Chris Stapleton to perform national anthem at super bowl 57 in our best bets

Super Bowl 57 National Anthem Betting Guide: Chris Stapleton Takes The Stage And Under Cashes

When it comes to the Super Bowl, you can bet on just about anything. The national anthem is a crowd favorite! First of all, the NFL doesn’t cheap out and always aims to get a big name in the music industry to step onto the stage and set the tone for the game. This year, country music star Chris Stapleton will be stepping up to the microphone to honor America.

Following Stapleton, songwriter and producer Babyface will be in charge of performing America the Beautiful. But that’s not it as Sheryl Lee Ralph, an Emmy Award-winning singer-actor, will be showcasing her rendition of Lift Every Voice and Sing.

Musical legends such as Gladys Knight, Billy Joel, Alicia Keys and Aretha Franklin have all taken their turn belting out the Star-Spangled Banner before kickoff, and like every other part of the event that is the Super Bowl, people like to gamble on it. I mean, you don’t need to know anything about football to feel included on props like this.

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Super Bowl 56 appointed Grammy-nominated country music singer Mickey Guyton to perform the national anthem, partnered with Jhené Aiko singing America the Beautiful. 

Guyton’s rendition of the national anthem ended up at 1:50, or 110 seconds long, which went OVER the oddmaker’s total of 106 seconds for the length of the song. Guyton’s outfit was blue, which paid out at +400. A popular crossover prop was whether any scoring drives during the game would take less time than Guyton’s singing of the anthem. In fact, two scoring drives – both by Cincinnati – ended up being shorter than 1:50. For that prop, “Yes” paid out at -185.

Super Bowl National Anthem Bets

How Long Will It Take Chris Stapleton To Sing The U.S. National Anthem?

Chris Stapleton U.S. National Anthem Time Length
OVER 2 Minutes And 3 Seconds-160
UNDER 2 Minutes And 3 Seconds+120

Odds as of February 12

I expect the trend of the national anthem hitting the OVER to continue this year. Stapleton is known for his raspy, slow riffs. He will definitely perform his rendition of the anthem in a slowed-down and probably acoustic version of the Star-Spangled Banner. 

Chris Stapleton and his acoustic guitar came in at two minutes and two seconds... tough beat for anyone that bet the over.

What Other National Anthem Props Can I Bet On For Super Bowl 57?

The best part about Super Bowl betting is that sportsbooks release not only the runtime prop for the national anthem performance but also a variety of other considerations to keep bettors engaged. Some of them are as simple as which player will be shown first during the anthem to whether the singer(s) will forget a word – that’s an embarrassment no one can recover from! Here are some of those bets:

Will A Word Be Forgotten Or Omitted From National Anthem?

National Anthem - Forgotten Or Omitted Word

Odds as of February 12

I don’t see Stapleton stumbling over the anthem, nor do I think he will purposely omit a word. The 44-year-old was born and raised in Kentucky before moving to Tennessee in 2001 – I think the lyrics to the Star-Spangled Banner are second nature in the South. 

There are no reports that any words were omitted from the National Anthem.

What Color Hat Will Chris Stapleton Wear?

Chris Stapleton Primary Color Of Hat
Any Other Color-600

Odds as of February 9

Chris Stapleton did not have a hat on during his performance.

Will Any Scoring Drive Take Less Time Than It Takes To Sing National Anthem?

National Anthem - Any Scoring Drive Shorter Than Length of Anthem?

Odds as of February 11

Who Will Be Shown First During The National Anthem?

National Anthem - Who Will Be Shown First?
Kansas City Chiefs Player Or Staff-115
Philadelphia Eagles Player Or Staff-115

Odds as of February 12

Nick Sirianni before tears is the consenus first member of the either team shown during the National Anthem.

National anthem - Who Will Be Shown First?
Patrick Mahomes-165
Jalen Hurts+125

Odds as of February 12

National Anthem - Who Will Be Shown First?
Travis Kelce-185
A.J. Brown+140

Odds as of February 11

National Anthem - Who Will Be Shown First?
Andy Reid-160
Nick Sirianni+125

Odds as of February 11

Nick Sirianni was the first coach shown and become the first viral meme of Super Bowl LXII.

National Anthem - Who Will Be Shown Last?
Kansas City Chiefs Player Or Staff-115
Philadelphia Eagles Player Or Staff-115

Odds as of February 11

Who Will Be Shown First During America The Beautiful?

America The Beautiful - Who Will Be Shown First?
Kansas City Chiefs Player Or Staff-150
Philadelphia Eagles Player Or Staff+115

Odds as of February 11

America The Beautiful - Who Will Be Shown First?
Travis Kelce-245
A.J. Brown+180

Odds as of February 11

America The Beautiful - Who Will Be Shown First?
Andy Reid-185
Nick Sirianni+140

Odds as of February 11

America The Beautiful - Who Will Be Shown First?
Patrick Mahomes-170
Jalen Hurts+130

Odds as of February 11

Who Will Be Shown Last During America The Beautiful?

America The Beautiful - Who Will Be Shown Last?
Kansas City Chiefs Player Or Staff-115
Philadelphia Eagles Player Or Staff-115

Odds as of February 11

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Super Bowl Anthem Betting History: Past Results

In the last 16 Super Bowls, the anthem has gone OVER the oddsmaker’s set time on nine occasions and UNDER it six times with one PUSH. 

But if we look at the specific times, seven of the last 10 came in over two minutes. The lines seem to have adjusted accordingly with six of the last 10 being set at two minutes or above, but it’s worth noting that most singers in recent years are trending toward longer renditions.

Super Bowl Anthem bet: past rendition results
Super Bowl 41Billy Joel 1:30UNDER
Super Bowl 42Jordin Sparks1:54OVER
Super Bowl 43Jennifer Hudson2:10OVER
Super Bowl 44Carrie Underwood1:47OVER
Super Bowl 45Christina Aguilera1:53UNDER
Super Bowl 46Kelly Clarkson1:34PUSH
Super Bowl 47Alicia Keys2:36OVER
Super Bowl 48Renee Fleming2:03UNDER
Super Bowl 49Idina Menzel2:04OVER
Super Bowl 50Lady Gaga2:22OVER
Super Bowl 51Luke Bryan2:04UNDER
Super Bowl 52Pink1:52UNDER
Super Bowl 53Gladys Knight2:01OVER
Super Bowl 54Demi Lovato1:49UNDER
Super Bowl 55Jazmine Sullivan and Eric Church2:17OVER
Super Bowl 56Mickey Guyton1:50OVER
Super Bowl 57Chris Stapleton2:02UNDER

Who Has Sung The National Anthem At The Super bowl?

Since 1967, the Super Bowl has seen a variety of performers show off their vocal cords. The first few seasons showcased collegiate talent before the best in the industry took over the honor. Here’s a list of who has sung at the Super Bowl:

Super Bowl Anthem Singers Since 1967
YearSingerSuper Bowl
1967The Pride of Arizona, Michigan Marching Band, UCLA ChoirI
1968GSU Tiger Marching BandII
1969Lloyd Geisler of Washington National Symphony OrchestraIII
1970Doc Severinsen, Pat O’Brien, Southern University BandIV
1971Tommy LoyV
1972U.S. Air Force Academy ChoraleVI
1973Little Angels of Chicago’s Holy Angels ChurchVII
1974Charley PrideVIII
1975Barbershop Quartet IX
1976Tom SullivanSuper Bowl 10
1977None (Vikki Carr sang America The Beautiful)Super Bowl 11
1978Phyllis Kelly of Northeast Louisiana UniversitySuper Bowl 12
1979The Colgate ThirteenSuper Bowl 13
1980Cheryl LaddSuper Bowl 14
1981Helen O’ConnellSuper Bowl 15
1982Diana RossSuper Bowl 16
1983Leslie EasterbrookSuper Bowl 17
1984Barry ManilowSuper Bowl 18
1985San Francisco Children’s ChorusSuper Bowl 19
1986Wynton MarsalisSuper Bowl 20
1987Neil DiamondSuper Bowl 21
1988Herb AlpertSuper Bowl 22
1989Billy JoelSuper Bowl 23
1990Aaron NevilleSuper Bowl 24
1991Whitney HoustonSuper Bowl 25
1992Harry Connick Jr. Super Bowl 26
1993Garth BrooksSuper Bowl 27
1994Natalie ColeSuper Bowl 28
1995Kathie Lee GiffordSuper Bowl 29
1996Vanessa WilliamsSuper Bowl 30
1997Luther VandrossSuper Bowl 31
1998JewelSuper Bowl 32
1999CherSuper Bowl 33
2000Faith HillSuper Bowl 34
2001Backstreet BoysSuper Bowl 35
2002Mariah CareySuper Bowl 36
2003Dixie ChicksSuper Bowl 37
2004BeyonceSuper Bowl 38
2005Combined Military Academy ChoirsSuper Bowl 39
2006Aaron Neville and Aretha FranklinSuper Bowl 40
2007Billy JoelSuper Bowl 41
2008Jordin SparksSuper Bowl 42
2009Jennifer HudsonSuper Bowl 43
2010Carrie UnderwoodSuper Bowl 44
2011Christina Aguilera Super Bowl 45
2012Kelly ClarksonSuper Bowl 46
2013Alicia KeysSuper Bowl 47
2014Renee FlemingSuper Bowl 48
2015Idina MenzelSuper Bowl 49
2016Lady GagaSuper Bowl 50
2017Luke BryanSuper Bowl 51
2018PinkSuper Bowl 52
2019Gladys KnightSuper Bowl 53
2020Demi LovatoSuper Bowl 54
2021Eric Church and Jazmine SullivanSuper Bowl 55
2022Mickey GuytonSuper Bowl 56
2023Chris StapletonSuper Bowl 57

The NFL introduced ASL interpreters during the national anthem in 1992, with the first translator being Lori Hilary. Only two artists have sung the national anthem twice in Super Bowl history: Billy Joel (1989, 2007) and Aaron Neville (1990, 2006), each performing a year apart from the other on both occasions. 

National Anthem Composition History

Francis Scott Key, a lawyer from Maryland who would probably be a Ravens fan with complete faith in Lamar Jackson if he were alive today, wrote the poem that the anthem is based on. After drawing inspiration from the American flag that was known at the time as the Star-Spangled Banner, Key sat at his desk, his wooden teeth whistling, and penned a ditty about a wild night against the British complete with rockets glaring red, bombs bursting and freedom in the land of the free.

Now, it’s up to you, the bettor, to decide how long it will take to get through Key’s tune. 

How To Bet On Super Bowl National Anthem

Most Super Bowl prop bets are specialized wagers that have no bearing on the outcome of the actual game. In this case, a prop bet on the national anthem would be like an OVER/UNDER, aka a totals wager. You would need to decide if the amount of time it takes for the singer(s) to finish singing the anthem will be longer or shorter than the oddsmaker’s set time.

For example, this is what the national anthem prop looked like at some sportsbooks in 2022:

How Long Will It Take Mickey Guyton To Sing the U.S. National Anthem?
OVER 1 minute 55 seconds-220
UNDER 1 minute 55 seconds+155

By betting the OVER, you think Guyton’s anthem performance will last longer than one minute 55 seconds. Those odds are listed by sportsbooks at -220, meaning the anthem is more likely to go OVER the runtime than UNDER. The -220 odds refer to how much you’d have to bet in order to make $100 in profit. So, if you bet $220 and Guyton went OVER the runtime for her performance, your $220 would be returned along with $100 in profit from the sportsbook.

On the flip side, if you think Guyton’s performance will go UNDER one minute 55 seconds, those odds are listed at +155. When odds have a plus sign (+) in front of them, it indicates how much you would make if you bet $100. For example, if you bet $100 on Guyton to go UNDER and she does, you’d get your $100 bet back along with $155 in profit from the sports betting site. 

National Anthem Bet FAQ

Can I bet on the Super Bowl national anthem?

Yes, while it may seem a tad bit odd, you can definitely bet on the national anthem at the Super Bowl. For Super Bowl 57 in Glendale, Arizona, you can wager at Super Bowl betting sites on how long you think it will take the performer to sing the U.S. national anthem.

I missed betting on the national anthem. What can I bet on next?

Don’t worry if you missed betting on the national anthem. There are still plenty of other options as far as what you can bet on next. For instance, you can still wager on Super Bowl halftime props. You can even still bet on the color of the Super Bowl Gatorade shower.

What is the average time it takes to sing the national anthem?

The average time it takes to sing the national anthem is just a little under two minutes at one minute and 55 seconds. 

How long was last year’s national anthem?

Last year’s national anthem rendition, sung by country artist Mickey Guyton, lasted one minute and 50 seconds at Super Bowl 56 in Los Angeles.

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