Will it be heads or tails? Super Bowl Coin Toss Odds

Super Bowl Coin 57 Toss Odds: Heads Or Tails Betting History

The Super Bowl isn’t just a game, it’s one of the biggest events on the planet. And it's here. One of the best parts of the Super Bowl event every year is the crazy number of prop bets available.

You can bet on props like the national anthem run time or what color of Gatorade will be poured on the winning coach, or who the Super Bowl MVP will thank first in his speech but the pregame Super Bowl coin toss is always a massive draw because there is no true edge.

Now that we know Super Bowl 57 will be a dual between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs, we can start focusing on what really matters: will the coin toss be heads or tails?

What Are Coin Toss Odds For Super Bowl 57?

Super Bowl 57 Coin Toss Odds

Result: Tails

The toss came up tails. Kansas City's call was tails and they got it right. Tails has come up for the first time in three years now. It's also the second time that Kansas City has won this coin toss in the Super Bow.

Result of Coin Toss Since Super Bowl 47
Super Bowl Results
2013 - Super Bowl 47Heads
2014 - Super Bowl 48 Tails
2015 - Super Bowl 49Tails
2016 - Super Bowl 50Tails
2017 - Super Bowl 51Tails
2018 - Super Bowl 52Heads
2019 - Super Bowl 53Tails
2020 - Super Bowl 54Tails
2021 - Super Bowl 55Heads
2022 - Super Bowl 56Heads
2023 - Super Bowl 57Tails


So over the last 10 years, tails has come up six times on the coin toss. Again, a coin toss is 50/50. Over time, the two, heads and tails, should regress to that mean of 50 percent. Right now, heads has some catching up to do.

Maybe that’s the play to make this year? Even if it's come up in back-to-back years

Super Bowl Coin Toss Betting History

Since the first Super Bowl, heads has come up 27 times. Its longest streak is four Super Bowls in a row from 1990 to 1993. 

Tails has come up 30 times since the first Super Bowl in 1967. Its longest streak is also at four Super Bowls in a row, something that’s happened three times: 1998-2001, 2003-2006 and 2014-2017. 

Does The Coin Toss Impact The Super Bowl?

Maybe? But not in a positive way if so. The coin toss winner has only gone on to win the Super Bowl twice since Super Bowl 48. It was the Seahawks in SB48 and recently the Kansas City Chiefs who won the coin toss and SB57.

Other Super Bowl 57 Coin Toss Betting Props

The Super Bowl 57 matchup is set, and we have a slate of coin-related props for you to wager on ahead of the big game:

Correct Coin Toss Call Odds

Will The Team That Calls The Coin Toss In Super Bowl 57 Be Correct?

Result: Yes

The Chiefs had the call and they called correctly with tails coming up. 

What Team Will Win The Coin Toss?

What Team Will Win The Coin Toss?

Result: Chiefs

The Chiefs called tails and got it! So congrats to all of you who backed KC to win the toss.

Will The Team That wins the coin toss also win the Super Bowl?

Will The Chiefs Win Coin Toss and Super Bowl 57?

Result: Yes

The Chiefs, who got the call right also won the Super Bowl. That's the first time since Super Bowl 48 that the winner of the coin toss also wins the game. The curse is over. 

Will The Eagles Win Coin Toss and Super Bowl 57?

Result: Chiefs won coin toss

Well, the Eagles didn't win the coin toss so this prop already won't hit. I am sorry to all of you that thought it would.

All-Time Super Bowl Coin Toss Results

Super Bowl #ScoresCoin TossCT WinnerGame Winner
Super Bowl 1Green Bay 35, Kansas City 10HeadsPackersPackers
Super Bowl 2Green Bay 33, Oakland 14TailsRaidersPackers
Super Bowl 3NY Jets 16, Baltimore 7HeadsJetsJets
Super Bowl 4Kansas City 23, Minnesota 7TailsVikingsChiefs
Super Bowl 5Baltimore 16, Dallas 13TailsCowboysColts
Super Bowl 6Dallas 24, Miami 3HeadsDolphinsCowboys
Super Bowl 7Miami 14, Washington 7HeadsDolphinsDolphins
Super Bowl 8Miami 24, Minnesota 7HeadsDolphinsDolphins
Super Bowl 9Pittsburgh 16, Minnesota 6TailsSteelersSteelers
Super Bowl 10Pittsburgh 21, Dallas 17HeadsCowboysSteelers
Super Bowl 11Oakland 32, Minnesota 14TailsRaidersRaiders
Super Bowl 12Dallas 27, Denver 10HeadsCowboysCowboys
Super Bowl 13Pittsburgh 35, Dallas 31HeadsCowboysSteelers
Super Bowl 14Pittsburgh 31, LA Rams 19HeadsRamsSteelers
Super Bowl 15Oakland 27, Philadelphia 10TailsEaglesRaiders
Super Bowl 16San Francisco 26, Cincinnati 21Tails49ers49ers
Super Bowl 17Washington 27, Miami 17TailsDolphinsRedskins
Super Bowl 18LA Raiders 38, Washington 9HeadsRaidersRaiders
Super Bowl 19San Francisco 38, Miami 16Tails49ers49ers
Super Bowl 20Chicago 46, New England 10TailsBearsBears
Super Bowl 21NY Giants 39, Denver 20TailsBroncosGiants
Super Bowl 22Washington 42, Denver 10HeadsRedskinsRedskins
Super Bowl 23San Francisco 20, Cincinnati 16Tails49ers49ers
Super Bowl 24San Francisco 55, Denver 10HeadsBroncos49ers
Super Bowl 25NY Giants 20, Buffalo 19HeadsBillsGiants
Super Bowl 26Washington 37, Buffalo 24HeadsRedskinsRedskins
Super Bowl 27Dallas 52, Buffalo 17HeadsBillsCowboys
Super Bowl 28Dallas 30, Buffalo 13TailsCowboysCowboys
Super Bowl 29San Francisco 49, San Diego 26Heads49ers49ers
Super Bowl 30Dallas 27, Pittsburgh 17TailsCowboysCowboys
Super Bowl 31Green Bay 35, New England 21HeadsPatriotsPackers
Super Bowl 32Denver 31, Green Bay 24TailsPackersBroncos
Super Bowl 33Denver 34, Atlanta 19TailsFalconsBroncos
Super Bowl 34St. Louis 23, Tennessee 16TailsRamsRams
Super Bowl 35Baltimore 34, NY Giants 7TailsGiantsRavens
Super Bowl 36New England 20, St. Louis 17HeadsRamsPatriots
Super Bowl 37Tampa Bay 48, Oakland 21TailsBuccaneersBuccaneers
Super Bowl 38New England 32, Carolina 29TailsPanthersPatriots
Super Bowl 39New England 24, Philadelphia 21TailsEaglesPatriots
Super Bowl 40Pittsburgh 21, Seattle 10TailsSeahawksSteelers
Super Bowl 41Indianapolis 29, Chicago 17HeadsBearsColts
Super Bowl 42NY Giants 17, New England 14TailsGiantsGiants
Super Bowl 43Pittsburgh 27, Arizona 23HeadsCardinalsSteelers
Super Bowl 44New Orleans 31, Indianapolis 17HeadsSaintsSaints
Super Bowl 45Green Bay 31, Pittsburgh 17HeadsPackersPackers
Super Bowl 46NY Giants 21, New England 17HeadsPatriotsGiants
Super Bowl 47Baltimore 34, San Francisco 31HeadsRavensRavens
Super Bowl 48Seattle 43, Denver 8TailsSeahawksSeahawks
Super Bowl 49New England 28, Seattle 24TailsSeahawksPatriots
Super Bowl 50Denver 24, Carolina 10TailsPanthersBroncos
Super Bowl 51New England 34, Atlanta 28 (OT)TailsFalconsPatriots
Super Bowl 52Philadelphia 41, New England 33  HeadsPatriotsEagles
Super Bowl 53New England 13,  LA Rams 3TailsRamsPatriots
Super Bowl 54Kansas City 31, San Francisco 20Tails49ersChiefs
Super Bowl 55Tampa Bay 31, Kansas City 9HeadsChiefsBuccaneers
Super Bowl 56Los Angeles 23, Cincinnati 20HeadsBengalsRams


What Is A Coin Toss Prop Bet?

Short for a proposition, a prop is a bet that doesn’t necessarily correlate with the final outcome of the game. The coin flip is a perfect example of a fun or exotic prop because it relies less on data and stats and more on chance.

You don’t have to check ATS standings or betting trends as you would for your money line bets or player props. Plus, teams that win the toss don’t always win the Super Bowl. For example, last year at Super Bowl 56, the Cincinnati Bengals won the toss but lost the game to the Los Angeles Rams.

Super Bowl Coin Toss FAQ

Can I bet on the Super Bowl coin toss?

Yes, you can bet on the Super Bowl coin toss. You can bet on whether the Super Bowl coin toss will be heads or tails, or if the team that wins the coin toss will also go on to win the Super Bowl.

I missed betting on the Super Bowl coin toss. What can I bet on next?

Don’t worry if you missed out betting on the Super Bowl coin toss. There are still plenty of other Super Bowl betting options as far as what you can wager on next. For example, you can still bet on Super Bowl halftime props. You can even still wager on the color of the Super Bowl Gatorade shower.

What are the Super Bowl coin toss odds?

The Super Bowl 57 matchup is all set, which means you can find the best Super Bowl coin toss odds to bet on. Since the Super Bowl coin toss odds are 50/50, you can find the Super Bowl coin toss line at +100 for either side of the coin.

What’s the history of the Super Bowl coin toss?

Throughout the history of the Super Bowl, dating all the way back to Super Bowl 1 in 1967 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in California, the Super Bowl coin toss has landed on Heads a total of 27 times compared to Tails which has come up a total of 29 times.