxing wagers to the canvas with multiple rounds of ringside research.

Clinch more winning wagers when gambling on boxing with Odds Shark. Our pound-for-pound handicapping will increase your purse like the true heavyweight boxing wagering champion that you are.