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NBA Playoff Picture: Timberwolves' Magical Season Results In Postseason Lock

NBA All-Star Weekend has come and gone, with the home stretch towards the 2023-24 playoffs now upon us. 

Let's take a closer look at the league's 30 squads and the probability each currently has of qualifying for the postseason. 

NBA Playoff Probability (Eastern Conference)

TeamCurrent Record%
Boston Celtics43-12100
Cleveland Cavaliers36-17100
New York Knicks33-2299.2
Milwaukee Bucks35-2198.5
Philadelphia 76ers32-2297.6
Orlando Magic30-2591.6
Indiana Pacers31-2586.2
Miami Heat30-2581.7
Chicago Bulls26-2922.8
Atlanta Hawks24-3112.7
Brooklyn Nets21-339.4
Toronto Raptors19-360.4
Charlotte Hornets13-410
Washington Wizards9-450
Detroit Pistons8-460

Teams in bold are currently in a playoff position and teams in italic are in a play-in spot.

Favorite: Cleveland Cavaliers

What lies beyond the end of the regular season remains a mystery for a Cleveland Cavaliers team that fell in five games in the opening round of last year's playoffs and one that hasn't emerged from a series since the days of their former King.

That's a conversation for another day, though, as Cleveland is arguably the hottest team in the entire league at the moment and one that is demanding respect with every victory it continues to tally. 

Contender: Philadelphia 76ers

The status of Joel Embiid will ultimately dictate whether or not the Philadelphia 76ers are contenders or pretenders.

The recent additions of Buddy Hield, Cameron Payne, and Kyle Lowry will help stop the bleeding, but with a proper seed and the return of the league's reigning Most Valuable Player at what will hopefully be full strength, Philadelphia's second-round curse may be broken as soon as this summer. 

NBA Playoff Probability (Western Conference)

TeamCurrent Record%
Minnesota Timberwolves39-16100
Oklahoma City Thunder37-17100
Los Angeles Clippers36-17100
Denver Nuggets36-1999.8
New Orleans Pelicans33-2296.1
Dallas Mavericks32-2375.3
Phoenix Suns33-2274.2
Sacramento Kings31-2367.3
Golden State Warriors27-2649.4
Los Angeles Lakers30-2632.7
Houston Rockets24-304.7
Utah Jazz26-300.5
Memphis Grizzlies20-360
Portland Trail Blazers15-390
San Antonio Spurs11-440

Teams in bold are currently in a playoff position and teams in italic are in a play-in spot.

Favorite: Minnesota Timberwolves

The rise of the Minnesota Timberwolves is a story many perhaps figured would have come back down to earth a long time ago.

Yet, with incredible coaching, a defense that continues to dominate, and elite scorers in Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards, Minnesota still finds itself at the top of the West defying all odds and logic.

Contender: Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers know they just need to sneak in by any means necessary. 

With LeBron James and Anthony Davis at the forefront, another deep run to at least the conference finals isn't out of the question. Not making a move of substance at the trade deadline may hinder their championship ceiling, mind you, but this team knows it can push most other teams to the brink as currently constructed. 

Odds to make the nBA Playoffs

TeamMake PlayoffsMiss Playoffs
Atlanta Hawks+330-450
Chicago Bulls+310-420
Dallas Mavericks-355+270
Golden State Warriors+114-142
Indiana Pacers-1200+680
Los Angeles Lakers+104-128
New Orleans Pelicans-590+410
Orlando Magic-750+490
Philadelphia 76ers-750+490
Phoenix Suns-650+450
Sacramento Kings-250+198

Note: If you're not seeing a particular team accounted for, it's because the odds are so incredibly one-sided in favor of a particular outcome that the option to put money down wouldn't be available. 

Odds To Watch: Golden State warriors, +142 to qualify

The Golden State Warriors has missed the playoffs only twice since 2013, and the two years it failed to qualify were the Bubble season as well as the following year which was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Many have projected their demise from afar, figuring the Stephen Curry-Klay Thompson-Draymond Green core has run its course, and that may be true. However, as we've seen in the past, betting against Curry and company is unwise, and should they secure a play-in berth, beating Golden State in a one-off will prove mighty challenging.

NBA Win Totals

TeamCurrent RecordLast Season RecordOVERUNDER
Atlanta Hawks24-3141-4137.5 (-122)37.5 (+100)
Boston Celtics43-1257-2563.5 (-114)63.5 (-106)
Brooklyn Nets21-3345-3734.5 (+102)34.5 (-124)
Charlotte Hornets13-4127-5518.5 (-128)18.5 (+104)
Chicago Bulls26-2940-4238.5 (+106)38.5 (-130)
Cleveland Cavaliers36-1751-3154.5 (+112)54.5 (-138)
Dallas Mavericks32-2338-4447.5 (-128)47.5 (+104)
Denver Nuggets36-1953-2954.5 (-144)54.5 (+118)
Detroit Pistons8-4617-6513.5 (-105)13.5 (-115)
Golden State Warriors27-2644-3844.5 (+118)44.5 (-114)
Houston Rockets24-3022-6036.5 (-130)36.5 (+106)
Indiana Pacers31-2535-4745.5 (+116)45.5 (-142)
Los Angeles Clippers36-1744-3855.5 (-140)55.5 (+112)
Los Angeles Lakers30-2643-3944.5 (-104)44.5 (-118)
Memphis Grizzlies20-3651-3127.5 (-128)27.5 (+104)
Miami Heat30-2544-3846.5 (+116)46.5 (-142)
Milwaukee Bucks35-2158-2450.5 (-134)50.5 (+110)
Minnesota Timberwolves39-1642-4056.5 (-118)56.5 (-104)
New Orleans Pelicans33-2242-4048.5 (-112)48.5 (-110)
New York Knicks33-2247-3549.5 (-112)49.5 (-108)
Oklahoma City Thunder37-1740-4255.5 (-132)55.5 (+108)
Orlando Magic30-2534-4845.5 (-124)45.5 (+102)
Philadelphia 76ers32-2254-28N/AN/A
Phoenix Suns33-2245-3748.5 (+116)48.5 (-142)
Portland Trail Blazers15-3933-4923.5 (+124)23.5 (-150)
Sacramento Kings31-2348-3446.5 (-142)46.5 (+116)
San Antonio Spurs11-4422-6017.5 (+126)17.5 (-154)
Toronto Raptors19-3641-4129.5 (-110)29.5 (-110)
Utah Jazz26-30 37-4537.5 (+105)37.5 (-128)
Washington Wizards9-4535-4715.5 (-118)15.5 (-104)

Win Total To Watch: Milwaukee Bucks, 50.5

With a 35-21 record, the Milwaukee Bucks would need to go 16-10 for the rest of the season to take the OVER at 50.5 wins. 

The Bucks have the third-toughest schedule remaining, though, and are just 3-7 since Doc Rivers took over as head coach. Perhaps the All-Star break coming when it did will revitalize Milwaukee, but that won't make the road to 51 wins and possibly more any easier.

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