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The Super Bowl halftime show was one of the best in recent memory, and bettors across the globe hit big on a few key bets.

Snoop Dogg’s shoes were white, which paid out at +125. Kendrick Lamar was not wearing a hoodie, and anyone who bet that before the show got it at -105.

Eminem was, however, wearing his usual hoodie and hat, and that paid at -275.

In less exciting news, Snoop Dogg did not smoke on stage (-125) and there was not a wardrobe malfunction! Bettors who didn’t think there would be bet that Super Bowl halftime prop at a modest -1800.

Lovers of music and football collide like NFL linebackers and running backs every year for one of the most sought-after gigs in the world: the Super Bowl halftime show. This high-profile performance for Super Bowl 56 will feature a collection of top hip-hop artists for one of the biggest halftime shows in history.

The 2022 Super Bowl halftime show will be performed by rap legends Mary J. Blige, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Kendrick Lamar. With all the musical icons on stage in California this year, anything can happen at SoFi Stadium, making Super Bowl halftime show predictions and Super Bowl halftime prop bets even more interesting than usual.

While some viewers use halftime as a great opportunity to get a second helping of chips and dip, the smart ones know it’s another opportunity to make some money.

At our favorite Super Bowl betting sites, there are already some Super Bowl halftime show props, and the online sportsbook BetUS can help you lock in some early wagers.

And if you’re looking for more information on how to wager on the big game, pay a visit to our How to Bet on the Super Bowl page. Our Super Bowl futures article will help you handicap the matchup between the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals.

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The Ultimate Guide to Super Bowl 56 Prop Betting

What Can I Bet On For The 2022 Super Bowl Halftime Show?

As we get closer to Super Bowl 56, Sportsbooks will release more and more Super Bowl prop bets for the halftime performance. Here are some of the best Super Bowl halftime show props currently available to wager on:

NOTE: Super Bowl halftime show prop betting markets are likely to change leading up to Super Bowl LVI. Stay tuned for 2022 Super Bowl halftime show odds and updated tables as we get closer to the game.

What Color Of Shoes Will Snoop Dogg Wear?

Color of snoop dogg shoes at halftime
Option Odds
White +125
Blue +250
Yellow/Gold +600
Black +600
Gray/Silver +900
Green +1200
Purple +1200
Orange +1400
Red +1400
Pink +1800

Odds as of February 11 at Bovada 

Will Eminem Face Censorship?

will any part of eminem’s performance be censored?

Option Odds
Yes -180
No +135

Odds as of February 11 at Bovada

Will Halftime Show Feature Football As A Prop?

Will a football be used as a prop?
Option Odds
Yes +285
No -420

Odds as of February 11 at Bovada

Will Dancers Be Featured On Stage?

will the halftime show have professional dancers on stage?
Option Odds
Yes -2500
No +850

Odds as of February 11 at Bovada

What Will Kendrick Lamar Wear?

will kendrick lamar wear a hoodie?
Option Odds
Yes -135
No -105

Odds as of February 11 at Bovada

Bet On Eminem’s Halftime Fashion

will eminem wear a hoodie or hat?
Option Odds
Yes -275
No +200

Odds as of February 11 at Bovada

Will Snoop Smoke?

Will Snoop Dogg Smoke On Stage?
Option Odds
Yes -105
No -125

Odds as of February 11 at Bovada

Will Halftime Show See Another Wardrobe Malfunction?

will there be a wardrobe malfunction?
Option Odds
Yes +725
No -1800

Odds as of February 11 at Bovada

If you need help to understand the prop betting odds and determine your wager, make sure to check out our Prop Betting Tutorial.

History Of The Super Bowl Halftime Show

Prior to the 1990s, the Super Bowl halftime show wasn’t the spectacle and needle-mover in pop culture that it is today. The NFL mainly featured university marching bands or occasionally an artist who was past their prime like Chubby Checker in 1988 for Super Bowl 22.

It wasn’t until Michael Jackson took the stage in 1993 for Super Bowl 27 that the production standard was set, and expectations have grown each year. While it’s technically an unpaid performance, the Super Bowl routinely gets the best of the best from all musical genres just for the exposure alone.

How To Bet On Super Bowl Halftime Show Props

Odds Shark works with some of the best online sportsbooks in the world that offer Super Bowl halftime show betting. To get started, you’ll need to set up an account with a sports betting site like BetUS and once you provide your info, you’ll need to deposit money to wager with.

If you’re already signed up at a sportsbook, half of your job is done and the rest is determining which Super Bowl halftime show betting prop is your favorite to wager on.

Super Bowl Halftime Prop Bets FAQ

Can I make Super Bowl halftime prop bets?

Yes, you can make plenty of Super Bowl halftime prop bets. The Super Bowl halftime show just so happens to be one of the biggest entertainment gigs in the world. The high-profile spectacle features headlining superstar performances, with eclectic musical genres, bright lights, crazy costumes and even uncensored nudity on the rare occasion.

What kinds of Super Bowl halftime prop bets can I make?

You can make all kinds of Super Bowl halftime prop bets. You can wager on whether there will be a wardrobe malfunction during the halftime show, the number of songs sung during the break, whether certain celebrities will make any sort of special guest appearance, or the number of outfits an artist will wear, just to name a few.

When are Super Bowl halftime props released?

Super Bowl halftime betting props are generally released once the artist or the band has been officially confirmed. As soon as they know who is performing on the big stage, Super Bowl betting sites post a variety of prop odds that don’t necessarily have anything to do with the actual game itself.

Where is the best place to make bets on a prop?

The best place to make bets on props is the Bovada online sportsbook. Bodog, BetOnline, Everygame, Betsafe, Sports Interaction, Betway and PowerPlay are also great places to make bets on props. As far as Super Bowl prop bet sites online go, these are the best of the best sportsbooks to place prop bets.