Rihanna to perform at our NFL Super Bowl 57 Halftime Show props and bets

Best Super Bowl Halftime Prop Bets: Pregnant Rihanna Takes Center Stage Alone as the Over Songs Cashes

Unless your favorite team is one of the two on the field in February, why else would you be watching the NFL Super Bowl? If you said any reason other than the Super Bowl halftime show, then you’re lying. It’s the portion of the contest where women, children, pets and even men gather around the TV to watch the musical performance.

Last year’s halftime show, featuring a group of hip-hop legends like Eminem and Dr. Dre, recorded over 100 million live viewers. Not many thought the upcoming State Farm Stadium headliner could top them – but the NFL clearly had some magic up its sleeve.

Rihanna is ending her nearly five-year performing hiatus to step on stage in Glendale, Arizona. The singer, who also owns a successful cosmetics company and dabbles in creating some of the best lingerie on the market, all while being a new mommy, will make one of the most anticipated returns in the music industry.

Think about it – name a Rihanna song that didn’t become a hit. Trick question, you can’t. The artist hasn’t released new music since her album “ANTI” came out in 2016. If you’re already curious about what chart toppers will be on the 34-year-old’s set list, then making Super Bowl halftime show predictions and Super Bowl halftime prop bets is up your alley. Rihanna already shared she isn’t sure whether she will bring out any guests, whether it be boyfriend A$AP Rocky or Jay-Z, who is helping organize the event for her. The last female to go solo at a Super Bowl halftime show was Lady Gaga in 2017.

You don’t need to know anything about football to earn some cash with these bets. There are already some Super Bowl halftime show props, and online sportsbooks can help you lock in some early wagers.

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What Can I Bet On For The 2023 Super Bowl Halftime Show?

As we get closer to Super Bowl 57, sportsbooks will release more and more Super Bowl prop bets for the halftime performance. Here are some of the best Super Bowl halftime show props currently available to wager on:

What Will Be The First Song Rihanna Sings?

First Song To Be Performed
Don’t Stop The Music+110
This Is What You Came For+500
What’s My Name+600
Lift Me Up+700
Better Have My Money+1000
We Found Love+1400
Where Have You Been+1400
Needed Me+2000
Rude Boy+2000
Hate That I Love You+3000

Odds as of February 12

Better Have my Money is the winner here, which is ironic as the Super Bowl entertainer historically isn't paid for their performance.

The first song to kick off a halftime show, especially when making a long-awaited return from a performing break, should get the crowd amped. Rihanna hasn’t performed a proper show in nearly five years so warming up her vocal cords with “Where Have You Been” seems appropriate. Likewise, “What’s My Name” could be another song to begin the set – I mean, she might want to make sure the audience actually does remember her name so asking them is the best way to find out. Both options have great value to pounce on.

How Many Songs Will Be In The Set?

Number Of Songs In Set
Number Of SongsOdds
UNDER 9.5-130
OVER 9.5-105

Odds as of February 12

The OVER cashes here, the Rihanna's gurus are telling us there was 13 songs.

What Color Will Rihanna’s First Outfit Be?

Color Of Rihanna’s First Outfit

Odds as of February 12

Red with no wardrobe changes

What will Be The Color of Rihanna’s Hair?

Color Of Rihanna’s Hair
Bright Red+220

Odds as of February 7

While Rihanna has had her fair share of colorful hair in the past, she has stuck to black of late. I mean, she’s a mom now and maturity has taken over her style (in the best way!). Keep in mind, Rihanna is one of the notable faces in fashion – she does own her own lingerie line. So, I can see her sticking to her natural black hair during the halftime show.

What Color Lipstick Will Rihanna Wear?

Rihanna Primary Lipstick Color
No Lipstick/Clear+275

Odds as of February 9

Guys, she owns a makeup line and one of her first viral products was her Fenty lip gloss. She’s going to be showcasing her makeup line in one form or another. I wouldn’t be hesitant to bet on clear here at +275, because a clear gloss to top off a dewy glow is the trend right now.

Will Rihanna Wear A Necklace On Stage?

Will Rihanna Wear A Necklace On Stage?

Odds as of February 9

Will Rihanna Wear Sunglasses On Stage?

Will Rihanna Wear Sunglasses On Stage?

Odds as of February 9

Will Rihanna Use A Phone/Tablet/Computer During Performance?

Rihanna To Use Phone/Tablet/Computer On Stage

Odds as of February 9

Super Bowl Halftime Show Specials

Rihanna Halftime Show Specials
A$AP Rocky To Appear On Stage During Her Performance+140
Rihanna To Suffer A Wardrobe Malfunction During Her Performance+500
Jay-Z To Appear On Stage During Her Performance-175
Drake To Appear On Stage During Her Performance-125
Rihanna To Propose Marriage To A$AP Rocky+2500
Rihanna To Announce That She Is Pregnant+1000
Rihanna To Announce Her Son’s Name+400
Rihanna To Trip And Fall Over+1600
Rihanna To Open An Umbrella+175
Rihanna to Wear A Bucket Hat+700
Katy Perry To Appear On Stage+500
Cardi B To Appear On Stage+350
Chris Brown To Appear On Stage+1200
Jay Z, Calvin Harris & Drake All Anytime Guest Duet+275
Over 9.5 Total Songs Performed, Last Song: Diamonds-125

Odds as of February 12

Rihanna didn't bring anyone on stage with here. 

Personally, I would steer clear of most of the names on this list in predicting who Rihanna might bring out on stage. Sure, one is her baby daddy and the other two are close friends. But there’s something about Rihanna that screams femininity. She is known for rejecting any misogynistic questions about boyfriends and she is an advocate for female empowerment. Truthfully, I can see Rihanna wanting to make a statement and step out of her hiatus on her own or bring out another supporting woman.

If there’s a prop I’m interested in, it would be Rihanna opening an umbrella – I know, seems strange. But, it is pretty likely the star will sing her famous tune “Umbrella,” and the music video’s choreography features her dancing in the rain with an umbrella – self explanatory. 

Halftime Show Ratings

Halftime Show Average Audience
101 Million Or UNDEREVEN
OVER 101 Million-130

Odds as of February 7

This is an anticipated comeback from Rihanna. Again, she hasn’t performed in a while but has still stayed relevant in the celebrity world. There’s a ton of curiosity surrounding what she’s been doing, especially with the secrecy about her son, relationship and the future of her music career. Rihanna is one of those artists who can be loved and listened to by a variety of music lovers. I think her return to stage will be a must-see for many. Last year saw 100 million viewers, but I’m predicting Rihanna’s popularity will reach OVER 101 million viewers.

If you need help to understand the prop betting odds and determine your wager, make sure to check out our Prop Betting Tutorial.

History Of The Super Bowl Halftime Show

Prior to the 1990s, the Super Bowl halftime show wasn’t the spectacle and needle-mover in pop culture that it is today. The NFL mainly featured university marching bands or occasionally an artist who was past their prime like Chubby Checker in 1988 for Super Bowl 22.

It wasn’t until Michael Jackson took the stage in 1993 for Super Bowl 27 that the production standard was set, and expectations have grown each year. While it’s technically an unpaid performance, the Super Bowl routinely gets the best of the best from all musical genres just for the exposure alone.

Super Bowl Halftime Show Performers
YearSingerSuper Bowl
1967The Pride of Arizona, Michigan Marching BandI
1968GSU Tiger Marching BandII
1969Florida A&M University BandIII
1970Doc Severinsen, Pat O’Brien, Southern University BandIV
1971Southeast Missouri State Marching BandV
1972Ella FitzgeraldVI
1973University of Michigan Marching BandVII
1974University of Texas Longhorn BandVIII
1975Mercer Ellington & Grambling State Marching BandIX
1976Up With PeopleSuper Bowl 10
1977LA All-City BandSuper Bowl 11
1978Tyler Apache, The Apache BandSuper Bowl 12
1979Ken Hamilton Various Caribbean BandsSuper Bowl 13
1980Up With PeopleSuper Bowl 14
1981Helen O’ConnellSuper Bowl 15
1982Up With PeopleSuper Bowl 16
1983Los Angeles Super Drill TeamSuper Bowl 17
1984University of Florida Marching BandSuper Bowl 18
1985Tops In BlueSuper Bowl 19
1986Up With PeopleSuper Bowl 20
1987George Burns, Mickey RooneySuper Bowl 21
1988Chubby Checker, The RockettesSuper Bowl 22
1989Elvis PrestoSuper Bowl 23
1990Pete Fountain, Doug Kershaw, Irma ThomasSuper Bowl 24
1991New Kids On The BlockSuper Bowl 25
1992Gloria EstefanSuper Bowl 26
1993Michael JacksonSuper Bowl 27
1994Clint Black, Tanya Tucker, Travis Tritt, The JuddsSuper Bowl 28
1995Patti LaBelle, Indiana Jones, Marion Ravenwood, Teddy Pendergrass, Tony BennettSuper Bowl 29
1996Diana RossSuper Bowl 30
1997The Blues Brothers, ZZ Top, James BrownSuper Bowl 31
1998Boys II MenSuper Bowl 32
1999Gloria Estefan, Stevie WonderSuper Bowl 33
2000Phil Collins, Christina Aguilera, Enrique IglesiasSuper Bowl 34
2001Aerosmith, NSYNCSuper Bowl 35
2002U2Super Bowl 36
2003Shania Twain, No DoubtSuper Bowl 37
2004Jessica Simpson, Janet Jackson, P. Diddy, Nelly, Kid Rock, Justin TimberlakeSuper Bowl 38
2005Paul McCartneySuper Bowl 39
2006The Rolling StonesSuper Bowl 40
2007PrinceSuper Bowl 41
2008Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersSuper Bowl 42
2009Bruce SpringsteenSuper Bowl 43
2010The WhoSuper Bowl 44
2011The Black Eyed PeasSuper Bowl 45
2012MadonnaSuper Bowl 46
2013BeyonceSuper Bowl 47
2014Bruno MarsSuper Bowl 48
2015Katy PerrySuper Bowl 49
2016ColdplaySuper Bowl 50
2017Lady GagaSuper Bowl 51
2018Justin TimberlakeSuper Bowl 52
2019Maroon 5Super Bowl 53
2020Shakira, Jennifer LopezSuper Bowl 54
2021The WeekndSuper Bowl 55
2022Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick LamarSuper Bowl 56
2023RihannaSuper Bowl 57

How To Bet On Super Bowl Halftime Show Props

To get started, you’ll need to set up an account with a sports betting site and once you provide your info, you’ll need to deposit money to wager with.

If you’re already signed up at a sportsbook, half of your job is done and the rest is determining which Super Bowl halftime show betting prop is your favorite to wager on.

Super Bowl Halftime Prop Bets FAQ

Can I make Super Bowl halftime prop bets?

Yes, you can make plenty of Super Bowl halftime prop bets. The Super Bowl halftime show just so happens to be one of the biggest entertainment gigs in the world. The high-profile spectacle features headlining superstar performances, with eclectic musical genres, bright lights, crazy costumes and even uncensored nudity on the rare occasion.

What kinds of Super Bowl halftime prop bets can I make?

You can make all kinds of Super Bowl halftime prop bets. You can wager on whether there will be a wardrobe malfunction during the halftime show, the number of songs sung during the break, whether certain celebrities will make any sort of special guest appearance, or the number of outfits an artist will wear, just to name a few.

When are Super Bowl halftime props released?

Super Bowl halftime betting props are generally released once the artist or the band has been officially confirmed. As soon as they know who is performing on the big stage, sportsbooks post a variety of prop odds that don’t necessarily have anything to do with the actual game itself.