Casino Bonus 2021: Best Online Casino Bonus Codes & Offers

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A casino bonus is a promotion that you can claim in order to extend your bankroll and get more out of playing at an online casino. There are many different kinds of bonuses available; some are specifically for new players, while others only apply to certain games. Overall, they are one of the most direct ways that an online casino delivers value to a player.

What are the different types of casino bonuses, why do casinos offer them, and what can you expect to find in a casino's loyalty program?

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Claiming a Casino Bonus

Claiming a casino bonus is a simple and straightforward process. Sign up for a casino, or log into your account. When you visit the Cashier to make a deposit, you may be asked to input casino bonus codes, or choose the bonus you wish to claim from a dropdown menu. Depending on the casino and the type of bonus, you may be able to claim a bonus more than once. However, casinos generally don't allow you to stack bonuses on top of each other; you'll have to claim them and use just one at a time.

Casino Bonus Types

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is typically the first casino bonus that a player will claim. Usually the largest bonus that a casino offers, it's meant to encourage players to sign up at a casino and start playing. The majority of welcome bonuses are match bonuses, meaning that their value depends on how much you choose to deposit. Due to this, it's not unusual to see casinos offering welcome bonuses up to hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Welcome bonuses may also have other conditions applied to them, such as being broken up over a certain number of deposits, or the funds available through them having an expiry date. Since they are meant to start new players off on the right foot at a casino, they can only be claimed once.

Match Bonus

The majority of casino bonuses offered to players are match bonuses. When you claim a match bonus and make a deposit, the casino will match the amount of your deposit by a certain amount; larger deposits mean a larger contribution from the casino towards your account balance.

Since match bonus amounts are based on how much you want to deposit, they allow for a lot of flexibility. If you only want to deposit $20, for example, you can still get a bit of extra money in your account. However, there are two big disadvantages when it comes to match bonuses; while extra money is extra money, the amount of the match can fluctuate pretty wildly depending on the casino and the individual promotion. Similarly, there is typically a maximum amount of money that you are able to claim, regardless of how much you choose to deposit.

Free Spins Bonus

Another incredibly common type of casino bonus is the free spins bonus. Claiming one of these bonuses will earn you a certain amount of free spins on a specific slot machine. Sometimes, you may be able to choose from a small group of machines to use your free spins on. Similar to match bonuses, these bonuses can scale up; for a higher deposit, a greater number of free spins might be available.

Free spins bonuses are a great value, and they have the added advantage of letting you try out new games. However, they're not particularly useful if you don't play or are not interested in slots.

No-Deposit Bonus

The rarest of the casino bonuses, no-deposit bonuses are bonuses that you don't have to make a deposit to claim. They are typically used as an incentive to draw players into a casino, or as a reward for long-time players. While not having to make a deposit - effectively receiving free money to play - sounds like a good deal, there are quite a few strings attached.

No-deposit bonuses are never for a large amount of money, usually being offered somewhere around $50. They also typically have withdrawal limits applied to them, being that there is a limit to how much you can withdraw from your bonus winnings in total. Even if you win $150 with a no-deposit bonus, you may only be able to withdraw $100.

While they certainly can be a nice extra, no-deposit bonuses shouldn't particularly be counted on, given that they are offered incredibly irregularly, and may not even be offered by all casinos.

Terms and Conditions

Whenever you claim a casino bonus, you'll need to abide by the stated bonus terms and conditions. These are a set of conditions that dictate how you can use the bonus, if there are limits on what you can win or withdraw from the bonus, and how much you'll need to bet to withdraw anything you've won. Casino bonus terms and conditions can be a bit restrictive, but they are put in place to prevent bad actors from exploiting promotions.

The two major terms and conditions that you need to agree to before you can claim a casino bonus are wagering requirements and wagering contributions, though there may also be bet and withdrawal limits.

Wagering Requirements

Whether you claim a casino bonus in the USA or anywhere around the world, there's going to be an associated wagering requirement. As the name suggests, a wagering requirement is the amount that you have to bet at the casino before you can withdraw anything that you may have won using a claimed bonus.

Anywhere between 30 and 50 times the amount of the initial bonus is reasonable, though it may be higher or lower depending on the type of bonus you've claimed. When you use no-deposit bonus codes, the attached wagering requirement might be as high as 60 times the amount of the bonus.

Wagering Contributions

Wagering contributions are another factor to think about when you claim a casino bonus. A game's wagering contribution refers to what percentage of bets on that game count towards the wagering contribution of a bonus.

When looking to satisfy a wagering requirement, slot machines are the best game to play, as they have a wagering contribution of 100% - all bets made on them count towards satisfying the requirement. However, depending on the casino, the wagering contributions of other games may be significantly lower.

Table games such as blackjack, baccarat, or roulette may have a wagering contribution of only 5%, meaning that it'll take far more time and dramatically more bets on those games to satisfy the wagering requirement.

Bet Limits

Certain types of casino bonuses may also limit the amount that you're able to bet on a game at a time, typically lower than the maximum bet the game is capable of. This is done in part to prevent a casino from losing money on promotions, since maximum bets can result in very high payouts.

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Why Casinos Offer Bonuses

While casinos are incredibly fun to play at, they are also entities that need to make money to stay in business. If they're always giving out a ton of casino bonus codes and offering incentives to players, how are they making money?

The old adage "you need to spend money to make money" is very much the case when it comes to gambling sites. Casino bonuses are a great way to get players in the door and interested in everything on offer. They encourage new users to sign up and build a stronger relationship with existing players. When someone claims a bonus, they're making an investment in the casino; since no one can win every casino game all of the time, the amount that they pay in will differ from the amount that they ultimately take out.

Depending on how frequently bonuses are updated, they can be a great way to keep players coming back and playing. Depending on the casino, there may be weekly or recurring bonuses to encourage players to make their deposits on a particular day. One common casino bonus, in the USA and around the world, is to offer match bonuses or free spins on Friday and Saturday so players can enjoy gambling on the weekend.

Lastly, a casino bonus is a great way to highlight new titles from trusted partners or providers. Some casinos offer free spins bonuses on new slot machines to encourage people to try different games.

Casino Loyalty Programs

On top of the bonuses that they offer, many online casinos have VIP programs to allow players to earn extra rewards and stay engaged. Some casinos offer traditional VIP programs for select players, but others provide hybrid loyalty/VIP programs that anyone can join, regardless of tenure or status.

Many casino loyalty programs use a tier-based model. The higher tier that you've reached, the more casino comps/complementary offers you'll receive, and the larger the value of those offers will be. A new player just reaching the first tier of a loyalty program may be rewarded with five free spins, while an experienced player on the seventh may be offered free spins, cash chips, and a cashback bonus.

Players can earn comp points by making bets on casino games. However, some games allow you to accumulate points faster than others. A $10 bet on slots may be worth one comp point, but the same casino might ask you to bet $30 on table games for one comp point. Further, some casinos allow you to exchange your comp points for real money, with higher VIP program tiers offering better exchange rates. This is a nice bonus that can add up over time, though you'll still need to bet a lot to earn back even smaller amounts of cash.

Traditional VIP programs offer many of the same perks as loyalty programs, with the exception being that they're only for the highest tier of casino players. A casino may extend an invitation to you so that you can join, or you may have to inquire yourself. The biggest difference between traditional VIP programs and loyalty programs is that the former has a few more perks, such as faster withdrawal times and dedicated VIP hosts, but both are an excellent way to get the most out of your casino experience.