Android Betting Sites

Android sports betting essentially means using your Android phone to wager on sports. There’s two basic ways to do that – by loading a mobile-capable sportsbook website on your browser or by downloading and playing purpose-built betting apps. Unlike their main smartphone and tablet competitor Apple, Android doesn’t build software that’s bundled with hardware.

Best Android Betting Sites

  1. Bovada

    When it comes to sportsbooks geared to American bettors, Bovada offers everything you need to bet on the NFL, NBA, MLB and college sports. There’s also lines on hockey, UFC, e-sports and politics. From live betting to exclusive bonuses on certain deposit options, Bovada is the ultimate sports betting site for those looking for quick withdrawals, special promotions and different language options (English and Spanish).

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  2. BetOnline

    Known for their killer Welcome Bonus and refer-a-friend program, is focused on the bettor. Choose from player props to $125 worth of risk-free bets when you use this sportsbook for your wagering needs. They also boast early lines and quick payouts, making them one of the most respected in the industry.

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  3. BetDSI

    Since 1998, BetDSI has proven itself as a go-to for sports bettors looking for great lines on games and big events. This online sportsbook offers odds on football, baseball, basketball and every major sport. There's also action on entertainment, political and world events to keep betting fans busy.

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  4. GT Bets

    GTBets is the sportsbook of choice for football fans due to their NFL and college football betting lines and odds. Their easy-to-use interface makes betting a breeze. Plus, their ample sign-up bonus will match your first deposit 50% up to $500. Whether you're wagering on the NBA, baseball or horse racing, this is the online betting site you need.

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In other words, Apple builds your phone and your phone’s OS, but Android is just an operating system. Android is more of an open-source design, allowing for lots of hacks and tricks that iPhone users don’t have access to. Android OS is generally more receptive to the betting industry, whereas Apple restricts what countries are capable of displaying sportsbook sites and apps.

How to Bet on an Android Device

Here are three simple steps to placing a wager on an Android device:

Get a decent smartphone and install the latest version on Android OS

You want to get the phone with the largest and best display you can afford. Even though you’re only betting on sports and graphics aren’t necessarily a big deal, it’s much easier on your eyes if you have a screen quality of an Oppo Find 7 or an LG G3. You don’t have to buy a $700 phone to bet on sports, but you should shop for a display that you can stomach looking at every day during your betting season.

Make sure you have a steady Internet connection

If you plan to do most of your betting at home, make sure your Wi-Fi situation is on point. The same goes for work, your friend’s house, the local bar, and wherever else you may feel compelled to wager. You don’t have to have blazing-fast internet to bet on sports via Android, but you do need a consistent connection.

Open an account at a mobile-capable sportsbook

Any sportsbook website worth your attention is already operating a mobile-capable site, an app, or both. In fact, if you find yourself at a book that doesn’t offer mobile sports betting, I’d stay far away from that site. Mobile is the next big thing and everybody that’s anybody is offering it.

Advantages of Android Betting


This one’s easy to explain – anywhere you take your Android device (and have a connection to the web) is now a sportsbook. Most sites allow you to perform all account functions from your mobile device these days. You may never need to open your sportsbook site on a laptop again. Pro tip – if you’ve never been out somewhere and heard something that triggered a bet idea, you haven’t been betting long enough. 


Unlike Apple products, Android devices are immune to the kinds of restrictions that make betting on sports harder. If you live in America, for instance, you aren’t allowed to download any real-money betting apps on your iPhone or iPad. Android doesn’t limit you that way. If you prefer apps to mobile-capable websites, Android is the right choice.

Disadvantages of Android Betting

Limited Features

Switching from a standard sportsbook website to a mobile-capable site or even a polished betting app is going to be a bit of a shock. Most services limit the functions and features of their mobile applications and websites in order to fit smaller mobile displays and to run on their limited hardware capabilities. This isn’t as big a deal now as it was when mobile betting sites and apps first launched, and the technology is getting better. In a couple of years, we may not be talking about the limited features on mobile gadgets anymore.

Smaller Display

I haven’t yet seen an Android phone with a display that rivals a laptop in terms of sheer size. In the world of betting sites and apps, size is important – it’s simply easier to see the list of markets and bets and other options on a larger display. As Android phones and tablets get bigger, this is becoming less of a problem, too. The better Android-capable phones have unbelievably clear displays and screens are pushing into the six-inch range. This is another disadvantage that may not be an issue in the near future.

Android Betting Conclusion

Android sports betting is part of a larger trend toward all things mobile. Web 3.0 is an increasingly social environment, but it’s also making a shift toward all things mobile. Smartphones and tablets aren’t just the hottest status symbols – they’re useful technology at the cutting edge of the web and mobile industries. 

Betting on sports on your Android was the next natural step, after the creation of web-based sports betting in the ’90s. Now that hand-held tech has caught up to web connectivity, the United States is increasingly mobile-obsessed. If you’re an Android customer, betting on sports is not just accessible, it’s the next big thing.