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How To Bet On The 2023 Masters

The Masters – a tradition unlike any other.

Augusta, Georgia serves as the setting for the highlight of the golfing calendar at Augusta National Golf Club every April for a reason. The Masters Tournament is more than just a golf tournament. It’s one of the best betting events of the year, too, and we’ve got a complete breakdown of how to get your wager on for the big tournament:

How To Bet On The Masters Online

The Masters Tournament is the equivalent of the Super Bowl to the golf world, meaning there are countless markets to bet on.

The most popular (and easiest) Masters bet is to pick an outright winner. We’ve got a complete list of updated 2023 Masters outright odds on their own page, but below is a little taste of the favorites this year. All you have to do is pick which golfer you think will be rocking the green jacket on Sunday, and place your wager. Though difficult, nailing an outright winner can be one of the most profitable sports bets you’ll make this year.

2023 Masters Odds
Scottie Scheffler+800
Jon Rahm+800
Rory McIlroy+800
Cameron Smith+1600
Jordan Spieth+1600

Masters Prop Bets

Another way to get in on the Augusta action is Masters prop bets. Props (short for propositions) are alternative betting options that fall outside of the more traditional betting paths.

We have a dedicated page for the most popular Masters props, but here are a few examples of what you can expect:

  • Top Australian Player: Cam Smith +180, Jason Day +220, Adam Scott +325
  • Will There Be A Hole-In-One? Yes -200, No +160
  • What Will The Cut Line Be? OVER +3.5 (-110), UNDER +3.5 (-110)

These niche props allow you to narrow in on specific pieces of info or fun side bets throughout the tournament. Many bettors pick a few outright winners and then sprinkle in props as well. If you’re just looking to bet on the GOAT, we’ve got a dedicated Tiger Woods Masters Props page as well.


Masters Tournament Matchups

Tournament matchup odds can be extremely profitable for a number of reasons. A matchup prop pits a pair of golfers against each other, and in order to win your wager, the golfer you bet on simply has to finish the Masters with a better score than his counterpart. Here’s an example of a matchup market for the 2023 tournament:

  • Jon Rahm (-170)
  • Bubba Watson (+145)

Since tournament matchup options are between only two golfers, the odds are always closer to EVEN money. There are also some Masters three-ball bets, which are the same as matchups but instead have a head-to-head-to-head among three golfers.

Live Betting

One of the most popular vehicles of betting across every sport is live betting. The reason why is simple – bettors can find edges by watching events unfold in front of them. Throughout the Masters tournament, odds can adjust by the second depending on whether players are performing poorly or playing well.

Let’s say it’s Sunday at the Masters Tournament and the final pairing of Dustin Johnson and Justin Thomas are tied at 10 under par heading into hole No. 18. Both Johnson and Thomas are all-world talents, so their odds of winning would likely be very similar at that point. If Johnson hooks his drive into the rough and Thomas lands his tee shot safely on the fairway, the live odds would shift to make Thomas the favorite.

If you believe Johnson is going to win the Masters Tournament despite his poor first shot, you’d be able to grab him at a much better price than when the hole began. Betting on golf is already thrilling since things can change so quickly, and live betting provides a whole other level of excitement on top of that.

How To Bet Read Masters Odds

Handicapping golf odds can be complicated if you’re new to betting on the sport, so don’t worry if it’s a little overwhelming at first. Here’s an example to help explain the lines:

Let’s say the books have Jon Rahm as the +1200 fave to slip on the green jacket at Augusta. That means a $100 bet on him to win the Masters Tournament would pay out $1,300 – your bet amount of $100 plus winnings of $1,200.

On the other side of the fence, a golfer like Kevin Na would be considered a long shot to emerge triumphant at the Masters. Let’s say Na has +17500 odds to go all the way in Georgia. A $100 bet on him to win outright would pay out $17,600 – your $100 is returned coupled with your winnings of $17,500.

How To Pick A Masters Winner

Now that you know how to bet on the Masters golf tournament, you just have to figure out your picks. Over at our Masters odds page, we highlight some tips for picking your own winners, but here are a few key stats to hone in on:

Greens in Regulation %: Missing greens at Augusta can be a death sentence, which makes golfers’ approach game a tournament key. According to the PGA Tour, nine of the past 10 Masters winners have ranked inside the top seven of GIR% at the tournament.

Average Driving Distance: Since 2013, the Masters champion has had an average driving distance of 299.9 yards with the two most recent champs (Dustin Johnson and Scottie Scheffler) coming in over 310.

How to Bet on the Masters FAQ

When is the 2023 Masters?

The 2023 edition of the Masters will be held between April 6 to 9 at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia. For a full preview of the highly anticipated event, visit our 2023 Masters Odds breakdown.

How do I bet on golf?

If you’re new to betting on golf, it can be a sport that seems to be overwhelming at first but is a lot of fun once you get comfortable with it. Check out our golf betting tutorial to learn the type of bets you can make and how to make them. 

What golf major is played after the Masters?

After the Masters concludes, the PGA Championship is the next major tournament on the PGA Tour schedule. The PGA Championship will be played from May 18 to 21 at Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, New York. 

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