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Privacy Notice

OddsShark.com respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal data. This notice explains how we collect personal data, what we do with it, how we keep it safe, and how you can manage your consent and data.

How Does OddsShark.com Collect My Personal Data?

  • If you submit a form on OddsShark.com, like our contact form or our newsletter signup form, we may collect your name or email address. This data is only used to send you the email(s) you requested.
  • Like most websites, OddsShark.com automatically collects some information in its log files. The information may include internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser type, operating system, and usage information. OddsShark.com uses this information to improve the website and to resolve technical problems.

Does OddsShark.com Share My Personal Data?

No, we do not share your personal data with any third-parties, ever.

How and How Long Does OddsShark.com Store My Data?

Your personal data is securely stored by OddsShark.com on its servers, and on the servers of the cloud-based services OddsShark.com engages, located in the United States and Canada. Personal data is retained only long enough to provide the service(s) requested.

Anonymized website traffic data that is not personally identifiable, which may include browser, device and location information, is stored for longer periods to allow OddsShark staff to analyze the data and make improvements.

Hoes Does OddsShark.com Keep My Data Safe?

To help protect the privacy of data you send through OddsShark.com, we maintain physical, technical and administrative safeguards. We update and test our security technology on an ongoing basis. We restrict access to your personal data to those employees who need to know that information to provide benefits or services to you. All personal data you send to OddsShark.com is encrypted with SSL.

Who Do I Contact About My Data?

If you have questions about your personal data or want to have your personal data corrected or deleted, please email Privacy@OddsShark.com. We'll do our best to respond as quickly as possible.